573 Bidding Goodbye To Suzane R-18

    Morgan packed the cartons and turned towards his son.

    "I will be putting them in the car," Morgan said while lifting the cartons. "Bring the luggage from your and your sister's rooms here and then make me a drink."

    Loren had gone to bid goodbye to her friends so she couldn't help. Even if she were here, Morgan wouldn't make the apple of his eyes carry luggage.

    For that, he and his son were enough.


    Olly replied.

    The investigators had epically failed in their duties, and as such, they were transferred back to the headquarters. This also meant the families would shift with them.

    "This is good, though!" Olly thought as he stepped into his bedroom. "I wouldn't have to worry about that devil!"


    In another bedroom, Suzane packed her bag and stood before the mirror.

    It was just a matter of hours before she left the city, and that made her sulk.

    She loved this city's best gym and massage center, especially their fantastic incharge!

    Now, she had to leave without bidding goodbye!


    She peered at her reflection.

    Her curly hair draped over her right shoulder, resting on the red strap of her bandage dress. A few centimeters below, her breasts struggled to tear through her dress and bounce in the open.

    She wasn't narcissistic, but she knew she was hot, very hot. The age had only turned her sexier, especially when it came to her big breasts.

    "He loved them!"

    She couldn't help but cup them, just the way the man who loved them did. Imagining her hands were his, she started squeezing her breasts.

    Excited whimpers escaped her lips, reminding her how sensitive they have become in his expert hands.

    Slowly, her fingers slipped to her nipples. They were protruding out of her dress, and she easily twisted them between her fingertips.

    "If only he were here!"

    She gasped as a tingling sensation erupted in her nipples. This sensation charged through her flat stomach and entered into her cunt, sending a current through it.

    She let go of her one hand and allowed it to pull her dress up, easing her access to her panties.

    "Ah, yes!"

    She moaned as her hand rubbed her cunt through her panties while the other hand squeezed her breast.

    The more she frigged herself, the higher her temperature soared, almost as if she was turning feverish from heat.

    Her cunt started pulsating, and her nipples stiffened.

    "Godddd! If only it were him doing this!"

    She imagined him doing this to her as she climaxed. The tingling sensation spread from her cunt to her toes, making her shiver from ecstasy.

    Suzane took a deep intake of air and pulled herself up. She adjusted her dress, and after making sure she looked fine, she turned towards the bed.


    Her heart raced from shock.

    On the bed, a man was sitting with his back resting against the headboard, his eyes on her.

    It was the same man who helped her climax, even though until a few moments ago, it was only in her imagination.

    "Kiba?!" Suzane couldn't believe he was here.

    "That was incredible!" Kiba praised her.

    Suzane's face flushed red. She realized he had seen her masturbating.

    "W-what are you doing here?!"

    Suzane asked despite knowing the answer.

    "I came here to bid you goodbye," Kiba answered while arriving before her.

    "That's it?!" Suzane was disappointed.

    She expected him to do more, much more... just like he did when he returned after a very long trip!

    "Yes, that's it."

    Kiba lifted her chin and leaned his lips closer to hers. Her breath dropped on his lips while her lips trembled from giddy anticipation.

    She wanted him to smash his lips into hers! Kiss her with everything he got! Make this goodbye forever imprinted in her mind!

    And that's what he did!

    His lips pursed hers for a tight, wet kiss.

    It made her forget everything, even the fact that her husband and son were nearby!

    As the kiss intensified, he took her body into his embrace. Her breasts squished up against his chest, making him jolt from the sensuous feel of her firm nipples.

    A chill of undeniable excitement rushed through her as his hands wandered on her back, exploring the soft feel of her skin.

    His tongue drifted into her mouth and played with her slippery tongue. Trembling from excitement, she responded by swirling her tongue around his.

    Slowly, his hands arrived on her dress straps.


    A swarm of butterflies ran through her stomach as he dragged the straps off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. The kiss broke, and her breathing turned strained.

    "No bra!"

    Kiba noted as he squeezed her massive breasts, digging his fingers into her soft flesh.

    "How do they feel?" Suzane asked.

    "Magnificient!" Kiba answered.

    "Thank you!" Suzane responded with a pleased smile. "If not for you exercising them regularly, they wouldn't feel like that!"

