566 Orgy II/II

    One after another, Beth, Isla, Katy, and Anika got on their fours and raised their beautiful asses. They wiggled them enticingly, making everyone in the hall gasp as they got the lewd view of the crotches.

    The people could only bitterly cry for they knew the asses weren't raised for them! It was for Kiba!

    Kiba scanned the asses before choosing Isla's. He kissed her right ass cheek, caressed her firm flesh, and then moved on the left. After repeating his actions, he took her flesh between his lips, and nuzzled on it.

    Isla shuddered with pleasure. He knew how to excite her, please her while enjoying the feeling of her ass cheeks!

    As she grew used to the feeling, his index finger moved between her ass cheeks, approaching her sacred flesh.


    She let out a soft moan. The finger parted her pussy lips and slipped in, turning wet from the glistening moisture inside.

    "You are really wet!"

    Kiba remarked as he pulled his finger and sniffed it. There was her lingering scent, something that made him throb.

    Not wasting any more time, he spread her ass cheeks and buried his mouth into her pussy. He ran his tongue around her entrance before plunging right into her, licking her, tasting her.

    Isla arched her back as she shivered from ecstasy. He nuzzled on her flesh, tongued it, and then took it between his lips, sending current throughout her body.

    At the same time, as he ate her, his hands moved to the crotch of the women either side of him. Beth and Katy gasped in anticipation as his hands approached their love caves, rubbing the outline of their pussy lips and flicking their clits.


    They simultaneously moaned as he shoved fingers into their cunts, finger-**ing them.

    Behind, Sandra gave a long kiss to Courtney before eyeing Kiba.

    "He's really good, isn't he?" She asked.

    "More than good!" Courtney agreed.

    "Why don't you help him by serving Anika?" Sandra asked while tugging her teeth on Courtney's earlobe.

    "Yes!" Courtney answered, squirming.

    She knew her husband would love it as well! So she had a perfect reason to enjoy her time here!

    Some distance away, Sylvan had enough. His wife had been **ed so there was no need for her to continue. He stepped forward, but just then, his phone vibrated.


    Courtney and Anika got in 69, with Courtney down. She craned her neck to plant her face between Anika's pussy while Anika did the same to her. They started licking and eating each other...

    Isla's head dropped on the floor as waves of pleasure crashed through her. An intense orgasm hit her, making her sopping pussy release enticing, wet sound as Kiba continued to lap on her.

    At the same time, his finger-**ing brought orgasms to Beth and Katy. Their pussies furiously jammed his fingers as spams rippled through their flesh.

    "We have only started!" Kiba said as he freed his lips from Isla's pussy. "So get ready."

    The women nodded between their delightful yelps.

    Kiba arrived before Courtney and Anika who had their naked bodies pressed into each other. He lifted Anika's ass and placed his cock on the lips of Courtney.


    Courtney knew what he wanted. She eagerly took him in her mouth and started sucking him, lubricating him with her spit. She then pulled him out and guided him to the pussy entrance just a few centimeters away from her.

    From this distance, she got the fascinating view of his enormous cock penetrating Anika's pussy.

    Kiba grabbed her hips firmly and started **ing her.

    Courtney didn't stop though. She licked Anika's clitoris, while Anika licked hers. Courtney alternatively moved from the clit to the moving shaft, sending more pleasure into Kiba.

    "This is the best feeling ever!" Kiba was in heaven.

    He continued to hammer Anika while taking a few strokes in Courtney's mouth from time to time, enjoying the best of both worlds.

    In a few minutes, Anika orgasmed and sprayed juices on Courtney's faces. Kiba pulled out and shoved his cock back in Courtney's mouth. She eagerly sucked him...

    "Time we start the main fest!"

    Kiba said as he brought the naked women together. Using his lightning speed, he stacked one woman over the other, literally making a pile of wet pussies!

    Courtney, Anika, Beth, Katy, Isla, and Sandra.

    Six bewitching pussies for him to choose from! Or assholes!

    Kiba didn't waste a second before sliding his cock in Courtney who was at the lowest of the pussy mountain.

    As he entered into her with one deep thrust, her eyes fluttered.

    "Oh god! You are the best!" Courtney exclaimed in the middle of her moans.

    She never knew sex could feel so good, especially in front of others! She promised to apologize to her husband for not readily agreeing to his proposal!

    Kiba pumped into her for a dozen times, sliding in and out rapidly, pushing her to the edge, enjoying her angelic moans.

    Just as the climax was about to hit her, he pulled out and shoved his cock into the pussy above her.

    Courtney complained of unfairness as she heard Anika moaning, enjoying the sensation of hard cock filling her just like she had!

    Kiba's mouth didn't take rest as he **ed. He ate Sandra and she started rotating her hips, moaning in pleasure...

    He floated further up as he moved to another pussy. Slipping in and out of a hot pussy was a feeling he could never get tired of! The more he got, the more he wanted!

    A pussy was the work of the god, and it deserved to be worshipped with long, powerful strokes.

    And he did more than that!

    As his cock arrived behind Isla, instead of penetrating her pussy, he plunged into her little brown ring.


    Isla screamed as her virgin ass was penetrated. She felt a burning sensation washing through her, making her shiver.

    Even though his cock was lubricated with juices, her little asshole had a hard time growing used to it.

