Chapter 247: The Xia Family Arrives (7)

    Chapter 247: The Xia Family Arrives (7)

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    "Hmph, of course the Hundred Herb Hall wouldn't listen to my orders! However, you've impersonated the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall. This crime is heavy enough for you to be sentence to death a million times! Furthermore, the Hundred Herb Hall is now as bright as a sun at midday. Many powerful men want to win their favor in order to obtain their pills. You've provoked such a fearsome power, and you still want to remain self-righteous? Keep dreaming!"

    Lin Yu smiled coldly, his eyes looked at Gu Ruoyun's curled lips coldly, solemnly marking her as a dead woman.

    "Is this guy an idiot?" Pang Ran stared disdainfully at Lin Yu, as though he were a complete idiot, saying such words in front of the owner of Hundred Herb Hall, even saying that their master should die a million times?

    Has he taken his daily medication? Pang Ran wondered.

    Honestly speaking, Pang Ran trusted Gu Ruoyun completely, never doubting her identity. Besides, Gu Ruoyun could present so many pills without hesitation. No one in this world would have such an ability unless they were from the Hundred Herb Hall.

    Does Lin Yue or the Xia family have such abilities? He wondered. Even the Three Great Authorities would not have such boldness!

    "When have I ever said that I wanted to appear self-righteous?" asked Gu Ruoyun with a small smile on her face. "Since you've asked to meet the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall, then I'll grant your wish! Baobao, head to the Soaring Phoenix Palace and protect Her Imperial Majesty the Empress."

    Imperial Mother? Pang Ran quivered, How could I have forgotten, my Imperial Father had already been poisoned, I myself am on the brink of a crisis, that wicked Concubine Lin would never let my Imperial Mother get away!

    "Is this woman an idiot?"

    Seeing what Gu Ruoyun had done, the crowd was confused.

    That Martial King spiritual beast was this woman's guardian, and yet she ordered it to leave? They questioned. Once the spiritual beast leaves, it wouldn't help the situation despite the General's presence. After all, this distant relative of the Xia family was a high-level Martial General! One level higher than the General himself!

    Even the General thought of this and furrowed his brows. However, he stayed silent, and issued an order, "Soldiers! Protect the safety of the Princes and this lady!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    In that instant, the soldiers drew their weapons and created a formation around the three.

    Upon seeing this, Xia Yu sneered scornfully, his eyes taunting, "Bunch of crickets and ants! You'd dare make an enemy of the Xia family? Very well! You'll soon regret your decision!"


    Xia Yu's body was like lightning, as fast as a hurricane. A large sword appeared in his hand, directed towards Gu Ruoyun to strike her head-on.

    He believed that the only one who was even remotely threatening was Gu Ruoyun.

    Especially since this woman had gone as far as to slander me, I must make her die a horrible death! He thought.

    Gu Ruoyun's had a small smile on her face the entire time, and show no sign of using any form of defense. Her beautiful eyes remained as calm as water, remaining silently steadfast in front of the crowd, independent of the world. At that moment, all the weaknesses in her body were exposed to Xia Yu. He only needed to reach her to end the woman's life.

    Xia Yu laughed disdainfully, I thought this woman had some sort of ability! I certainly never thought that she would collapse at the first blow. Doesn't she know her weaknesses must be concealed when facing a master? What did she do instead? She's actually just quietly waiting to die!

    That's right.

    Exposing your weaknesses when facing a master, is a very fatal move!

    Unfortunately, in Gu Ruoyun's eyes, Xia Yu was no master. She had no need to conceal anything.
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