Chapter 241: The Xia Family Arrives (1)

    Chapter 241: The Xia Family Arrives (1)

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    "Damn it, Lin Yue. I warn you, you'd better not let me catch you! Otherwise, I would have you on your knees calling me master! And you, you bunch of traitors, you have no humanity, you will meet the same end as this swindling Imperial Advisor!"

    Pang Ran's curses continued non-stop throughout the journey, frustrating everyone around him who couldn't wait to silence his mouth with a smelly old sock. It was only because of Lin Yue's silence that the guards had forced themselves to remain tolerant. However, their faces were livid every time they heard his ugly words.


    Lin Yue coldly said, his eyes swept over Pang Ran's face, "You may say whatever you want for now, Your Royal Highness, for you will not have the opportunity to do so soon enough, as you will be sent to the dungeons. Once you've been sentenced, your deaths will come very soon!"

    "Who says that I'll be going to the dungeons? I want to see my Imperial Father, and where is my Imperial Mother?"

    Pang Ran rolled his eyes, he would never go anywhere near the dungeon. His only concern was his Imperial Father's health.


    Lin Yue laughed loudly, as if he had heard a funny joke, his smile full of ridicule, "You still insist on seeing His Imperial Majesty? Dream on! I will never allow you to go near Him. The dungeons is where you should be. And as for your Imperial Mother... She has already been banished to the cold palace. However, I might let her live, if you begged me."

    "F*ck!" Pang Ran was enraged. He raised his head, clenched his fists and charged towards Lin Yue.

    This guy has brought harm unto my Imperial Father, and still dared to bully my Imperial Mother. I will never forgive his sin!

    However, before his fist could even land on Lin Yue, he was blocked by the latter's hand. Lin Yue smiled gravely at him, and directed a heavy punch towards Pang Ran's stomach.

    In that instant, Gu Ruoyun, who had remained silent since their departure from the Sixth Prince's mansion, finally made a move.

    She took a step forward, pushed Pang Ran aside with one arm, and stood in his place. The punch that Lin Yue had intended for Pang Ran, landed on Gu Ruoyun instead.

    Some of the people around them could not bear the sight of it. To them, the young girl looked frail and thin, a little too thin. She looked much too delicate to even stand, how could she be able to absorb that punch? They reckoned that she would soon spit out a mouthful of blood, and fall dead on the ground.

    But then again, everyone else thought, not only did she pose as the Master of Hundred Herb Hall, but she also conspired with the Sixth Prince to assassinate His Imperial Majesty! Hence, these were the consequences of her wrongdoings!

    However, the crowds' eyeballs soon fell to the ground.

    The young girl that they thought would be spurting out three liters of blood, was instead standing in the same spot, as tall and steadfast as a proud bamboo tree. A small gust of wind blew and her green robes fluttered, her imposing aura created a force field over her delicate figure.

    Lin Yue's large arm, on the other hand, now had a bloody gash. Soon, the blood poured over his entire arm, as if it had been split open! Seeing this, the guards who had initially raised their swords, ready to attack, have all involuntarily retreated a few steps backwards, their eyes wide with shock.

    Just how much power would one need to have, to reach this level? One thought.

    This woman is clearly abnormal! Thought another.


    Lin Yue's eyes turned a bloody red, raised his wounded arm and charged towards Gu Ruoyun again. His eyes burned with hatred, his aura was cruel and sinister.

    Die! He thought. This woman must die! Otherwise, the hatred in my heart will never be resolved!

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    *The cold palace in Chinese means a palace where the wife or concubine of an emperor resides when the emperor doesn't like her anymore or she commits a crime which cannot be forgiven by the emperor. However, in the Forbidden City, you won't be able to find any place that has such a name. This doesn't mean it didn't exist during the past dynasties. It means that it is one of the discarded, remote or disliked palaces in the Forbidden City. Those where the places that served as cold palaces.
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