571 Love Without Jealousy

    "Surprise!" Lillian and Madison whispered in his ears.

    Kiba was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

    One of the women danced her tongue around the swelled head of his cock as she sucked him. The other tongued his balls and then took one of them into her mouth, slowly bathing it with wetness.

    Lillian pointed to the one sucking him.

    "She's Rosemary[1]!"

    Rosemary lifted her eyes while bobbing up and down. Her exotic eyes glinted with reverence as her tongue slithered on the mushroom head, licking the threads of precum wrapped with her saliva.

    "Beautiful, isn't she?" Madison asked while kissing him on his ear.

    "Yes!" Kiba agreed.

    "That's why she's our first gift to you!" Lillian said as she reached behind Rosemary and lifted her sundress.

    Rosemary didn't resist and allowed the dress to fall on the side. She continued to suck as Lillian then unclasped her bra and tossed it aside.

    "She's a doctor as well!"

    Lillian cupped her big breasts and squeezed her pink nipples. Rosemary whimpered appreciatively while not slowing down the pace of her main job.

    "The others are nurses! They all wanted to be part of our family so we allowed them to be!"

    Madison then introduced the woman sucking his balls and the other ten women.

    "They would act as good, loyal maids! Wouldn't you all?"

    The women nodded respectfully as they crawled towards Kiba.

    Some distance away, Agatha and Eva looked at each other in complete shock. The earlier actions of the twins had made them speechless and now after the summoning of the slaves, they weren't in a condition to even react.

    The only thing Agatha thought was: the twins' craziness matched Kiba!

    "We knew how sad you were after Ruby and other slaves died!" Lillian said while kissing Rosemary's milky back. "That's why we brought you these new mommy slaves!"

    The ten women started strip-dancing, slowly exposing their skin, while teasing Kiba.

    "You like them, right?" Madison asked.

    "Yes!" Kiba nodded."You two are the best!"

    He wasn't this proud of twins when they brought him the arm of Dracon Moonfall as he was now. Their earlier action only puffed his chest, but now...

    Kiba turned his head towards Madison and locked his lips with hers. They kissed and made out with each other for minutes before Lillian separated them.

    "Daddy! You have to take care of our new slave mommies!"

    Lillian wrapped Madison in streams of bright energy and disappeared.

    Agatha and Eva gasped as the streams of energy enveloped them as well, making them disappear.

    Kiba was left with twelve women he had met for the first time.

    "Those two... they have placed another burden on my young shoulders!" Kiba let out a soft sigh as Rosemary continued to worship his cock with pleasure.

    Just how much burden a young man was to face? He has to court maidens, seduce wives and then even fight super powerful enemies.

    Now another task of handling new slaves.

    "Life was never supposed to be easy!"

    His eyes shined brightly as he grabbed Rosemary's head and took control of her. By holding her tightly, he jammed his cock right into her throat and gagged her. Saliva and pre-cum spilled out of her sealed lips and dropped to her chin.

    Despite being gagged from deep throat, Rosemary was absolutely delighted. The twin mistresses' had trained her on what type of activities her master would like... and she was ready to show him just how eager she was to please him!

    Kiba was pleased by her dedication. He slowly slipped out before slamming back into her throat with force and started face-**ing her.

    He stretched his hands out and emitted attractive force.

    The strip-dancing women let out surprised gasps as they flew towards him.

    "Time to see the fruits of your training!"


    In Section II.

    The twins explored the section reserved for the development of weapons, artifacts, droids, etc.

    "Daddy has cool toys!" Lillian remarked.

    On the corner, Agatha felt compelled to massage her forehead. Everything that happened in the last twenty minutes had numbed her from shock.

    "Are you jealous?" Eva asked while glancing in the direction of Section I.

    "Jealous? Why?" Agatha asked in surprise. Seeing the direction of Eva's glance, she understood her meaning.


    Agatha shook her head with a beautiful smile, making her hair swirl in mesmerizing movements.

    "Love without jealousy and you will know true happiness!"

    She never wanted him to stop the pursuit of his dreams for her sake. In fact, it was she who urged him to pursue them when he wanted to backtrack for her.

    "I fell in love with him because of what he is... the seeker of dreams!" Agatha explained. "And like he once said, the biggest adventure one can take is to live the life of their dreams!"

    She was also on the adventure of living her dreams. The greatest part of that was loving her man for what he was... and not for what he supposedly could be!

    Eva was startled by Agatha's response. Shaking her head, she also smiled, and said, "I think, just like him, you are also weird!"

    "Says the woman who risked her life for the weirdos and their kid!" Agatha slipped an arm around her and rested on her shoulder. "You like him, don't you?"



    A few hours later.

    Kiba wore a pair of new clothes and walked into Section II. Behind him, the twelve new slaves laid on the floor, their eyes glazed from ecstasy.


    Madison and Lillian hugged him as he entered.

    "How were our gifts?"

    They eagerly asked with sparkling eyes.

    "They were good!" Kiba answered.

    "Better than the slaves from Polaris?" Madison enquired.

    "...Yes," Kiba answered. Polaris was the organization that Ruby and other organ-harvesting slaves were a part of.

    "We are glad!" Madison kissed him firmly on the lips.

    "And we will make sure you have more lovely mommies!"

    Lillian said while joining the kiss. Her lips moved from Kiba to Madison, back and forth.

    "So that you never think of your former slaves!"

    Lillian concluded as she sealed her lips with Kiba for a long kiss.

    In the corner, Agatha looked at Kiba with a strange expression. She had heard from the twins that they met at Desolate Blood Forest.

    Now hearing about the slaves... she wondered just what exactly he was doing there while seeking a cure for Felicity?!

    [1] Rosemary was introduced in Chapter 529 - a chapter that dealt with the twins' adventures in an asylum.
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