568 Gift!

    After landing on the vast balcony, Zed stepped towards the end where Rebecca was standing. The wind brushed past him, swaying his hair back and forth.

    Heather was astonished by his arrival.

    After he left Katherine's safety, she was worried. The only thing she knew was that he drove to the battle site infected with energy particles. After that, there was no sign of him, none at all. She checked the battle site and while she found fresh bloody corpses, she was relieved to see none belonged to him. Still, his disappearance baffled her as there were zero clues of where he might be.

    And now he arrived here... completely out of the blue!

    Heather scanned him as he moved.

    His presence was no longer sickly and weak. Now it was strong and healthy, even imposing. His handsome face glowed with vigor and his eyes gleamed with life.

    He was entirely different than the Zed she met a few days ago!

    "So he really recovered from whatever that plagued him!" Heather thought.

    Zed stopped next to Rebecca and rested his hands on the railing. Just like her, he peered at the evening sky.

    The orange tinge was slowly replaced by the velvety dark of night.

    "We both like seeing the sunset," Zed observed. "I guess we have more in common than what Red Fox claimed."

    Rebecca looked at him for a few moments before replying, "Yes."

    Zed turned from the sky to her. With a smile, he said, "I'm here to thank you for your recent help."

    "I thought so." Rebecca let out an inaudible sigh before continuing. "But there's nothing for you to thank me for."

    She loved that he had smiled in front of her and that he was cheerful, unlike the last time they met, but the purpose of his visit disappointed her.

    He didn't ower her anything... it was her who owed him for the last two decades of her failure.

    "There is," Zed corrected her. "Heather helped me due to you, and I believe, also Lady Katherine, even though she might also have done on Sophia's behalf."

    If not for their intervention, Claudia would have hastily opened Section IV without enough preparations to save him. That would have resulted in serious consequences.

    So he owed Rebecca.


    His storage ring flashed out ripples of light and through them, a small, metallic briefcase emerged.

    "Lady Katherine told me why you had to temporarily leave the city."

    Zed said as he opened the briefcase.

    Heather was shocked.

    The reason her mistress had to leave the city was due to her daughter so for him to mention that now could only mean one thing.

    "Surely he couldn't mean what I'm thinking!" Heather quickly eyed the contents of the briefcase.

    There were seven crystalline containers, each filled with a serum responding to the colors of the rainbow. The containers were sealed tight, making it impossible for serums to radiate energy.

    Rebecca observed the serums. Given her powers, the seals didn't make a difference to her.

    Each serum was made of different compositions, containing various rare and extraordinary minerals. Some of those could be only found in forbidden regions where World Fragments of Celestial Elysian Plane existed.

    For her to acquire these precious minerals was rather easy, but when she scanned them, her expression changed.

    These minerals were organically coded to serve as genetic boosters! To be precise, they were coded to serve as source enhancers!

    "I don't know what sort of genetic imbalance your daughter has. So I made a generic cure to enhance weak genetic links from where we derive our very existence." Zed closed the briefcase. "It should reduce her reliance on Source Blood."

    Heather was dumbstruck.

    Those serums could reduce the reliance on Source Blood!?

    She didn't dare believe him.

    Kirstie's condition was far too bad.

    That could be imagined from the way that despite House of Hestia having access to the best doctors and scientists in the world, they weren't able to cure her.

    Much less cure, it took many detailed examinations to even create medicines that could keep her alive and help her in sustaining basic life functions.

    So how could Zed claim of making genetic booster for her just from hearing her condition by Katherine?! Because even Katherine didn't know the full details!

    Even if Zed knew the details, it should be impossible!

    As such thoughts run in her mind, she noticed the slight change in the expression of Rebecca.

    "Surely... it couldn't mean there was some truth in his words!"

    Heather didn't dare believe what the change in expression signified.

    Zed only came to know about Kirstie in the last 3-4 days... and till yesterday morning, he was with Katherine!

    So he must have prepared these serums in less than 36 hours!!

    That was impossible to believe!

    How could he manage something that scientists couldn't manage in over a decade?!

    Heather continued to stare at him as he handed the briefcase to Rebecca.

    "Thank you," Rebecca accepted the briefcase. "But I'm not accepting it as some gratitude you wrongly assume you owe me, but rather accepting on Kirstie's behalf... as a gift from an elder brother to his younger sister!"

    He might have referred Kirstie as "her daughter" instead of "his sister", but that didn't change the relationship between them.

    Before she arrived here, Kirstie had naively asked if her brother would bring her gifts. She had answered in positive... and she was glad she did.

    Zed broke out into a smile as he replied, "You are free to think what you want. We live in a free world."

    Rebecca transferred the briefcase to her spatial bracelet and looked at him.

    He was gazing back at the darkened sky, observing the stars.

    This wasn't the type of meeting she wanted, but it was far better than she thought was possible after the first meeting.

    He was still indifferent to their relationship, but at least, there was no resentment or coldness...

    Minutes passed as they continued to observe the sky without saying anything to each other.

    "This is farewell," Zed said as flames erupted under his feet. "I will be leaving the city and move on with my life. And so should you!"


    The flames wrapped him in a column of fire and he shot into the sky, leaving behind a blazing trail.

    "Goodbye, my child."

    A tear escaped her eye as her lips spread into a genuine smile.
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