Chapter 248: The Xia Family Arrives (8)

    Chapter 248: The Xia Family Arrives (8)

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    A stream of green aura came rushing out when Xia Yu was about to reach her, sending his body flying like a heavy weight streaking across the sky, before being forcefully thrown onto the ground.

    "This... This aura..."

    Before he could fully understand how he could have been flung by Gu Ruoyun, he was shaken by the latter's terrifying aura. He widened his eyes in shock and disbelief at the calm and composed young woman as his body shuddered, "A high-level Martial King, there is no mistake! She is a high-level Martial King!"

    "What? A high-level Martial King? Impossible, just how old is this little girl? Such a young high-level Martial King, that's impossible!"

    "But... But that's what Xia Yu of the Xia family said himself, and he's a powerful high-level Martial General. She's also managed to send him flying in an instant with one blow, who else could possibly do this aside from a high-level Martial King?"


    The crowd was filled with an outpouring of shock.

    This lady did not look older than eighteen years of age, such a young high-level Martial King, is the world turning into heaven?

    Lin Yu's face turned pale and stared straight at the young woman's pure and beautiful face. He gritted his teeth in hatred, mostly due to his trembling heart! Never in his wildest dreams would he have guessed that this imposter would actually have been a powerful Martial King!

    Out of everyone else, only Pang Ran did not seem the least bit surprised. Instead, he observed the faces of the shocked crowd. Not to forget that he had previously caught sight of Gu Ruoyun's breakthrough to the Martial King rank. His reaction then was much bigger than everyone else in the area, nearly wanting to cut a sliver in the latter's body to check its structure.

    Is there a need to be so perverse?

    Three months ago, Gu Ruoyun was rapidly improving while training Pang Ran at the same time. That was when she had her breakthrough to Martial King!

    "Didn't you say that the Hundred Herb Hall would never let me get away?" asked Gu Ruoyun with a slight smile on her face.

    Lin Yue angrily grit his teeth and said, "Even if you are a Martial King, there is also a high-level Martial King residing in the Hundred Herb Hall. Besides, I hear that the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall has an Azure Dragon and a White Tiger as her spiritual beasts, do you think that you can oppose such a power by simply relying on your own capabilities? You really don't know when to give up!"

    Lin Yu was banking on making Gu Ruoyun fear the powers of the Hundred Herb Hall, as long as she was afraid, they would still stand a chance.

    "The Azure Dragon and the White Tiger?" Gu Ruoyun dug her ears, laughed softly and said, "Do you mean these two?"


    At that moment, the heavens and earth seemed to have lost their colors.

    Two beams of light erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body, one green and one white, intertwining towards the skies until the green light shot up towards the skies, and the white light landed on the ground, both taking the shape of two large bodies.

    "So it is you who dares to insult my mistress?"

    Yunyao smiled softly, stepping gracefully towards the flabbergasted Lin Yu, her fierce tiger-eyes alight with fiery rage, smoke erupting from dense clouds.

    She had long disliked this **ty Imperial Advisor, who had the audacity to lay his hand on the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall. He didn't even bother to look into who her mistress really was! Would her mistress have worked hard in building up the Hundred Herb Hall for this bunch of b*stards?

    Is this man insane? Yunyao thought.

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    Chapter 249: The Xia Family Arrives (9)

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "The Azure Dragon? The White Tiger? Heavens! It's really the two spiritual beasts, the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger!"

    "My ass! Is there some sort of mistake, didn't they say that the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall only had these two great spiritual beasts? Besides... An eighteen-year-old woman, a young and peerless genius! Aside from the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, who else would have such powerful talent? We've definitely been deceived by the Imperial Advisor this time!"

    "What Imperial Advisor? He's only a spiritual scoundrel! If he had such knowledge of past, present, and future, how could he have been unable to predict someone's identity? All these years, we've completely wasted our time in admiring this man!"

    Hearing the surrounding noise, Lin Yu's face turned from green to white, then white to green again.

    It was obvious that he was frightened!

    Was this woman truly the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall? What rank or talent did Pang Ran have to establish a connection with such a person?

    No! I don't believe it!

    This isn't real!

    "Don't listen to that woman! That's not even the Azure Dragon or the White Tiger! She's using some way to trick us, she's a fake! How could a good-for-nothing like Pang Ran have met the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall?"

    Lin Yu bellowed madly.

    However, no paid him any attention, even Xia Yu was scrambling to find a way out of this.

    This is all that idiot Lin Yu's fault! He thought, angrily. He dared to tell me things without confirming the situation! I had wanted to establish a relationship with the Hundred Herb Hall and use it to my advantage. This is the complete opposite, I've insulted the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall!

    Xia Yu felt his body burn with rage at the thought, he walked straight towards Lin Yu and fiercely kicked him, saying angrily, "Lin Yu, you've brought calamity upon me! For so many years, how many lives have you destroyed in order to prove that your predictions were accurate? How many families have you ruined? I closed my eyes to it all on account of Lin Die'er! This time, it's even better, you've even set your sights upon the Hundred Herb Hall, even if you f*cking want to die, don't drag me down with you!"


    In an instant, the crowd exploded. No one could believe what their ears, their astonished eyes fell on Lin Yu's dusty face.

    "What did Xia Yu of the Xia family just say? In order to prove himself, Lin Yu destroyed many lives?" said one.

    "Oh, I've said this before, how could his predictions have possibly been so accurate, until all hell would break loose on a person who would die in no more than two days, even giving out 'predictions' on which family would be entirely exterminated, and they would indeed be exterminated by the second day, I really thought that his words came from the celestials, turns out that I was used! I have never met such a selfish and conniving man, too damned shameless!"

    The crowd scolded Lin Yu viciously as if they had forgotten that they were all completely bewitched by Lin Yu to go against Gu Ruoyun.

    "Yunyao, Tianqiong, watch Xia Yu and Lin Yu for me. Pang Ran, let's go visit your Imperial Father, He should be waking up soon."


    Lin Yu's eyes widened, he exclaimed in surprise. " Pang Zihuang is still alive? That's impossible!"

    Upon uttering his final word, he was immediately astonished at what he had revealed. He was so afraid that he began to tremble, his face turned pale.

    "Lin Yu, you've finally confessed to causing harm upon His Imperial Majesty?" the General smiled coldly, "Furthermore, the fact that His Imperial Majesty is still alive must be a huge disappointment to you, am I right? However, this General will not exceed one's place and meddle in other people's affairs and punish you. We'll wait until His Imperial Majesty awakens to take action! You'd better behave yourself! Hmph!"

    The General straightened his sleeves and followed Gu Ruoyun towards Pang Zihuang's palace.

    At that moment, Lin Yu's looked as dead as ash, his eyes full of despair.

    He suddenly remembered something, and his eyes lit up with hope again...

    The Third Prince!

    That's right. The Third Prince was not in the Imperial Palace at the moment, but as long as he was alive, there was still a chance for them to take revenge and wipe up this grudge.
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