Chapter 246: The Xia Family Arrives (6)

    Chapter 246: The Xia Family Arrives (6)

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    Since the altercation began, many people had gathered in the entire passageway.

    That included guards and eunuchs, even officials who have heard of His Imperial Majesty's demise due to poisoning.

    In their opinion, every word the Imperial Advisor says is the truth. Since he says that that woman must die, she must die! Comparatively speaking, they would be able to meet with the Hundred Herb Hall and the most powerful men of the Xia family!

    Hence, they all thought, as long as we defeat her, we will receive countless glory and riches!

    Even though Xia Yu felt that Lin Yu's words were disgraceful, once he thought of how Gu Ruoyun had embarrassed him, he decided not to dispose him, only staring coldly at her pure and beautiful figure.

    "I promise in the name of the Xia family, Lin Yu speaks the truth! The Xia family will reward whoever that defeats this woman with countless benefits!"

    Upon hearing Xia Yu's words, the crowd rolled up their sleeves for battle, staring greedily at Gu Ruoyun's face.


    Baobao let out a low growl, its vicious pupils swept across the faces of the people who were preparing to step forward and its eyes were filled with menace.

    A spiritual beast at Martial King level was certainly a huge threat to them, but the thought of obtaining a pill and promised rewards, the crowd marched forward after retreating two steps back.

    People forget their fears when faced with greed.

    They believed that since the Imperial Advisor had already seen their futures, it proved that no harm would come to them. This woman is the one who will die. So why should they retreat?


    Witnessing the situation, Lin Yue laughed loudly, his eyes were burning with sinister venom, coldly focusing his attention on the pure and beautiful figure.

    "Damned girl, still remember my prophecy for you? Your entire family will die a horrible death because of you! Only you will survive, and end up sold off to become someone's concubine, and live the rest of your life in suffering! This prophecy will soon be fulfilled. So what if you had the General's protection, or a Martial King spiritual beast in your possession? Can you oppose the colossal powers of the Hundred Herb Hall and the Xia family?"

    Death? That would be too easy for the girl! He thought. Since she was willing to throw away her own life by helping that good-for-nothing Pang Ran, she must bear the consequences! In order for everyone to understand the accuracy of his prediction, this woman must be sold off to become someone's concubine! Haven't I been doing this for many years?

    From the very beginning, in order to be seen as a living and breathing celestial being, he had always predicted the fortunes of others, and then sneakily made his own predictions come true. He has even gone so far as to wipe out a few families for this! Of course, those people were innocent, but so what? For the sake of his rank and title, it didn't matter how many people had to die.

    True enough, after everything he had done, he had become the Imperial Advisor of Black Tortoise Country, respected by all, because his predictions were never wrong!

    Lin Yu smiled sinisterly as if he had already seen Gu Ruoyun's exceptionally miserable face, while he was the Imperial Advisor, set up on high, receiving high esteem and admiration from the entire world.

    "Are you quite certain that the Hundred Herb Hall would lay their hands on me?"

    Right when Lin Yue was indulging in flights of fantasy, a sound of light laughter was heard, and his heart thumped. He quickly regained his senses, smiled coldly and said, "Of course!"

    "Oh, really?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly, her finger stroking her chin, "Since when has the Hundred Herb Hall begun to listen to your commands? I've never heard of it. Unless you're implying that the Hundred Herb Hall actually belongs to you?"
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