Chapter 251: The Xia Family Arrives (11)

    Chapter 251: The Xia Family Arrives (11)

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    "All of you..."

    Staring at the people slowly advancing towards her, the Empress gritted her teeth hatefully, even though she still had some strength, the guards restrained her. She simply could not move. All she could do was glare at the advancing court eunuchs and palace maidens with her sharp, stern eyes.

    Seeing this, the court eunuchs and places maidens were stunned for a moment, until they remembered that the Empress was now a prisoner and gathered up their courage, continuing to approach Her.


    A palace maiden's hand landed on the Empress' face, five red shadows immediately appeared on Her fair face and the Empress gasped in pain.

    Everyone else was instantly excited and rushed forward to punch and slap the Empress' body. They had never seen the high and mighty Empress in such a pathetic state. Their eyes lit up with glee.

    It hurts!

    The Empress now felt extreme pain from head to toe, as if even Her bones had all been broken, she licked the blood on the corner of her blood stained lips and swept a piercing glare across the rest and onto Concubine Lin.

    "How does it feel, Empress? Not too bad, right? A high ranking person like You, would actually look so pathetic? Oh, that's right, I wonder how Pang Ran is doing, probably locked in the dungeon, awaiting his death. Of course, If You wanted to see him, I could make it happen. What do you think?"

    Upon hearing her words, the Empress, who was initially still full of rage, felt Her heart sink, "Can you really arrange for Us to see Ran'er?"

    "I always mean what I say," Imperial Concubine Lin raised her arrogant chin, smiling frostily at the woman who was crawling on the ground. She had dreamt of fiercely stepping on Her countless times and tearing Her noble and virtuous face to pieces, "as long as You kneel before me, I won't only let You see Your son, if I'm feeling happy about it, I might even let him live for a few more months."

    The Empress clenched Her fist and took a deep breath.

    She knew that Imperial Concubine Lin's words could not be trusted, but when She thought of how much she wanted to see Her son, Imperial Concubine Lin was Her only hope.

    For this one and only hope, for Ran'er, so what if We have to suffer the humiliation? We don't care!

    "Imperial Concubine Lin, We hope that you will remember your words. As long as We kneel before you, you will arrange for me to meet with Ran'er."

    She slowly closed her eyes, the eyelashes on her pale face trembled. Moments later, the Empress opened her eyes and gingerly knelt before Imperial Concubine Lin, in front of the eyes of the court eunuchs and palace maidens...

    What humiliation! An endless sense of shame fill the Empress' heart, But what can We do? As long as We can see Ran'er, even if she asked Us to die, We would not hesitate, much less kneel before her. This was a tiny sliver of hope...

    Such is the heart of a mother, no matter the circumstances, her heart would only long for her son.

    At this moment, she was no longer a high and mighty Empress, but a mother who held her son in her heart...

    "Imperial Concubine Lin, We have done as you've asked. Can you bring Us to see Ran'er?"

    The Empress' voice shook, Her long fingernails dug into Her palms, fresh blood began oozing out.

    Suddenly, Imperial Concubine Lin laughed loudly, she laughed so hard that she was on the brink of tears.

    "Haha, Empress, even You would encounter a day like this! All these years, it has always been I who had to kneel before You, it was always I would have had to greet You with respect, and You have done whatever You pleased with His Imperial Majesty's pampering! But now, You would have such a day like this! To kneel before me, accepting such a compromise! Did You really think that I would let You see that good-for-nothing Pang Ran? I tell you now, that I want Your family of three divided! Furthermore, once You're all dead, Your ashes will be separated from each other into the far corners of the earth, so You will never meet for eternity!"
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