570 Surprise!

    In the lab, everyone was flustered as alarms continued to ring, warning of intrusion.

    "Daddy! Did you miss us?!"

    A soft, sweet voice asked as the air in front of Kiba erupted with a bloody glow.

    "!" Kiba knew the voice and despite that, he was shocked.

    Two slender arms slipped out of the glow and wrapped around him while hot pink lips pressed against his, kissing him.

    "He must have!" Another sweet voice said from behind Kiba. Its speaker too hugged him while pressing her glossy silver lips on his neck.

    Obviously, they were none other than Madison and Lillian!

    Kiba was only shocked but Agatha and Eva were stupified. Even Claudia was dumbstruck as she observed the twins hugging and kissing Kiba.

    This wasn't what none of them expected when the sensors detected breach into the top-secret lab!

    "Did they called him daddy!?" Agatha wasn't able to belive the development that was taking place in front of her.

    "I think so!" Eva answered absentmindedly as she stared at shocked Kiba.

    Madison crushed her breasts on his chest while slipping her tongue into his mouth, seeking his tongue. He responded subconsciously as his tongue darted to hers, starting a wild dance.

    Lillian nibbled on his neck while pressing her breasts against his incredible, muscular back. Slowly, she slid a hand down and moved it towards his pants, feeling the outline of his big pole.

    "Even if daddy hadn't missed us, the evil dragon definitely has!" Lillian remarked as she separated her lips from his neck.

    "You are right! I felt it too!" Madison agreed as she broke the kiss. "The evil dragon might have nefarious intentions against us, but at least it didn't forget us, unlike daddy!"

    Kiba ruefully smiled.

    When the twins bid him goodbye in the forest and promised reunion soon, he didn't expect this soon. At least not in the city, and definitely not in the lab!

    As he wondered about how they tracked him to his secret base, his eyes dropped to her chest.

    Her black top was in cross bandage style, exposing the swells of her breast and her cleavage.

    It wasn't her seductive breasts that caught his attention. Rather, the crystal pendant that rested on her cleavage. In it, there was a droplet of blood.

    Not ordinary blood but rather Source Blood!

    His Source Blood!

    In every evolved lifeform, the amount of Source Blood wasn't even 1% of total blood.

    Ordinary blood could be easily replaced but not Source Blood! Because it was the very essence of life, the source of power, and the proof of existence!

    He was obviously stunned to discover a droplet of his Source Blood missing, that too without him ever knowing!

    A smile crossed Madison's face as she noticed the bulge in his pants expanding.

    "The evil dragon is growing stronger! It is getting big!" Madison said aloud.

    "I know why!" Lillian slipped her hands on Kiba's face to shut his eyes. "Daddy! The evil dragon is getting power by your stare! So close your eyes!"


    Kiba didn't know how to react.

    The twins were far too devious! They didn't give him the chance to speak about the droplet of blood!

    "Daddy! You have to protect your lil' girls!" Madison once again leaned into him and brought her lips dangerously close to his. "The evil dragon hadn't given up on its mission of infiltrating our sealed, little caves!"

    Some distance away, Agatha stared at Kiba and the twins with eyes wide open. She couldn't believe the words coming out of twins' mouths.


    Lil' girls...

    Evil dragon...

    Little caves...

    Just what on Earth is going here?!

    "Hmm?" The twins felt her stare and they turned towards her.

    Madison clapped her hands excitedly and said, "You must be our mommy!"

    "...................." Agatha stumbled back from shock.

    Lillian vanished in a puff of smoke and appeared behind Agatha, saving her from slipping to the floor.

    "Mommy! Are you fine?!" Lillian asked with concern.


    Agatha bitterly nodded. Even though she had only met them now, she realized why Kiba smiled ruefully after they arrived here.

    These girls were mad!

    She was barely a few years older than them at the age of twenty-nine and now she was their mommy?!

    "That's good!" Lillian helped Agatha regain her balance. She then towards Eva. "Ah! Are you also our mommy?!"

    Eva looked at her for a moment before replying, "Yes, I'm."

