Chapter 242: The Xia Family Arrives (2)

    Chapter 242: The Xia Family Arrives (2)

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    This time, Gu Ruoyun remained still, her proud figure stood beautifully upright against the gentle winds, her pure, beautiful face was enveloped in a faintly bright light, her eyes were like clear black pools of water, calmly staring straight at the clamoring man charging towards her.


    Without a warning, a large snow wolf leaped from behind Gu Ruoyun, opening its wide mouth and bit the man's thigh ferociously. Its sharp teeth sank deep into Lin Yue's thigh, blood poured out from its mouth.

    The intense pain made Lin Yue's entire body shake, but most of it was due to shock.

    A spiritual beast! He thought in shock. This woman has a spiritual beast! However, the appearance of this spiritual beast happens to confirm that she is not the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall!

    There have been many rumors surrounding the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall, the most impressive of all was her control over Azure Dragon and White Tiger, not a single one of them had mentioned that she also had power over a snow wolf.

    Pang Ran's eyes widened, he had a strong urge to shout out loud.

    Too cool! He thought, excitedly. That's a spiritual beast! A majestic snow wolf, I've never seen such a powerful spiritual beast!

    However, upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's calling out the snow wolf's name, Pang Ran's expression cracked immediately.

    Baobao? He thought. What... What kind of a name was that? This majestic snow wolf, was actually given such an adorable name?

    As a matter of fact, in the beginning when Gu Ruoyun gave the snow wolf its name, it was vehemently against it. But its protests were of no avail. In the end, it accepted the name.

    "You damned girl, have your snow wolf release me immediately! Or else, don't blame me for being impolite!"

    Lin Yue's face turned white from the pain, he roared angrily, his body shook violently. The loss of blood from his wound was weakening him.

    Hence, that one statement sapped out most of his energy.

    Gu Ruoyun curled her lips and she moved slightly. She smiled and quietly said, "They're here."

    Here? What's here? Pang ran questioned, staring at Gu Ruoyun's smiling face, blinking his eyes in confusion. Just as he was about to ask Gu Ruoyun what had happened, the sound of a uniformed march could be heard from ahead.

    He turned his head to find his richly-dressed Fifth Imperial Brother leading an armor-clad middle-aged man towards them.

    The middle-aged man waved his hand, ordering the soldiers behind him to stop, and strode towards them.


    Why is the General here? Pang Ran didn't understand any of it. What's happened? Why has the General brought so many people here?

    Lin Yue was equally confused. However, remembering everything that Gu Ruoyun had done to him, he hurriedly said, "Oh great General! Make this woman release me!"

    The General, however, never even looked at him. Instead, he made his way towards Pang Ran.

    The General kneeled before Pang Ran, in front of everyone, and said respectfully, "Your Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince. This vassal has arrived late, please forgive me, Sixth Prince!"

    Before Pang Ran could fully realize what was happening before him, the sound of Lin Yue's voice came shouting angrily, "General! Do you want to wallow in the mire with these traitors? He stabbed His Imperial Majesty in the back! Not only are you not arresting His Imperial Majesty's assassin, but you're helping him as well! Are you not afraid of angering everyone else?"

    The General glanced sideways at Lin Yue, coolly said, "Your Excellency, the Imperial Advisor. I'm afraid that you of all people should understand the reason behind all this! The Fifth Prince has summoned me after witnessing everything! What more do you have to say?"
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