577 City of Arcadia

    A jet flew through the sky at an incredible speed. Its stealth technology not only made it invisible but also prevented its presence from being detected.

    Contrary to expectations from such a high-tech jet, its insides were full of style, glamour, and luxury, offering facilities no less than an opulent penthouse.

    In the private bedroom, the twins watched a tragic drama on the big screen. They munched the popcorns and cried when the heroine sacrificed her life for the hero.

    Two "maids" offered them drinks while the rest prepared a lavish feast.

    In the lounge, Agatha scanned through a magazine when she felt something.


    She gazed out of the window and looked in the distance.

    A column of energy pierced the sky. It twisted the clouds in a beautifully dangerous manner before exploding them.


    Despite being miles away, Agatha could feel the powerful tremors that swept out.

    "It was from Delta City!" Eva also looked at the explosion. "What happened!?"

    "No idea---" Agatha was saying when space next to her distorted. With a blinding flash, Kiba appeared.

    "I don't know what happened," Agatha corrected herself and continued. "But I know the one responsible!"

    Kiba ignored their stares and sat down.

    "Well, him not responding confirms your statement!" Eva said with laughter.

    One of the maids handed Kiba a glass of wine. Kiba thanked her and then started enjoyed the wine.

    Agatha and Eva glanced at each other and then at Kiba.

    "Now that we are shifting, what profession would you choose?" Eva asked.

    In Delta City, he worked as a mercenary once in a while. It was not because he needed money and resources, but to establish contacts with those in high society.

    "Besides the obvious profession of a playboy and a rake!" Agatha added before Kiba could answer.


    Kiba sighed.

    "When I was in Desolate Blood Forest, I met an Alpha-rank mutant with the ability to manipulate time."

    Kiba explained to them about Pythia.

    In The Fair, she ran a fortune shop. Obviously, as an Alpha, she never needed to work, much less run a fortune shop! She only did it to relieve her boredom!

    "You learned about your future?!" Agatha asked in disbelief.

    "Yes," Kiba nodded. "She showed me events of future-past. It was thanks to her I knew about Goten Whiteskins from my past... and Extermination from the future!"

    Back then, he saw a glimpse of Extermination in the future where everything was gray. He never knew Extermination was none other than him. Had he known, perhaps the future could have been avoided.

    "Even if you knew, the future wouldn't have changed," Eva corrected him. "Otherwise it would create a paradox."

    Kiba obviously knew this.

    Shaking his head, he continued, "Anyways, she showed me glimpses of many events. And only one of them mattered because it dealt with my destiny! My true calling in life!"

    Agatha was stunned.

    For him to use such words, Pythia must have shown him what he must become!

    "I saw the future me!" Kiba's voice turned passionate. "He helped the world by engaging in a profession known for its selflessness and sacrifices!"

    Selflessness and sacrifices?!

    Agatha and Eva were dumbstruck.

    "Just what did you become?!" Eva gathered her wits and asked.

    Kiba's lips curved up into a sincere smile as he answered:


    Soon, the world would meet the greatest doctor known to humanity.

    Dr. NTR!


    The sun started descending.

    "I can never get tired of this scene!"

    Kiba said as the light tinted the clouds into a shade of orange, splashing the sky with an orange hue.

    "Me as well," Agatha agreed with him. "It is beautiful!"

    As they observed the beautiful sky, a scene far more beautiful than this was developing just some distance away.

    Madison rushed out of the bathroom. Lillian followed behind.

    "!" Kiba was startled. The twins were naked and wet!

    They jumped on dumbstruck Agatha.

    "Mommy! We were taking a shower but we need help!"

    Madison straddled her lap and handed her a soft sponge. She then squeezed her naked breasts and poured bodywash on them.

    "Can you work on them? Be gentle though!"


    Lillian grabbed Agatha's other hand and guided it between her thighs.

    Agatha's face flushed at this unexpected development.

    She started pulling out her hand, but then Madison burst into tears.

    "Mommy! We can't ask daddy for help as his evil dragon might try to infiltrate our tight, little caves! So we asked you... and yet you don't want to help us!"

    "Are you throwing us out of the family?!"

    "Do you hate us!?"


    Agatha felt her head turning numb.

    Just what was she supposed to do?!

    She stared at Kiba.

    Kiba started humming a little tune and gazed back at the orange sky.

    Agatha: "...................."


    The state of Eaakins.

    With its neighborhood state being the State of Avalon, the state enjoyed high financial and commercial success.

    City of Arcadia was its most populous city and also its lifeline.

    Known for its exemplary contribution to science and technology, the city was the grandest of all, save for the ones located in Avalon.

    Other than science and technology, the city was also renowned for gambling and entertainment.

    On the border of the city, there was a mansion. Built on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the mansion was vast.

    Underneath the mansion, the cliff was rather hollow. Inside it was multiple floors, hidden from the outside world.

    On one of the floors, a woman about twenty-one years old fought against battle robots.

    A robotic bird swooped down on her. Just as its claw was about to crush her, a disc flew out of her wrist and brutally cut into the claw.

    The violent impact forced the bird to fly backward.

    The disc flew back to the woman as a robot was about to smash its fist on her. She drifted to the side like a gust of wind and raised her leg up, kicking the robot on its neck, destroying its core.

    At the same time, another robot appeared behind her to punch out. Like an extremely fit gymnast, she twisted her body and avoided the punch, while sending the rotating disc out.


    The disc slashed through the metallic fist, emanating a buzzing sound. Before the robot could punch with its other fist, another disc ripped into its chest.


    The robot exploded into splinters...

    "Well done, my child!" A middle-aged man appeared.

    "We are proud of you!" A middle-aged woman followed.

    The young woman nodded without saying anything. Despite the battle and praise, her face remained expressionless and cold.

    If there was any emotion, it was in her emerald-green eyes. They were filled with sadness.

    "Have some rest now," the middle-aged woman said.

    The young woman nodded.

    She returned to the mansion and stepped into the balcony. The starlight fell on her breathtaking face.


    She whispered the name she always had ever since she left the core region.

    Obviously, she was none other than Ashlyn!


    On the underground floor, the middle-aged duo stepped into the research lab. They were the adopted parents of Ashlyn: Hansen and Stina.

    "How's the seal?" Hansen asked the head researcher.

    "It is breaking," The researcher replied. "Just some more time before we can retrieve the virus!"

    Hansen eyed the container his "daughter" had brought from the core region. It was wrapped with countless rays of light.

    Despite the force field, the glow emanating out of the container splashed into the lab, making everyone feel a menacing presence.

    "The world would soon be ours!" Stina's lips spread into an ominous smile.

    "Hehe, just a matter of time!" Hansen agreed.

    The head researcher listened to their conversation before saying, "Ashlyn's lifeforce is rapidly dwindling..."

    Stina's eyes narrowed.

    "That's to be expected," Stina said with the same smile. "She's a Cursed One... but don't worry. She would be fit enough to serve her role."

    "We will ensure that!"


    Far away, high in the sky.

    On a virtual screen, Kiba checked some files. He took a bite of the sandwich before focusing back on the files, reading them carefully.

    [[We are now in the skies of City of Arcadia.]] Claudia announced. [[The jet would land in a few minutes.]]


    Kiba nodded.

    He stretched his hands and took a final glance at the screen. On it, the pictures of Hansen and Stina floated, along with notes of their various charitable contributions.

    The files had only their praises. There was no negativity at all, none.

    "Their image is far too pure!"

    Kiba's lips curved up into a sadistic grin.

    "It would be fun!"
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