567 Lord! Thank You!

    [The heretics claimed Lord was dead! Forgetting Lord is immortal!]

    A headline flashed on the portal.

    [Thankfully, with the miracle he performed in front of heretics, they would never dare make such claims!]

    The people reading the sub-heading were confused about what sort of miracle he performed. Caught by the clickbait headline, they opened the post.

    As they started reading the post, they were dumbstruck from shock. The post was actually epic poetry, praising Lord and his miracles.

    It wasn't too complex and most of them understood its meaning when they checked the blurred photos at the end of the post.

    "Damnit! This is called performing miracle?!" A youngster shouted in front of his girlfriend.

    The photo had blurred faces and body parts, only showing Kiba's face as he performed "miracles" on multiple women!

    "Well, it should be!" The girlfriend nodded, her eyes glittering. "See the number of women!"

    The boyfriend swallowed forcefully, too shocked by his girlfriend's response.


    In Chief Supervising Officer's bungalow, Sylvan's eyes almost popped out as he checked the post. He was informed by his secretary about the post and as he checked it, he understood why.

    The poetry was rather vague, but it hinted about the higher-ups of Delta City being the beneficiary of the miracles. One of the photos even had his blurred face... as he stared at his wife as she received a miracle in her forbidden hole!

    "Bloody hell!"

    Those who knew him closely would be able to guess the face was his!

    Snapping his teeth, he smashed the monitor and turned towards his secretary.

    "Find me who runs this portal!"

    He had used government machinery to make sure the blackmail video couldn't be shared on the internet. Of course, the mechanism he used infringed on the rights of people, but he didn't care. Just when he thought it was time to handle the blackmailer, he got to know of this post.


    In his apartment, Erone clapped his hands excitedly as he checked the view count exploding. A smile appeared on his face as he noticed how the donation was erupting!

    There were just far too many donations to support his endeavor to build the Holy Church!

    "No wonder people say religion sees no recession!"

    The city was hit with a financial crisis due to the recent calamity, and yet, many survivors were donating. Sure, it was mostly due to the "punishments" the Lord would give to those who don't donate, but it was impressive nevertheless[1].

    "Lord is really awe-inspiring! When the church is established, I would become super-rich!"

    Erone joined his hands and prayed.

    "O' great Lord, continue to bless the world!"


    In the middle of his prayers, the wall to his apartment blasted apart, sending debris into the air.

    Startled, Erone turned his body into a series of blurs and retreated just as the place he was sitting collapsed.

    He quickly turned around and noticed a man emerging out of the dust.


    Before he could ask anything, Sylvan's eyes shot out glowing, yellow beams. They pierced through the falling debris and rushed at him.

    Sylvan had evolved to the high-stage of Level V so it was impossible for Erone to dodge.

    But to Sylvan's surprise, Erone showed no fear. He only closed his eyes as the beams approached him.

    "Life and death are in the hands of Lord!" Erone muttered his final words. "Forgive me for failing to establish the church!"


    A golden spear charged through the air, smashing right into the beams as they were about to stab.


    The collision shot out sparks in the air.

    Sylvan's expression changed as his beams vanished from the collision, not even creating a single destructive ripple.

    "I survived!?" Erone's eyes opened as the spear faded into thin air. "Lord must have decided today is not the day I die!"

    Sylvan ignored Erone's statements and gazed in the distance. Almost a mile away, he noticed Kiba floating in the sky.

    "This is rather embarrassing."

    Kiba had heard what Erone said and this made the corners of his mouth twitch.

    "Claudia! Just why do you have to create so much trouble for me?"

    Just like Sylvan, he was caught unaware by the post. But when he checked it, he was sure how Erone got such information, especially the pictures.

    Claudia didn't bother to respond.

    "I will kill this kid later!" Sylvan shouted as he shot at Kiba. "But first I will rip you apart!"

    He had only emitted weak beams at Erone so he wasn't shocked to see them nullified by Kiba. But now he would take it seriously and kill this wife-**ing bastard!


    Dazzling glow erupted in his eyes, blasting out powerful energy beams. They were enough to topple hundreds of buildings!

    "Here I thought you would be thanking me, but it seems I misjudged you."

    Kiba let out a sigh. The city had seen enough destruction due to him and he has no wish of contributing any further.

    Lifting a hand, he waved it towards Sylvan.

    "Gravity Cage."


    The terrifying Alpha-rank ability manifested in the air, locking Sylvan and the beams. In the time that couldn't even be described, the overpowering gravitational force tore the beams on the molecular level, pulling the energy particles in all directions.

    Sylvan was the same as the gravitational force pulled him in all directions, disintegrating him! Much less scream, he didn't even realize he was killed! Everything happened far too quickly, not even taking a second!

    A powerful mutant died just like that!

    In the distance, Erone was awestruck. In one moment, Sylvan was there and in the other, he vanished!

    Erone didn't know what happened as unlike Sylvan, he didn't notice Kiba. But he was sure it must be the work of the great Lord!

    "O' great Lord! Your kindness knows no limit! Thank you!"

    Erone expressed his gratefulness.

    Knowing the Lord was omnipotent, he continued.

    "Bless this lowly follower with the Holy Scripture so that he can guide the unruly women with your methods!"


    Kiba felt compelled to massage his forehead.


    A few hours later.

    In the only remaining five-star hotel in the city, Rebecca stood on the balcony of the tenth floor, gazing at the evening sky.

    She had returned back after helping her daughter, but by then, many developments had taken place here.

    "Thankfully you had requested Lady Katherine before you left," Heather said from behind. "Her backup worked."

    She knew her mistress had paid benefits to Katherine's family for sharing information about her son. Now with the help Katherine provided, she knew her mistress would repay this favor as well.

    Rebecca didn't reply. She peered at the sky, letting out a soft sigh.

    "Not everything in this world works as we want... no matter how powerful you are," Heather said as she gazed at the lonely back of her mistress. "So please don't feel bad about what happened here."

    Rebecca didn't say anything.


    She lifted her head and looked in the distance.

    A body wrapped with flames rushed through the sky, leaving behind a trail of blazing flames.

    Heather was startled as the flames rushed towards the balcony. Just as she took a step to take action, she stopped as she saw the body inside the flames.



    He landed on the balcony. The flames vanished as he slowly stepped forward...

    [1] Chapter 138-139. It shows why people must donate.
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