Chapter 234: Planting The Blame (1)

    Chapter 234: Planting The Blame (1)

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    Trigonotis peduncularis?

    Pang Zihuang furrowed his brows. His eyes were full of suspicion. "What trigonotis peduncularis? We have never heard of such a thing!"

    "Trigonotis peduncularis is a kind of poisonous herb. Generally, anyone who comes into contact with it will begin to experience its delayed poisonous effects. If my guess is correct, someone has recently presented Your Imperial Majesty with the plant as a gift. The plant had probably withered within three days, and Your Imperial Majesty has been experiencing acute headaches since then. Is this correct?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently, her eyes observing Pang Zihuang from the start. Upon hearing her words, Pang Zihuang's face sank, and his eyes glazed over as if looking at a faraway landscape.

    But he remained silent.

    Because he would not speak, Gu Ruoyun did not press for a reply. All in all, even though Pang Zihuang was open-hearted, this matter was confidential and he would not expose any palatial matters to an outsider.

    "Lady Gu," Pang Zihuang said, taking a deep breath, his expression solemn. "Can We be saved?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded, raising the corners of her lips. "There is a way, however..."

    Upon hearing that he had a chance to live, Pang Zihuang burst into joy and quickly said, "Lady Gu, as long as you can save Us, We will fulfill any request!"


    A bright light flashed across her clear eyes, and Gu Ruoyun smiled radiantly, saying, "Remember your words, Your Imperial Majesty! I will soon write you a list of items. Please ask your men to find all the ingredients listed, and send them to the Sixth Prince's estate. I will provide your medical treatment and administer a cure afterwards. However, you do not have much time. It is best to find the medical ingredients within three days. If we delay any longer, I cannot promise that you will not encounter any problems."

    "Lady Gu, We guarantee that We will send over the ingredients in less than three days. You only need to give Us the list!"

    "Then... I shall await You at the Sixth Prince's estate."

    Gu Ruoyun raised a writing brush, and promptly wrote down the ingredients for the cure on a piece of paper, then left the room with Pang Ran. The moment they were gone, Pang Zihuang's expression turned cold.

    "Servant!" he said solemnly. "Take this list to the Imperial Physician's office. Have them send the ingredients on the list to the Sixth Prince's estate immediately! Also, summon Imperial Concubine Lin."

    Trigonotis peduncularis...

    The very thought of the name froze his heart.

    "Nice one, Imperial Concubine Lin," he muttered angrily. "So you have all plotted to harm Us! If that child Pang Ran had not invited the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, We probably would not even know how We died!"

    Pang Zihuang gritted his teeth. He had always been particularly generous towards Imperial Concubine Lin on account of her relation to the Xia family.

    Who would have known that that woman wanted Us dead! he fumed. The trigonotis peduncularis herb had been a gift from Concubine Lin, who told Us that it would help alleviate weariness. Who would have expected for it to wilt in two days! At the time, We assumed that it was some unknown plant that was difficult to care for. We never thought that it was the cause of our ailment.

    At that moment, a luxurious hand as white as jade slowly opened the door to the Royal Study. A gorgeous woman in royal robes entered, her footsteps as light as a lotus, her shimmering features moving ever so delicately. She smiled softly and glided towards Pang Zihuang, before bowing in greeting, "Your servant pays respect to Your Imperial Majesty. This humble concubine does not know why she has been summoned. What does Your Imperial Majesty request?"


    Pang Zihuang slammed his hand forcefully on the desk. An angry vein rose over his temple - his face was livid with rage.

    "Concubine Lin, are you aware of the crime you have committed?"
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