Chapter 243: The Xia Family Arrives (3)

    Chapter 243: The Xia Family Arrives (3)

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    In Black Tortoise Country, many people considered the Imperial Advisor as a man of the gods. However, only the General never paid any attention to him.

    He had always felt that the Imperial Advisor was no more than a cheating swindler. Knowing the past, present and future... What nonsense! Only a bunch of idiots believed his words.

    "Fifth Imperial Brother?"

    Pang Ran blinked his eyes, staring at the Fifth Prince confusingly.

    He didn't know why, but he felt that his Fifth Imperial Brother looked particularly different. However, he simply couldn't put his finger on it.


    Lin Yue was angered to his very core. Unfortunately, with his thigh firmly in Baobao's mouth, he didn't dare make a single move. He was only able to glare furiously at the General's expressionless face, then sweeping his eyes towards the Fifth Prince. Suddenly, he laughed, and taunted, "I understand now... You were all conspiring against His Imperial Majesty. Are you not afraid that your families will be slaughtered by nine generations?"

    He was actually gritting his teeth through those last few words.

    However, in the end, the General didn't even raise his eyelids, his voice coldly said, "Men, take Lin Yue away! I will now make my way to visit His Imperial Majesty."

    "Yes, Lord General!"

    Hearing this, Baobao finally released its grip, raising its paw, sending Lin Yue flying towards the army with one giant slap. Just as Lin Yue was scrambling to get away, countless weapons raised towards him. He couldn't get away now.

    The Fifth Prince walked towards Gu Ruoyun's side, his eyes full of gratitude. He hesitated slightly before finally saying, "Thank you."

    This time, Pang Ran was completely dumbfounded, he rubbed his head and said, "Goddess, what... What's going on?"

    How could I not have known that the goddess and my Fifth Imperial Brother had already known each other? He thought, bewildered. Aside from that one time in that restaurant.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled softly, giving no explanation.

    Once she and Pang Ran had left the palace, she knew that Pang Zihuang would have immediately questioned Concubine Lin, based on his temperament. So she went off to find the Fifth Prince. Initially, he was astonished at her visitation, but upon discovering that Pang Zihuang's life was in danger, he immediately recovered his natural instincts.

    Then, Gu Ruoyun gave him a string of Antidote Pills, asking him to head to the palace immediately, and to feed them to Pang Zihuang once Concubine Lin had left.

    She strongly believed that the Antidote Pills would work because based on Pang Zihuang's strength, even secret attempts of assassinations didn't work on him, only poison! The Fifth Prince had indeed heard a lot of shocking information, and sneaked in to feed the Antidote Pills to Pang Zihuang after Concubine Lin and her brother left, then summoned the General for his help.

    As for the reason why Gu Ruoyun did not warn Pang Zihuang of the danger before him, it was entirely because she wanted to use the opportunity to expose Concubine Lin and her brother's wild schemes. This way, Pang Ran would be able to inherit the Imperial throne. When all is said and done, it was merely a trigonotis peduncularis plant. That would not be enough to accuse them of treason. After all, they could simply make up an excuse to say that they had never seen the trigonotis peduncularis plant, and Pang Zihuang wouldn't be able to do a thing...


    Suddenly, a loud laugh came from Lin Yue's mouth, "Do you really think that the General can save you? Have you both forgotten who I am, Fifth and Sixth Prince? The Xia family's young master, Xia Yu, is my brother-in-law, if you lay a hand on me, the Xia family will never let you go! And you, Pang Ran, did you think that you could become Emperor just because you've defeated us? Keep dreaming! Haven't you heard of keeping the goodies within the family? Why would the Xia family let an outsider like you become the Emperor?"
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