    Kiba massaged her breasts before planting his face between them. Suzane dropped her head back and pressed her breasts against his cheeks, making him enjoy her pliant flesh.

    "Big titties are god's best creation!"

    Kiba thanked god for making this titty heaven. He started kissing and licking the slope of her breasts before moving on to her nipples.


    Suzane gripped his head as he suckled on her right nipple. He knew his way around and she moaned as he lightly pressed his teeth on her nipple.

    "You love them, don't you?" Suzane asked between her delightful moans.

    Kiba answered by swirling his tongue around her nipple, teasing it. He then moved to her other nipple, enjoying the sensuous pleasure it offered.

    His cock ached to escape his pants. He adjusted it while munching on her breasts.

    "Let me help you!"

    Suzane's lips curved up in a teasing smile. She pushed him to the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees.

    Kiba sat relaxed as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, dragging them down. His hard cock stood straight, glistening with precum.

    A bolt of current hit her cunt as her eyes scanned his enormous manhood.

    "The sight alone makes me wet every time!"

    Suzane thought as she gripped the base of it with both her hands. She started sliding them up and down the length of his shaft, slowly stroking it.

    She then brought her lips closer to the fat head.

    As he expected her lips to kiss it, she arched her face back, teasing him.

    "Isn't there something you would love more than my mouth?" Suzane asked while stroking him.

    "There is!" Kiba answered.

    "Let me see if I know it!" Suzane smiled seductively while freeing his cock.

    Cupping her big breasts, she moved them to either side of his hard flesh and then pressed them together.

    Kiba grunted in pleasure. There was nothing like the feel of big breasts massaging his cock.

    "I was right!"

    Suzane said as he brought her eyes on her chest. Despite her massive breasts, his big cock didn't wholly disappear between them.

    The mushroom head was clearly visible, oozing out precum.

    Opening her mouth, she spitted on the tunnel of her breasts before bouncing them up and down. The spit further lubricated the breast channel, making his cock easily slip.

    Kiba felt more than great.

    Her soft flesh moved up and down his shaft, making him feel as if he was **ing her breasts.

    Suzane did her best to pleasure him. She squeezed her breasts tightly while working around his cock.

    As minutes passed, Kiba started thrusting his cock in the titty-heaven. He slid it up and down as she continued to squeeze her breasts.

    Her tongue escaped her lips and flicked on the mushroom head every time it thrust up...

    Outside the bedroom, Olly had completed most of his work. With the drink he made for his father, he stepped towards his parents' bedroom to ask his mother if she wanted help.

    The door wasn't locked and as he opened it by a few inches, his heart frantically thumped.

    It was like he witnessed the devil in broad daylight.

    And he had!

    He staggered back, and the drink almost fell off his hand as he then saw the one worshipping the devil!

    His lovely mother!

    The big breasts that nursed him as a kid were now nourishing the incredible weapon of the devil!

    "Oh, god! I can't believe this!"

    Suzane moaned the words her son wanted to shout, albeit for a different reason. She loved the feeling of this amazing cock growing further between her breasts. The feeling was so incredible that she noticed nothing else, not even Kiba as he glanced towards the door.

    Olly broke out in cold sweat.

    The devil had noticed him!

    And yet, the devil continued to thrust the weapon between his mother's breasts!

    As he tried to think about what to do, the drink escaped his hand.

    "!!" Olly was shocked by the telekinetic force.

    The drink flew into the bedroom, stopping just a few centimeters away from the bed.

    "Thanks for the offer, but I don't think I need a drink!" Kiba's voice ringed in Olly's ear. "I have something far better to quench my thirst!"

    "!!!" Olly shivered.

    The drink flew back into his numb hand.

    At the same time, in the bedroom.

    Suzane rose to her feet and bent over to remove her heels, unknowingly lining her ass up to Kiba's face.

    He grinned for not only got he got the close view of the smooth ass, but also her wet panties, stained with her juice.

    Hooking his fingers into the sides of her panties, he dragged them down.

    "Ah!" Suzane gasped as his mouth approached her cunt.

    Outside the bedroom, Olly was dumbstruck.

    Her mother's curly hair had fallen over her face, making it impossible for her to see him as Kiba ate her cunt. Otherwise, with the position she was in, she would have noticed him!

    "God! The devil had won over the good!"

    Once again cursing his fate, Olly silently withdrew.