    Agatha and Kiba: ".............."

    "Amazing!" Madison once again clapped her hands. "Two beautiful mommies!"


    Lillian tucked a strand of her silver-blonde hair and checked the lab. Being the master of energy manipulation, she felt an entity was observing them.

    "Do we have another mommy as well?" Lillian asked.

    Claudia: [[.........]]

    Without waiting for an answer, Lillian rushed to Kiba. She glanced at her twin and the latter nodded.

    With a flick of her finger, a brilliant flash of energy surged out, transforming into a chopped arm that was covered with strange tattoos.


    A look of shock appeared on Kiba's face as he gazed at the familiar tattoos. Not only him, but others were similarly shocked, including Claudia.

    [[This arm... it belongs to Dracon Moonfall?!]]

    Claudia exclaimed.

    Just a few days ago, Dracon Moonfall had exploded their home. If it was another mutant, they could have perhaps stopped but not him as he was an Alpha!

    And now his arm was here... that too chopped!

    [[These two... they are Alphas!!]]

    The sensors weren't able to read their energy levels due to Lillian's powers, but now seeing the arm, Claudia was sure they must be Alphas!

    Agatha and Eva looked at the twins in alarm.

    These twenty-something twins were Alphas?!

    As others looked shocked, Lillian and Madison appeared downcast.

    "We failed you, daddy!" Madison started sadly. "That bad uncle escaped and all we could get was his arm!"

    Kiba turned towards them as Lillian continued the explanation, "He was too sneaky! He used some demonic wind art and escaped little sis' blood world!"

    "We chased him for five days... but couldn't catch him!" Madison concluded bitterly. "Forgive us for failing you!"

    Kiba was surprised by their explanation. For them to be chasing for so many days, it would mean they were here in the city when Dracon attacked the villa. So they must have been observing him when he was weakened and living as Zed.

    "You have made me proud," Kiba lifted their chins with his hands. "And thank you for protecting me in secret."

    "You're welcome!" Lillian's mood instantly brightened.

    She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his torso. Placing her hands on either side of his face, she zeroed her lips to his, kissing him passionately.

    Madison grinned and crouched down on the floor. Much to the shock of Eva and Agatha, she opened Kiba's zip and pulled his throbbing cock out!

    "Daddy! The evil dragon might be dangerous but it deserves love for missing us!" Madison said as Lillian continued to kiss Kiba.

    His cock pulsated in Madison's hand as she started stroking it.

    "And we know the proper way for it to be loved!" Lillian broke the kiss and licked her lips. "Don't we, little sis?"

    "Yes!" Madison nodded just as Lillian twisted her body and jumped back. The twins joined their hands on his cock and jerked it, slowly up and down.

    Madison brought her lips closer to it, letting her breath fall on his exposed portion. His cock pulsated in excitement.

    Just as her lips were about to touch, she vanished in a crimson glow. At the same place, a new, gorgeous woman appeared on her knees, her red lips open.

    Lillian guided the cock between those open lips.

    The new woman started bobbing her mouth up and down the thick cock, sucking it, glistening it with her saliva.

    Her mouth emitted the enticing sound of wet sucking as she quickly increased her pace and took him to her throat.

    Kiba felt pleasured by her wet, warm mouth, but he was shocked by the presence of this new woman.

    As he started to enquire, another woman appeared in place of Lillian. This woman was in mid-thirties and as she appeared, she pulled his pants down. Without saying anything, she then planted her mouth on his balls, servicing him with her incredible lips and nimble tongue.

    Kiba was caught off-guard by the magical mouths of these two sensuous women.

    As they worshipped his cock and balls, he looked down and was surprised to see both their necks covered by black bands.

    No, they weren't bands, but rather collars!

    Slave collars!


    Even as he observed the collars, the space behind the women swirled with a crimson glow. Through it, ten women emerged... each beautiful and stunning, no less than a fashion model!

    Just like the earlier two, their necks were clasped with collars!

    Behind Kiba, Lilian and Madison leaned their lips close to his ears and whispered:

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