Chapter 238: Planting The Blame (5)

    Chapter 238: Planting The Blame (5)

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    "Lin Yue, you son of a b*tch. I'm going to kill you!"

    Pang Ran's eyes turned blood red, like a bloodthirsty wolf ready to kill. He leapt towards Lin Yue with only one thing on his mind-to kill Lin Yue and avenge his Imperial Father!


    Before Pang Ran could even touch Lin Yue's robes, he was kicked and sent flying by the latter's bodyguards. His body fell onto the bed, shaped like the number eight. Cold sweat ran down his forehead as he gasped for breath.

    For the first time, he regretted his lack of training.

    For the first time, he felt remorse for ignoring his Imperial Father's advice all these years.

    Now he was not even capable of taking revenge.


    Pang Ran laughed, insanity creeping up his pale face. His blood red eyes glared at Lin Yue, as if carving his features in his mind's eye to remember his face in his next life.

    "Lin Yue, you claim to be a celestial being, yet you commit crimes that only demons would do! You have lied and swindled for many years. Get ready to face retribution soon! You will die a horrible death!"


    Lin Yue eerily said with a frosty smile, "I have worked hard to accumulate karmic points in my past life. In this life, I have worked hard to contribute to my country and have participated in many charitable works, and killed many evil criminals. Hence, such retribution will never fall upon me! The real people who should face judgement are kinslayers like you!"

    Pang Ran's body began to tremble, he clenched his fist and looked at Lin Yue in rage. But the sharp pain in his body made him too tired to stand, much less avenge his Imperial Father's death.

    "Where is that phoney Hundred Herb Hall woman, Pang Ran?" Lin Yue slightly squinted his eyes with a cold smile. "Do not try to hide her. Even if I do not manage to deal with her, do you really think that the powers that be of the Hundred Herb Hall would allow anyone to offend their leader? I am doing this for the sake of Black Tortoise Country, or else the powers of the Hundred Herb Hall will bring disaster to our country! I am doing this for the sake of our people! After all, the master of Hundred Herb Hall has an azure dragon and a white tiger as her spirit animals. She is closely linked to the Dongfang family, and has good connections with various powerful entities. Under these circumstances, not even the Xia family would protect Black Tortoise Country!"

    No one else knew about the current situation in the Xia family, so how could Lin Yue have known? It has been reported to him that the young master of the Xia family was heavily ill, and the whole family has been in disarray because of it. How could they possibly care about Black Tortoise Country? Hence, he simply did not want to provoke the Hundred Herb Hall-especially not that woman who has been called a demon god by everyone in the Four Countries!

    If I could capture this phony Hundred Herb Hall woman, I just might be able to establish good relations with the Hundred Herb Hall, he schemed. I might even be able to request for a slot in the pill-purchasing quota-money certainly cannot buy that!

    As for the Longevity Pill that Pang Ran had presented to Pang Zihuang, I did not even bother to give it a second look. After all, none of them had ever seen a true pill; who would have known if it was fake? Pang Zihuang trusted in Pang Ran, which was why he believed in the phony product. I, Lin Yue, would never fall for such things! Those string of pills are merely ordinary medicinal pills. Pang Ran was only trying to suck up to Pang Zihuang and had lied to him. They cannot possibly be real!
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