576 Farewell Delta City II/II

    "The Yama must have put a lookout notice on you! And I will help him find you, shameless scoundrel!"

    Sophia declared as her fists charged up with energy.

    "Really? Perhaps, instead of me, the Yama might take you!" Kiba retorted with a faint smile. "After all, a pervert like you is far more dangerous!"


    Gritting her teeth, she stomped a foot on the ground and shot at him. Violent winds blasted out of her body, turning the track into the tiniest specks of dust.


    As she punched with both her fists, cyclonic ripples surged out and ruthlessly slammed into him. The ripples penetrated through his aura and ripped into his shirt.

    With a tearing sound, his shirt shredded to pieces, revealing his muscular chest and perfect abs.

    Sophia's face fell as the ripples vanished by the time they touched his skin.

    She knew he was powerful, and that's why she had used a vast amount of energy. But now was not the time to think about that!

    Everything so far happened in the blink of an eye, and her first attack hadn't ended!

    The fists that were smashing into his chest opened up.

    Her fingers moved towards his hand that was coming up. The fingertips crackled with energy, and she rapped them on his wrist, sending out a numbing force.

    To her disappointment, it didn't make a difference as the hand continued to slide towards her. Not wanting Kiba to catch her, she blasted energy out of her feet and jumped back.

    Kiba glanced at his shredded shirt and then at her. His faint smile turned into a grin as he said, "I'm not a pervert like you! So don't destroy my clothes!"

    "You are really shameless!" Sophia shouted angrily.

    She now realized he intentionally allowed her attack to destroy his shirt! That way, he could accuse her again!

    "Says the pervert!" Kiba retorted.

    Sophia's eyes blazed with anger.

    Terrifying wisps of energy surged out of her, swirling into the outline of Life \u0026 Death Gate! She would definitely teach this villain a lesson!

    "It is enough, Sophia."

    Katherine's voice ringed in her ears.

    "Oh, no!"

    Countless butterflies swarm into the pit of her stomach as she realized her mother had listened to the baseless accusations!

    She quickly spun towards her mother, and as she opened her mouth to explain, Katherine lifted a finger and stopped her.

    "There's no need to explain," Katherine said with a kind smile. "I know you."

    Sophia breathed in relief. She turned back towards Kiba and smiled.

    "Thankfully, I didn't meet this villain in front of Zed!"

    Sophia was glad the villain only appeared when she was leaving. Otherwise, had Zed listened to this slander, she would have died of embarrassment.

    "Ah!" Kiba was startled as Katherine appeared next to Sophia. "Young pervert, you brought your sister here?"

    Sophia curled her lips up as she corrected him, "She's my mother!"

    "Oh!" Kiba's eyes turned wide in disbelief.

    Katherine was surprised. Looking at his face, it seemed he genuinely mistook her as Sophia's elder sister.

    Well, as a powerful mutant, her aging was very slow. Even if not for her powers, she was young at the age of thirty-nine.

    Still, she never thought she looked young enough to be Sophia's sister.

    Shaking her head, she turned towards her daughter.

    "Sophia, what have I taught you about impulse?"

    Sophia lowered her head in shame. Her mother had imparted many lessons of wisdom, and one of them was about anger and impulsive behavior.

    One mustn't give in to anger, no matter the provocation!

    "I'm sorry, mom!" Sophia apologized. "You were right, just like always!"

    She remembered Zed and how he acted in the core region.

    Many contestants had provoked him, cursed him, but he never got angry! He remained his usual self - kind and generous!

    His personality was never affected by the actions of others! That was the real sign of a gentleman!

    "But this scoundrel is too much!" Sophia pointed at Kiba. "He always slanders me, wrongly and unfairly!"

    Katherine smiled in amusement. Based on the stories she had heard, Sophia and Kiba weren't enemies despite them always being in conflict!

    "You are really her mother?!" Kiba asked in disbelief.

    "Yes," Katherine answered with a smile. "And I would appreciate it if you don't treat my daughter unjustly."

    "..." Kiba turned silent.

    "What are you doing here?" Sophia asked.

    "Well, enquiring for a flight," Kiba answered. "I have been on a journey to find someone special."

    "?" Sophia was bewildered.

    Someone special?

    Kiba shifted his eyes to Katherine and continued, "But thanks to you, I think I can end my journey here."

    "Me?" Katherine was startled.

    Sophia's eyes constricted.

    Surely he couldn't mean "special" as in a romantic partner, right?

    Gritting her teeth, she thundered at him, "My mom is married!"

    "Obviously, I know," Kiba looked at her and replied. "I'm only looking for a special guest for my new venture. So why are you angry?"

    Sophia was taken aback.

    She didn't dare answer as her real thoughts might be misunderstood. And she was sure Kiba could use them to accuse her of being a pervert!

    Kiba retrieved a crystalline card from his storage dimension.

    "Please consider this as an invitation," Kiba said as he handed it to Katherine. "You can respond in due time."

    After saying this, he wrapped his body with strands of golden energy and shot into the sky.

    On the ground, Katherine observed the card. It was crystalline and very thin, just like a sheet of paper.

    "Is it is Consciousness Card?" Sophia asked.

    "Yes," Katherine answered.

    Cards such as this could only be explored through the power of consciousness. One can quickly form a link with the card and check its pre-recorded content.

    Even sending a message to the owner of the card.

    "Let me check it."

    She was curious about the contents.

    After all, the card was given to her by someone who was virtually a stranger to her.

    Tapping on the card, she formed a mental link with it.

    In her consciousness, a virtual projection of Kiba emerged. Behind him, fireworks exploded in full glory.

    A screen of text flashed before him, claiming the service was free for her.

    Then, with a whistling sound, a lavish building emerged behind Kiba. It was grand, made of gemstones, designed to satisfy vanity.

    Katherine was amazed by the visuals. Not by design, but rather by the efforts that he must have put to create the visuals for the virtual promotion.

    She focused on the signboard.

    "M.I.L.F.? What's that?" Katherine wondered.

    As an aristocrat of the highest order, the language she knew was restricted to that of high-class. It went without saying she didn't know slangs, especially the ones popular among the new generation of the outside world.

    Kiba declared its meaning.


    Katherine was stupefied as the realization hit her like lightning.

    Her body literally shook in shock as she concluded what exactly being the customer implied!

    "Shameless scoundrel!"

    Flames literally erupted out of her ears, and her aura as an Alpha exploded.

    Never in her life had someone dared use profanities in front of her! Much less, for her!


    How dare that scoundrel!


    Her powerful aura distorted the air and split the ground. Far away, the airbase incharge and others collapsed to the ground, terrified by the powerful fluctuations.

    "Mom?!" Sophia was dumbstruck.

    Just what was in the card for her mother to be so angry?!

    Even as she wondered, her mother stretched a hand towards the sky where Kiba had gone. A cyan glow emanated out of her palm, and through it, a column of energy rushed out.


    The column of energy shrieked through the air and shot into the sky. The clouds exploded in a dazzling mist of energy.

    In outer space, the column of light swept out of the orbit. It smashed into a satellite far away...

    On the ground, Sophia couldn't see what exactly her mother's attack did. But she was sure it failed if the aim was blasting Kiba!

    Because he has the ability of teleportation!

    "Mom!" Sophia turned towards her mother. "One mustn't give in to anger, no matter the provocation!"


    Katherine froze as her daughter repeated her words of wisdom back to her.
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