    In the distance, Sarah stared as the ass **ing started. She understood Isla's pain and if not for her husband, she would have shouted - 'Just hang on! It would feel a lot better!'

    And it did get better!

    Isla felt a bit of ecstasy mixing with the pain, and slowly, she moved her ass back, enjoying the slow strokes. She was tight, very tight, and in just a few more strokes, she gushed with a string of orgasms!

    Kiba pulled out to allow her to savor the orgasms. Instead of moving up the stack, he slammed the head of his cock right into Courtney's asshole.

    "Ahhh! You would kill me!"

    Courtney knew he might take her ass, but there was no warning.

    "Why are you underestimating your potential again?" Kiba asked as his powerful hips moved forward, slipping more of his shaft inside her.

    In the distance, Sylvan stared wide-eyed at the scene. He never even got a blowjob from his wife, much less a chance to ** her asshole!

    Now, his wife was eagerly taking that thick cock, allowing it to slip into her unexplored holes!

    He could only imagine how good it must feel and that made him hard.

    "Noo! I'm not a real cuckold!" Sylvan cried.

    Courtney remained oblivious to the cries of her husband as tears erupted in her eyes. She felt waves of pleasure but also pain, something that made her eyes whiten.

    She was on the verge of passing out!

    Kiba pumped in a few more strokes before moving up, tapping other pussies...

    The scene of his long cock hammering pussies was simulating, arousing. The nipples of many women in the hall turned hard and erect, to such an extent that they became visible on the dresses. Many of them cupped their breasts and started rubbing the spot between their thighs.

    Ten minutes later, the six women collapsed on the bed, panting for breath.

    "Get ready!" Sandra pointed his cock at the other five women and jerked it furiously, waiting for him to erupt.

    Kiba closed his eyes as he was about to climax. His balls tightened and constricted as a huge load of cum splashed out, landing on the gorgeous faces and breasts.

    Courtney opened her lips and sucked him, milking the remaining droplets of cum. Isla and Beth followed by blowing him.


    As Beth sucked his spend cock, Kiba turned his head as he felt stares, especially from Sylvan. If looks could kill, Kiba would have died countless times by now.

    "You don't have to thank me."

    Kiba said while moving his cock towards Courtney. It was coated with saliva and he brushed it against her face.

    "Nor you need to feel grateful for the favor I did to you."

    Kiba squeezed a final drop of cum into her lips, something she eagerly swallowed.

    Sylvan was ready to kill him but once again, the phone vibrated. He suppressed his fury for the hundredth time while glancing at his wife.

    Her pussy was trembling, her asshole was shivering, and her eyes were glazed!

    She was even bathed in the cum! Sure, most of it was licked by the other women, but he could see the sticky traces!

    But despite everything, he couldn't do anything to her! Because it was him who begged her to do so!

    A part of his brain told him, she would never be happy with him again, not after experiencing this mind-blowing sex.

    At the same time, as everyone else in the hall heard Kiba's last statement, their jaws dropped.

    'Nor you need to feel grateful for the favor I did to you!'


    You actually consider the act of **ing someone's wife as doing favor!?

    They glanced at Courtney and then remembered how she moaned while being **ed. There was no doubt Kiba had enjoyed her in ways not even her husband had!

    And yet Kiba felt he was doing a favor!


    Was he for real?!

    Kiba ignored their gazed and brought his eyes to the sons of Lager.

    "I'm glad I got the opportunity to bring your family members closer," Kiba said with a smile. "If only Lager remained to see this day."

    "[email protected]#$%"

    The four sons cursed.

    This wasn't the way they wanted their wives and young stepmother to become close! It would have been better if they had remained separate!

    As for father seeing this day... damn you! Had he seen this, he would have died by another heart attack!

    "Lager would be happy though," Kiba continued as he moved past the naked women. "He would be sending us blessings from heaven."


    If not for the fear they had of him, the four sons would have unleashed attacks on him.

    The others in the hall remained dumbstruck as they saw Kiba walking. He didn't even flinch by their stares, despite being naked!

    "Well, my lovely ladies, do you need help?"

    Kiba asked as he arrived before two tables occupied by five couples.


    The husbands trembled for they had seen how their wives rubbed themselves during the mini-orgy!

    The five wives glanced at each other, their faces flushed. They knew Kiba was leaving the city soon and this might be the last time they meet him!

    "No!" The husbands cried as the wives rose to their feet and joined Kiba.

    "Honey, you can send divorce papers to my lawyer!" A wife in forties said as she pressed her lips on Kiba.



    Kiba kissed the women, fondled their breasts, eat their pussies, and **ed them in various positions.

    Face-off, doggy, G-whiz, magic mountain, cowgirl, missionary... he **ed them in every position, enjoying every hole of theirs!

    It wasn't like this group of husbands didn't try to stop them, but a golden force field erupted, blocking their attempts.

    Sylvan and others could only look in shock as another orgy started. The only good part was that their wives weren't a part of it...


    The next day.

    The people of the city were shocked as news popped up on a web portal. The news spread from the portal and become a popular gossip.

    "Did you read the new post on Wife Hunter Society?!"

    "No? Why?"

    "It claims Kiba is alive!"

    "What?! But he wasn't seen for over a week!"

    "Surely, the shockwaves from that battle must have killed him like many others!"

    "Well, the portal had shared proof!"


    A group of youngsters quickly opened Wife Hunter Society to check the proof.
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