Chapter 244: The Xia Family Arrives (4)

    Chapter 244: The Xia Family Arrives (4)

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    Pang Ran rolled his eyes and replied disdainfully, "What do you mean the "Xia family's young master"? Only those directly descended from the family deserve that title, that guy is only a distant relative. To put it kindly, he is a member of the Xia family. To put it nastily, he's only a distant relation of the Xia family, especially since you aren't really his father-in-law. Your little sister is only a lowly concubine! The connection is far too messed up to even go anywhere. Generally, only the brothers of true wives deserve to be called brother-in-laws, what are you?"

    Pang Ran spoke the truth. Upon hearing those words, Lin Yue's face burned with fury, but he covered it quickly with a cold smile, a malicious intent flashed in his eyes.

    "Pang Ran, you think it's that simple, don't you? My brother-in-law has long intended to purchase a string of Longevity Pills from the Hundred Herb Hall. Whatever sins this woman has committed in the past, she should not have impersonated as a person from the Hundred Herb Hall. So I sent word to him, and he should be on his way here. Haha! As long as he hands this woman over to the Hundred Herb Hall, they would always remember him for his deed and allocate a slot for him in their quota. Do you think anyone could withstand the attractiveness of those pills?"

    Lin Yue smiled coldly. He had always known that if he were to ever make a move against Pang Ran, that stubborn General would never sit idly by, he had always disliked him! Hence, for extra insurance, he sent someone to inform Xia Yu of this. True enough, once he had heard that someone was impersonating the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Xia Yu wasted no time. In his eyes, this woman would be his bargaining chip to win the favor of the Hundred Herb Hall.

    A proud organization like the Hundred Herb Hall would never allow anyone to impersonate their own master! He thought.

    "Hehe!" Lin Yue laughed softly, and said icily, "Pang Ran, if you didn't make anyone impersonate the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, I would not have been able to make anyone from the Xia family react. This is what you would call, don't invite death unless you wished to die! You did this to yourself! Did you really think that you could rely on your own strengths to oppose the powers of the Hundred Herb Hall? Dream on!"

    The General furrowed his brows and glared at Lin Yue frostily. If the Xia family were to get involved in this, it would indeed be a problem...

    "Men, lock him up!" ordered the General, his wrinkled brows relaxed.

    Just as he issued the order, a sneering laugh was heard, the arrogance in the voice was incomparable.

    "Lin Yue is one of my own, I'd like to see who's dared to mark himself with death and laid a hand on him!" A middle-aged man dressed in gray robes appeared, walking slowly towards them. His stature and looks were considered average, sheer arrogance gleamed in his sharp eyebrows, his eyes swept across the people before him in disdain.

    While he did not possess much power in the Xia family, to most people, having the Xia name gave him the right to treat everyone with arrogance! He looked at the lowly peasants with an air of extreme superiority.

    "Young master Xia Yu."

    Lin Yue's eyes brightened. He hurriedly said, "Young master Xia Yu, please save me! The Sixth and Fifth Princes have joined forces to orchestrate my death, the General is on their side, and that audacious girl, impersonating the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall! They placed no importance to the dignified Xia family!"

    "The Princes of the Imperial Household?"

    Xia Yu looked scornfully at Pang Ran and the Fifth Prince, and laughed mockingly, "You are mere dogs to the Xia family! Isn't the Imperial Household supposed to listen to the orders of our Xia family? You, little Princes, dared to harm one of my own? What daring of heavenly proportions! Even dogs learn not to bite their masters, this world has certainly changed, no?"
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