Chapter 240: The Black Tortoise (2)

    Chapter 240: The Black Tortoise (2)

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    "It's been over thousands of years. Hmph! Your members of the Xia family are completely useless! Many years have passed and you're still unable to find the people I'm looking for! If you're still unable to find my friends within these few years, I will leave the Xia family, and your survival will be none of my business!"

    The ancient voice sounded highly displeased, Master Xia began to produce a bout of cold sweat.

    "Lord Lingxiao, fret not. I have recently received the information you need, all we need to do is confirm it."

    Master Xia could not feel even the slightest discontent, for the reason why the Xia family could remain strong for thousands of years was because they had a strong power overseeing them! This spiritual beast has been around for thousands of years, inherited from generation to generation, and only the heads of the Xia family knew of its existence.

    Furthermore, the Xia family has been searching for two people for over thousands of years, yet none of them knew who they were! Obviously, once the head of the Xia family issued an order, no one dared to question it.

    "Hmph!" Lingxiao said coldly, "I certainly hope that this information is accurate, otherwise, I will no longer shelter the Xia family!"

    If the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon were here, then this spiritual beast must be the Black Tortoise. Unfortunately, they have yet to appear in the Xia family's residence in Heaven City...

    Master Xia immediately felt nervous after hearing those words and said hurriedly, "Lord Lingxiao, I've received new information, I've heard that Azure Dragon Country has a strong power backing the Hundred Herb Hall, there are people who have seen the Master of Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun summoning an azure dragon and white tiger. I would immediately invite her to the Xia Residence, but these words are only rumors and I'm still unable to confirm them. In order to prevent exposing who you really are, Lord Lingxiao, please wait for me to receive confirmation before inviting her over to meet you."

    The Black Tortoise Lingxiao paused, muttering incoherently to himself, then slowly nodded his head, "Good. Then I'll give you one last chance! If the information you have is once again false, then I will leave the Xia family immediately!"

    "Do not worry, Lord Lingxiao."

    A part of Master Xia's heart shook, aside from Lingxiao's protection over the Xia family, it is also closely linked to the Xia family's lifeline. If it were to abandon them, then the Xia family will face extermination after a few generations.

    Hence, he must meet that woman, Gu Ruoyun no matter what, and personally confirm the truth behind the rumors.

    Lingxiao's true identity was of great importance, hence, prior to confirming whether the Azure Dragon and White Tiger are in the possession of the other party, Master Xia cannot carelessly bring just anyone to meet with him...


    Meanwhile, in the Xia family courtyard, a middle-aged man stared coldly at his reporting subordinates, and said gravely, "Are you saying that Xia Linyu and that girl from the Luo family have left to Azure Dragon Country?"

    "Reporting to Second Master, I've heard that Xia Linyu has gone to Azure Dragon Country to seek Guo Ruoyun of the Hundred Herb Hall, he even says that Gu Ruoyun is the Ghost Doctor's master, and has a great abundance of knowledge in medicine. He believes that she will be able to cure his illness." The guard bowed his head respectfully as he answered.


    The middle-aged man laughed softly, and sinisterly said, "Gu Ruoyun? She's only a silly little girl. I don't understand how the shrewd Ghost Doctor could possibly join her, she must have concocted a grand scheme. I do not believe in rumors, neither do I believe that that little girl would possess such capabilities. I'm not even going to give that elder brother of hers a chance! Send your most skilled men to Azure Dragon Country, and find her before Xia Linyu does!"

    A shadow fell on his eyes, a cold smile flashed across the middle-aged man's face.

    As long as that kid dies, the Xia family will be mine... He thought sinisterly. Gu Ruoyun? Hehe! She's only a little girl in her teens. He will never allow her to foil his plans!

    Actually, the middle-aged man wasn't too worried about Gu Ruoyun. His main concern was in the Ghost Doctor's prodigal medical skills, if the Ghost Doctor were to offer help, it would be troublesome. Of course, based on the Ghost Doctor's temperament, it would be extremely difficult to receive her help. However, if he were to murder Gu Ruoyun, and pushed the blame on Xia Linyu's father, no matter how many benefits the Old Master Xia provided, they would never be able to persuade the Ghost Doctor for help...


    At this very moment, Gu Ruoyun, who was following Lin Yue to the palace, was completely unaware that the Xia family had sent two parties to find her whereabouts. Obviously, those two parties had no idea that the person they were searching for had already left Azure Dragon Country, and was already in Black Tortoise Country in the Court of Jurisdiction of the Imperial Palace...
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