Chapter 239: The Black Tortoise (1)

    Chapter 239: The Black Tortoise (1)

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    Pang Ran glared fiercely at Lin Yue, so angry that he wanted to yell at someone. At that very moment, a luminous and elegant figure appeared under the sunlight, wearing the same green robes, her hair cascading like a waterfall, the young girl's lips carried a faint smile, her eyes as clear and calm as still waters.

    "Oh? Are you sure that you can use me to win the favor of the Hundred Herb Hall?"

    Her tone was so subtle, no one could tell how she was feeling. Only her clear eyes darkened, her lips curved slightly upwards.

    Pang Ran wasn't sure why but seeing Gu Ruoyun in this state gave him an indescribable sort of feeling. However, he quickly repressed the unusual feeling upon hearing Lin Yue's solemn voice, "You've arrived just in time. Men, arrest this imposter! I want to present her for her crimes to the Hundred Herb Hall!"

    It wasn't because Lin Yue didn't believe in whom Gu Ruoyun really was. If she had been a citizen of Black Tortoise Country, he might have seriously reconsidered. Unfortunately, it was Pang Ran who invited her. Seeing as Pang Ran was such a useless good-for-nothing, how could he possibly have connections with the Hundred Herb Hall?

    She's obviously a fake! Lin Yue thought.

    Gu Ruoyun completely ignored him and walked straight to Pang Ran who was sprawled on the floor. She then took out a pill and put it into his mouth. Once the pill entered his body, Pang Ran felt completely relieved, his aches and pains disappeared.

    God-like! Pang Ran thought, amazed. This was simply miraculous!

    Pang Ran's eyes shone, If I had these pills, I wouldn't have to worry about getting beaten up ever again!

    "You want to arrest us?"

    Gu Ruoyun turned around, speaking calmly, "Alright, I'll take a stroll with you."

    Even though Lin Yue could see what Gu Ruoyun was doing, he didn't manage to see what she had fed Pang Ran with. Therefore, he didn't think too much of it, only waved his hand and said, "Men, take these treasonous assassins away!"

    "Yes, your excellency!"

    A few of the guards advanced to tie them up, however once Gu Ruoyun shot them a look, they jumped and backed away, not daring to take a single step further.

    "There is no need for trouble, Imperial Advisor. We will follow you on our own." Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. "Pang Ran, let's head to the palace to investigate the situation regarding your Imperial Father. Trust in me. Nothing bad will come when I'm around."

    Trust in me...

    Pang Ran's heart felt moved. He raised his head, looking at the young girl's calm figure. He wasn't sure why, but Gu Ruoyun's words made him believe in her.

    Nothing bad will happen with her around!

    Hearing her words, Lin Yue smiled disapprovingly.

    My little sister has given His Imperial Majesty a highly toxic poison which will spread quickly, killing a person in half an hour. He sneered. Even if they were to see His Imperial Majesty, there wouldn't be any other conclusion! Does she think that she's a god? Even a celestial being won't be able to save a dying man...


    Heaven City, at the Xia family residence.

    Within an ancient secret chamber, an old man carried an expression of respect. His elderly features looked as if he was filled with pious devotion towards the heavenly object, his body was stooped into a low bow, not daring to raise his head, as if doing so would be blasphemous to the heavenly object.

    If the rest of the Xia family were here to see this, they would certainly be shocked! Just who was this old man? He was the Head of the Xia family, the most important person in all of Black Tortoise Country. In this entire world, aside from the Three Great Authorities, to whom would he be displaying such great respect? However, if anyone had seen what was before him, they would have been even more surprised.

    The "object" before him was not human, but a spiritual beast with the body of a tortoise and a snake-like head! The spiritual animal sat on an altar and lowered its head to look at the man before him.
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