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    "You are leaving as well?!" Zed asked, surprised.

    "Yes," Felicity replied.

    Zed didn't know what to say. He arrived at her house to inform her about his decision to leave the city. So he was startled to learn she was doing the same.

    "I'm leaving as well!"

    A voice came from behind.

    Startled, Zed turned back to see Jessica. She joined Felicity on the sofa.

    "Where would you go?" Zed asked.

    With the academy destroyed and many essential locations ruined, people wanted to migrate to search for better opportunities. So he wasn't that startled by their decision.

    "She's going with me," Felicity answered. "To the State of Avalon!"

    "!!" Zed was shocked.

    The State of Avalon was the cathedral of humanity, the power center of Earth. Entry there was restricted and required special permits.

    Felicity could guess what he wanted to ask, so she explained.

    "House of Eleanor owe my father a favor. According to which they would offer the treatment of a core family member to one of his children...." Felicity said with a soft sigh. "With brother no more..."

    Zed didn't say anything as Felicity trailed off.

    What happened to her brother, Celo, was partly his fault. He had punished him for his role in the conspiracy of nanite blasts that harmed Felicity.

    The punishment resulted in Celo turning mentally unstable. And recently, the hospital he was admitted to exploded when Extermination and Hyperion fought.

    Felicity was bitter and sad for more than one reason. Celo was her brother, but her father had told her about his role in her accident. So she couldn't even grieve him properly.

    "House of Eleanor... they have mastery in abilities related to Wood element and vegetation." Felicity resumed after taking control of her emotions. "So, they would be suitable to train Jessica as well with her healing ability."

    Jessica nodded.

    "House of Eleanor."

    Zed thought of the Nine Great Aristocrat Families.

    While it was difficult to judge the hierarchy of power, it was common knowledge that the House of Hestia was the most powerful.

    As for House of Eleanor, it should be in the top 5.

    "Or maybe top 3... they have at least one jewel of the legendary Everlasting Crown!"

    Felicity's father, Patrick, had handed one of the five jewels to the House of Eleanor. That was why the House of Eleanor favored Patrick and gifted him with many benefits, including a favor.

    Zed, of course, couldn't discuss it with Felicity as he has acquired these details from Celo. He couldn't let her know he was responsible.

    "You will come to visit us, right?" Jessica asked with a smile. Thanks to Felicity, she knew about his link with House of Hestia, so she was sure it would be effortless for him to meet her.

    Zed cleared his thoughts and looked at her.

    "Yes, I would."

    He answered with a soft smile.

    "I'm glad!" Jessica beamed at him.

    "Not more than me," Zed corrected her. "After all, by the time we meet, you would have decided if we should date!"


    Jessica's face flushed with warm blood. Her decision was always yes, but it was he who wanted her to be sure after taking a lot of time.


    A few minutes later, Felicity walked Zed to his hovercar. As the door opened, they looked at each other without saying anything.


    A gust of wind carried an autumn leaf between them.

    By the time the leaf floated away, Felicity had taken a step forward and locked her arms around his neck.

    Her fragrant scent greeted him as she hugged him.

    "I will always love you!" Felicity whispered in his ear. "No matter what happens!"

    Zed was surprised. She was not the type to express her emotions like this.

    "Me as well!" Zed replied while wrapping his arms around her back.

    "I know!" Felicity smiled with happiness. "I have always known... and that's why I'm sorry for behaving like that when I learned about..."

    "?" Zed was bewildered as she stopped. "About what?"

    Felicity turned silent.

    She continued to hug him for minutes before she whispered one word:



    A chill ran through his spine.

    The one that had mattered him the most for the last few years knew about his most terrible secret!

    It made his eyes constrict and heart sink.

    "No one else knows!" Felicity kissed him on the cheek. "And no one ever will!"

    She wouldn't ask him about Extermination nor seek any explanation.

    Because she was sure, Extermination and Zed were different despite sharing the same body and same spirit!

    The Zed she knew would never do what Extermination did!

    "On the bright side, I will no longer have to worry about you!" Felicity said as she broke the hug.


    Zed didn't react despite her attempts to brighten his mood.

    She gazed into his eyes and noticed his complicated emotions.

    With a smile, she said, "Don't overthink! We have one life, and we have to enjoy it with as many thrills as we can!"

    "...." Zed didn't speak.

    "You need to learn from that guy called Kiba!"

    Felicity resumed with her bossy spirit.

    "Around six months ago, I requested him to teach you about the importance of thrills, but he forgot! Anyways, he wasn't seen in the city after you know what happened, and naturally, many assumed he died... but when he returned, do you know what he did?! He partied with the wives of others!"


    "He didn't let negativity affect him! So learn from him and move on!"


    "Enjoy life!"



    A few hours later.

    In the lab, Kiba stared at the virtual screen without really examining the stats flashing on the screen.

    Agatha observed him while playing with Hope.

    "Just what happened to him?" Agatha wondered in her heart. "His mood seems strange ever since he returned after meeting Felicity."

    "Daddy! Would you take us with you?" Madison asked as she arrived next to him. She had noticed the drones shifting items in the aircraft, so she knew he planned to leave.

    Kiba eyed her before nodding.

    "What about our mommy slaves?" Madison asked.

    "...Them as well, if they want to come along," Kiba answered.

    "Obviously, they do!" Madison said as a matter-of-factly. "Or you think we coerced them to become our pet mommies?"

    "Daddy! Don't ever doubt the good nature of your Lil' girls!" Lillian continued, without giving Kiba a chance to speak. "They wanted to be a part of our family so we allowed them to be!"

    "... I know!" Kiba broke into a smile as he assured them he trusted them completely.

    Rosemary and the other women were masochists in nature. They subconsciously desired to be dominated. That was a significant reason why the twins offered them a chance to become "a part of the family."

    The other reason was they were gorgeous and had great breasts... just the type of women the twins' daddy liked!


    A few minutes later, Agatha arrived before Kiba.

    "When would we leave?" Agatha asked.

    Kiba looked at her for a few seconds before replying, "Tomorrow."

    After saying this, he jumped to his feet and enveloped himself with rays of white light.

    "You are teleporting away?" Agatha was startled.

    "Yes," Kiba answered with a heavy look. "Before I leave, there are things I must take care of!"


    He vanished in a blinding flash.

    "For him to be so serious... just what he has to take care of?!" Agatha wondered.


    "Olly! Get your lazy ass here!" Morgan commanded as he packed the cartons.

    "Yes, father," Olly listlessly answered as he stepped into the living room.

    "Don't be a brat!" Morgan chided him. "Today is our last day in the city, so help the family at least now!"


    Olly felt bitter.

    He has always helped the family, and yet, he wasn't respected as no one knew about his help.

    "If only father knew how much I helped everyone!"
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