Chapter 231: To Die A Horrible Death? (2)

    Chapter 231: To Die A Horrible Death? (2)

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    "Imperial Strategist, please state the issue in which you require Our decision."

    Actually, Pang Zihuang had already known of the purpose for Lin Yue's visit.

    Obviously, Lin Yue had been notified of Pang Ran's return and had come to cause trouble. However, only We have the authority to discipline the prince. We had previously closed one eye to anyone who dared to bully the prince with the intention of helping him lose weight - that fat body of his would sooner or later contract an incurable disease. Now that he has lost weight, he would be faster than anyone who dared to try and touch him!

    "Your Imperial Majesty," Lin Yue said. "The Sixth Prince has been neglecting his duties, and is only ever interested in eating, drinking, and merriment! Moreover, he has been wreaking havoc at the restaurants. If it were not for my own good fortune, I would have long been crushed to death by his rear! He would often disappear without Your Imperial Majesty's approval. This is simply an outrage! Furthermore, he has knocked out the Minister of Finance's son... He does not even respect his elder brothers! In addition, he has found a woman to pose as the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall to deceive you! This must be a joke! Why on earth would the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall be here? It is impossible! Your Imperial Majesty, you must punish him for his treasonous acts!"

    Lin Yue glared sharply at Pang Ran, whose face was full of objection, with a trace of cruelty hanging on the edge of his lips.

    All those years ago, if the trap that they had set for the Eldest Prince had not drawn the attentions of the Xia family, he would not have allowed the Sixth Prince to be born safely. So, in order to prevent himself from getting into further trouble, he could not kill the Sixth Prince outright. Therefore he had poisoned Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress during her pregnancy so that the prince would be born as a good-for-nothing! Additionally, based on his prophecy, His Royal Highness will never be able to be free of this fate. Who would have thought that this guy would receive inspiration to work hard? Even if His Royal Highness has no chance of improvement, he cannot allow for this confidence. His Royal Highness must revert to his old ways - self-abandonment and only waiting for death!

    "Hmph!" Pang Ran snorted. "You say that the Goddess is an imposter. What proof do you have? Have you met the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall before?"

    "Proof?" Lin Yue smiled coldly. " Why should my words need proof? I am the Imperial Advisor, I see through everything! Yet my eyes do not see how this woman could possibly have any connection to the Hundred Herb Hall. She is clearly an imposter!"

    Lin Yue turned his gaze to Gu Ruoyun, and said, "My lady, please do not be fooled into committing such a wicked deed. Deceiving His Imperial Majesty is high treason, and your entire clan will be slaughtered as punishment. Do not drag your own family members down the gutter for your own personal interests; otherwise, you will die a thousand deaths for your sins. There is nothing in this world that I do not know. I have seen your future and your past, and I know exactly what will happen to you in the future."

    Guo Ruoyun's expression had remained indifferent from the beginning. Her eyes stayed still and calmly stared at Lin Yue.

    "Your future is riddled with misfortune," Lin Yue continued. "Your clan will be exterminated because of you and you will be left alive and alone, living a fate worse than death, then sold to become someone's concubine and be tortured every day. Finally, you will die a horrible death. But even if you were to reincarnate into a human again, your fate remains similar: Never receiving your husband's love or the pity of your loved ones. So unless your soul flies away and scatters, you will be plagued with suffering for all eternity."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. No one could tell what that smile meant.

    "You are indeed powerful, Your Excellency," she said. "However, have you seen into your own future?"

    "Of course," Lin Yue stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun's face and licked his lips. "My fate is to rise above all, to be respected and worshipped by many. It is no use envying me. My great fortune stems from the accumulation of countless merits from my past life. You, however, were a witch who caused destruction, and killed people like ants... Everyone wanted you dead. Even if you were to reincarnate a million times, your life would never end well!"
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