Chapter 252: The Xia Family Arrives (12)

    Chapter 252: The Xia Family Arrives (12)

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    Imperial Concubine Lin's heart was overjoyed, her laughter grew louder and louder, filling the halls of the Soaring Phoenix Palace.

    How should we say this? Too much pleasure can easily bring great sadness, and this was exactly what happened to Imperial Concubine Lin.

    Just before her laughter died down, a loud roar could be heard from the distant horizon, frightening her until even her soul was trembling in fear. Before she could even react, a large snow-white figure smashed through the strong walls of the Soaring Phoenix Palace, its wolf claws flung across her face before she could even wipe the grin off her face, fiercely slapping her across the room.


    Imperial Concubine Lin's body crashed into a wall, she certainly did not have as much strength as Baobao to smash through the wall but thanks to the immense force that came from Baobao's slap, she had actually made a dent with her delicate body embedded in it, hitting her entire body.

    "Imperial concubine!"

    The guards were pale with shock, ready to dash forward and help the woman. At that moment, an eerie gaze fell on them.


    Baobao growled softly, charging forward, scaring everyone senseless. No one bothered about Imperial Concubine Lin anymore and immediately ran for their lives faster than lightning.

    The Empress' face was completely blank, still in a daze from everything that had happened...

    However, Baobao was far too lazy to chase after them. After all, the meat on them was dirty and smelly, not tasty at all.

    It stepped forward, proudly walking towards Imperial Concubine Lin before biting her thigh and dragging her along with him. After a bit of consideration, Baobao turned its head towards the Empress and growled softly, as if hinting for Her to follow it...

    Although the Empress' head was still dizzy from shock, She ended up following Baobao anyway. She did not know why, but She felt that the spiritual beast would never harm her.


    Pang Ran could immediately see Pang Zihuang lying on the imperial bed-chamber. He hurriedly threw himself towards him. Coincidentally, Pang Zihuang was slowly awakening from his sleep. Upon opening His eyes, He could vaguely make out a blurry figure rushing towards Him - His expression changed quickly at the sight of it.

    He had not forgotten that He only just met with Concubine Lin, and the woman had tried to poison Him to death.

    Could it be that the poison did not work, and did not kill Us at all?

    Pang Zihuang then raised His leg into a kick, sending the figure that was rushing towards Him flying and loudly yelled, "Guards! Arrest this assassin!"

    Pang Ran, who had no idea what was going on, ended up falling buttocks-first onto a cactus. He yelled in pain like a pig being slaughtered, his eyes filled with resentment.

    What did I do this time? Suddenly receiving such a harsh kick, what could I have possibly done in my past life that was so disastrous that I should receive such harsh punishment? What a tragedy!

    "Where is the assassin?"

    The General, who arrived slightly later than Pang Ran, was initially overjoyed upon hearing Pang Zihuang's voice from outside the Imperial bedchambers, but upon hearing his words a little clearer was then filled with rage. He immediately rushed in with his soldiers, "Your Imperial Majesty, Your humble servant has come to your aid too late! Where is this assassin?"

    Although Lin Yu had been reprimanded, he certainly didn't expect for him to have even more accomplices who go as far as to harm His Imperial Majesty right in front of his eyes.

    Such boldness!

    However, once he entered the palace halls, he was shocked.

    What did he see?

    Pang Zihuang looking enraged and ready to kill, and the person he was facing was his most precious son and prince, sitting on the floor and covering his buttocks sadly, and a pure, honest and delicate young lady standing on one side of the room, with the corners of her lips tilting upwards into a grin, both hands on her chest. It wasn't hard to tell that her delicate and pretty face looked as if she were enjoying a good joke.

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