Chapter 232: A Son With No Asshole (1)

    Chapter 232: A Son With No Asshole (1)

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    Pang Ran's jaw dropped as if he had just heard something completely unbelievable. He had never really interacted with the Imperial Advisor before and had no idea that he thought so highly of himself.

    To rise above all, to be respected and worshipped by many? Tsk, tsk. What did he mean by that? Only a thick-skinned person could spew such shameless statements!

    But it was not just Pang Ran who found this pronouncement appalling for even Pang Zihuang's face has turned into a particularly ugly expression.

    What a complete disgrace to his own family! Pang Zihuang thought. His Excellency is usually a fairly composed man, but today it seems as though he has been seriously provoked. Has he lost his senses? That must be it!

    The more Pang Zihuang thought about it, the more he felt that his theory was sound. He glanced pitifully at Lin Yue's arrogant face, and said, "Your Excellency, I understand the feeling of having Pang Ran's rear on your face, so it's completely understandable that you would've somehow lost your wits. Luckily, the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall is here today. I have heard that she is the Master of the Ghost Doctor herself. Please let her examine you. Such wild behavior will not help anyone."

    Upon hearing Pang Zihuang's words of concern, Lin Yue's expression sunk. Even if the person next to him was the supreme ruler of Black Tortoise Country, he had always kept his anger under control.

    "Is Your Imperial Majesty implying that this humble minister is brain damaged? And does Your Imperial Majesty wish for this quack of an imposter to cure me?"

    This dog of an Emperor dares to chastise me! he thought, angrily. I would have long assassinated him if it were not the Xia family rules against changing dynasties at will in Black Tortoise Country!

    "Your mother's *ss!"

    Pang Ran was enraged. To him, Gu Ruoyun was an invincible goddess, and this swindling messenger of the gods had dared to reprimand her. He simply could not tolerate it.

    With eyes ablaze, Pang Ran pointed his finger at Lin Yue and spat on his face.

    "You motherf*cker - you are only the messenger of the gods, not a real god. Even if you are one, one has never seen a god quite as ugly as you. To say you look like a ghost or a goblin is already praise of a high order! Are you not a clairvoyant? Are you not omniscient? Then tell me, what meals did I have yesterday? How many times did I use the toilet? If you cannot even answer these questions, how can you be considered psychic? Come on, tell me my fortune!"

    Lin Yue trembled in rage. He touched the spit on his face and glared fiercely at Pang Ran. He then turned towards Pang Zihuang, joined his fists and bowed, saying, "Your Imperial Majesty, His Royal Highness has greatly insulted this humble minister! Please take action on my behalf!"


    Pang Zihuang was shocked. He looked as if he had just woken from a daze, unable to tell between fantasy and reality. "My apologies, Imperial Strategist. We were in the middle of a daydream. What were you all talking about? We did not manage to hear it. Could you please repeat it all over again?"

    Lin Yue, you wretched man, he thought. We have never liked the look of you! If it were not for your connection with the Xia family, We would never have allowed this disaster remain in the palace. And now he has asked Us to punish Pang Ran? Tsk tsk. He must be delusional. What right does an outsider like him have to issue punishments to a son from Our family? Dream on, Lin Yue!

    "You... You..."

    Lin Yue took a deep breath. He could feel his heart trembling at that very moment. In the end, he decided to calm his rage as his eyes fixed sharply on Pang Zihuang.

    "Very well then!" he spat. "Did you forget about the Xia family now, Your Imperial Majesty? Should they ever find out what an incapable ruler Your Imperial Majesty is, gone will be your seat on the Imperial Throne! Hmph!"
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