    The victim was his mother and he didn't want to hear the cries as she was bedeviled by the evil arts! Nor he wanted to witness how the devil quenched his thirst!

    In the living room, Morgan stretched his hands. He had shifted most of the luggage and he was glad that they would soon leave the city!

    It was no longer safe here!

    "Only this place is safe! I will sure miss this apartment!" Morgan said as Olly arrived with the drink.

    "................." Olly didn't say anything.

    "You will miss it as well, right?" Morgan asked. "It has given us so many fond memories!"

    Olly's face fell.

    This apartment had only given him nightmares and nothing else! It was here he first saw the devil stepping out of his parents' bedroom!

    If there was anyone who made fond memories here, it was the devil!

    Suppressing those painful thoughts, Olly arrived before his clueless father.

    "Enjoy, dad!" Olly whispered while handing the drink. "This is the only enjoyment you will ever have!"

    "What did you say?" Morgan asked. The words were unclear, so he asked.

    "N-nothing!" Olly replied. "Just that you were right."

    The shock had turned him muddleheaded, almost making him spill out the secrets!


    On the bed, Kiba and Suzane lay in the spoon fashion. He planted soft kisses on her shoulder while guiding the tip of his cock into her pussy lips.

    A gentle thrust of his hips, and he would be inside her!

    Suzane waited for that to happen, but he didn't thrust his hips.

    "Don't tease me, please!"

    Desires overwhelmed her, and she nudged her ass back, making the cock automatically slip into her.

    "Ahhh yessss!"

    Her head started spinning from the feeling of her cunt filled. Her face turned a darker shade of red, and her breathing turned laborious.

    Sliding a hand under her neck, Kiba cupped her breast. His other hand grabbed her upper knee and pulled her leg over his, as he started **ing her.

    "Ohh god... this feels so good!" Suzane yelped from sexual gratification.

    It was always a turn-on for her when she had sex with him, and this feeling increased when she was doing it in areas where she might get caught!

    The danger amplified her arousal and her pussy tightened around his cock, while making it slippery with her juices.

    Kiba slipped out just as she was about to climax. Before she could complain, he brought her in the position she loved the most - doggy.


    Suzane's head arched back on her own as he penetrated her pussy from back. She shivered from the pleasure his every thrust provided.

    "God! Faster!"

    Suzane begged.

    Kiba gladly increased his pace. He started hammering into her, enjoying the feel of her pussy muscles rippling around him, bringing him closer to heaven.

    Her ass bounced with every thrust just like her breasts, following a hypnotic rhythm.

    As the orgasm began to build-up inside Suzane, she planted her ass on his crotch, forcing him to stay deep inside her.

    "Ohhhh **kkk!"

    The earth-shattering orgasm hit her like tidal waves, jolting through every cell of her body. Her head dropped to the bed while her eyes glazed over.

    Kiba was inside her and she could feel him swelling as her pussy contracted around him. He was on the verge of shooting cum into her!

    "Don't cum inside me! It is not safe today!" Suzane huffed while turning her head. "Cum over my face!"

    Kiba nodded while pulling out.

    Suzane got over her knees and stroked his glistening cock. It throbbed violently and she felt his balls tingle.

    With a grunt, Kiba splattered out a heavy load of cum. It splashed on her face and her breasts.

    "You always have cum so much!"

    Suzane licked the cum on her lips, savoring it. It not only looked good but also tasted good!

    There was so much for her to swallow but first, she had to him.

    Opening her mouth, she took him in, and sealed her lips around his shaft. She then started bobbing up and down, sucking him.

    "Dear! Have you seen my smart card?"

    A voice from far away shocked Suzane as she was slowly licking the cock clean.


    Suzane's eyes turned wide. Giving Kiba's cock a last kiss, she let it go and lifted her head up.

    "Leave!" Suzane whispered while tossing him his clothes. "Hubby is here!"

    "Sure!" Kiba replied nonchalantly.

    He grabbed the clothes and after removing the smell of sex from the room, he teleported away.

    As Kiba left and Suzane heard the sound of her husband approaching, she panicked.

    "This is bad!"

    Suzane thought as she pulled the panties up her ass.

    Her breasts and face were covered with an incredible amount of cum, and there was just no time to get dressed or leave!

    Goosebumps erupted all over her body as she realized she might get caught today!
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