574 Olly! Heres A Recommendation For You!


    Just as her heart was about to sink, an incredible but risky idea flashed in her mind. It was something that might work!

    She glanced at the breathtaking cum on her breasts and smiled.


    As Morgan stepped into the bedroom, he was dumbstruck. Just a few meters away from him, his lovely wife was sitting in front of the mirror, almost naked!

    She was rubbing what seemed to be cream on her face and neck.

    That wasn't what shocked him.

    Rather, it was the crystalline white liquid splashed on her breasts. Through the mirror, he could see how the liquid sparkled against her white skin, shining like precious jewels.

    As he stared at her reflection, she slowly started rubbing the white liquid on her big breasts, making sure it was spread evenly.

    It had been almost a year since he saw her like this, almost without any clothes.

    Now that he thought of it, soon after she joined the gym, she never got naked in front of him, much less engage in sex.

    Even her mood would often be on extreme ends... sometimes extremely happy and other times resentful.

    That didn't mean she wasn't a lovely wife!

    She would perform all other duties and even love kissing him whenever she got the supply of her favorite lipstick brand.

    Of course, he desired much more... but she didn't reciprocate the same interest. When he tried, she would either be tired or not in the mood.

    He discussed this with his friends, and they told him that it was most likely she was in the menopause state or lost interest in sex. The other possible explanation was that she might be cheating... but obviously, that was impossible! She was almost always with the family! So the possibility of her cheating was nonexistent!

    "She is so beautiful!"

    He drooled at the sight of her naked breasts. But the crystalline white liquid awakened him from his trance and he opened his mouth to question.


    Suzane spoke before he could. She seemed startled when she noticed his reflection on the mirror.

    While rubbing the remnant of the liquid throughout her breasts, she turned towards him.

    "Is it too much to expect some privacy when a woman applies moisturizer?! Suzane demanded. "Or do I lack even that right?!"

    "Ar...yes... I mean no, dear!" Morgan quickly spun around.

    Suzane snorted before concentrating back on "the moisturizer". She gave special care to her hardened nipples as she coated them with the moisturizer.

    Even though Morgan had turned around, he sneakily eyed her and was stunned by how amazing she looked.

    "If only she hadn't lost interest in making love!"

    He could only satisfy himself with sneak peeks as she massaged the moisturizer on her breasts.

    The scene was just too hot!

    "What I wouldn't do to taste them!"


    A few minutes later, Suzane dressed back.

    With a radiant smile on her face, she stepped towards her husband and said, "Honey, how do I look?"

    "More than amazing!" Morgan answered honestly.

    "Thanks!" Suzane kissed him on the lips.

    Morgan was pleasantly surprised by the kiss. He eagerly kissed her back, enjoying the feel of her lovely lips.

    His lips then moved to her cheeks where she had applied the moisturizer and was stunned by the somewhat sticky feel there.

    "Your moisturizer tastes just like your lipstick!" Morgan remarked.

    "I know!" Suzane nodded as she replied with a beautiful smile. "The brand launched a limited-edition moisturizer!"

    "Wow! That's great!"

    He knew just how much she loved this brand.

    And with how the moisturizer sparkled like jewels, there was a good reason for her to love the mosisuter!

    "Let me check its quality!"

    Morgan felt there was an opportunity so he kissed her face before moving to her neck. He felt the same alluring taste there as well.

    "Honey! Olly is here!" Suzane stopped him as he kissed the swells of her breasts.

    "Ah!" Morgan leaned back.

    Olly was shellshocked by what he just saw.

    His father was kissing the area where the devil's weapon had been!

    Morgan noticed the crestfallen look on his son's face.

    Realizing he might have been caught in the act, Morgan said, "Son, I was just checking the new moisturizer your mom has brought for herself!"

    Suzane nodded. She didn't want to create any awkwardness between her and her son.

    "..." Olly wasn't in a state to respond.

    Morgan thought for a moment as his eyes flashed with wisdom.

    "Son! You should ask your mom about the brand she uses!"

    Morgan said while stepping forward.

    "She loves it very much, and I'm sure, it is the same for every woman who had used the brand's products!"

    "!!" Olly almost collapsed from shock.

    Just what was his father saying?!

    "You are at the marriageable age!"

    Morgan explained with a kind smile.

    "Females, especially young ones, loves vanity products! If you gift your future wife the lipstick and moisture your mother loves, I'm sure your future wife would be very happy! And that would make your life incredible just like mine!"

    The words he spoke smashed like a hammer into Olly's brains.

    Subconsciously, he visualized the scenario of how his future wife would get the supply of the lipstick and moisturizer his mother so loved!

    That scenario turned his blood ice cold and drained all color from his face!

    "No! I would never let my wife have them!" Olly shouted.

    "What?!" Morgan was shocked by his son's outburst.

    Here he was making a good suggestion for the love life of his son, and instead of being grateful, his son was shouting! Was something wrong with him?!

    How could he even think of refusing such a good suggestion?!

    "Seriously, the kids these days! They just don't know what's good for them!"

    Morgan thought with a barely audible sigh. Still, his wife was here so he couldn't rebuke his son openly.

    He knew just how protective she was of their son!

    So with a kind smile, he patted the back of his son, and said, "Trust me, son! My suggestion would turn your life into paradise!"


    On the terrace of a building far away, Kiba stood.

    He was impressed by the manner in which Suzane handled things. Had she not acted with wits, he would obviously have helped her.

    "I will miss her!"

    A gust of cold air brushed past him, making his golden hair adrift.

    "And the city as well!"

    Kiba thought of the lovely wives in the city. A part of him never wanted to leave the city as he couldn't handle seeing the women lonely here.

    "No! I can't be biased! If I stay here, who would provide warmth to wives in other parts of the world?!"

    His eyes glowed with determination.

    The well-being of women in other cities was more important than his selfish desire to live here!

    A smile crossed his lips as new determination pumped through his veins.

    He glanced into the direction of Suzane's apartment and observed her for the last time.

    "We will meet again when you welcome a daughter-in-law in your family!"

    Tapping his feet on the terrace, he took a long jump. The wind whipped against him, but to him, that didn't make a difference.

    He looked at the evening sky where the sun was yet to descend.

    "Time to bid goodbye to other wives!"

    Many wives of the city would forever remember the upcoming night. It would forever brighten their memories... giving them the happiness they would always crave for!
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