Chapter 253: The Xia Family Arrives (13)

    Chapter 253: The Xia Family Arrives (13)

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    What's going on? Wasn't there an assassin in the room? Where did the assassin go?

    "Erm..." the General asked in confusion, "Your Imperial Majesty, where is this assassin?"

    "The assassin? Why he's right... Eh? Pang Ran? What are you doing here?"

    Pang Zihuang widened His eyes, shouldn't the Lin Yu siblings be here? Why is this kid, Pang Ran here?

    Actually, Pang Zihuang cannot be blamed for having mistaken Pang Ran for somebody else. After all, He had only just woken up and His eyesight had not returned. He did not even see Pang Ran coming. All He saw was a figure rushing towards Him, and Pang Ran's figure was quite similar to that of Lin Yu's. So He naturally thought that the former was the latter. Because He had identified the man as Lin Yu, poor Pang Ran received the kick in Lin Yu's place.

    "It would seem that You Imperial Majesty's vigor has returned quite well."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently while stroking her chin, "That one kick has sent Pang Ran flying towards a distance of about 3.3 meters."


    Pang Zihuang felt slightly embarrassed, only understanding what had happened after Gu Ruoyun's explanation. The assassin We had seen was actually Pang Ran by mistake? But then again, it was the kid's fault for charging towards Us for no apparent reason. If it weren't for him, We would not have embarrassed ourselves in front of so many people.

    The more He thought of it, the more the notion made sense to Him. Pang Zihuang glared sharply at Pang Ran, frightening him into shrinking his neck, massaging his buttocks in grief.

    What did I do this time? Pang Ran wondered.

    "Oh right!"

    Pang Zihuang smacked his palm on the bed, and bellowed angrily, "General, take the scoundrels Lin Yu and Imperial Concubine Lin into custody and bring them before Us, immediately!"

    "Your Imperial Majesty."

    The General glanced briefly at Gu Ruoyun, then bowed before Pang Zihuang and said, "Lin Yu has already been defeated by this young lady. As for Imperial Concubine Lin, she is now in the Soaring Phoenix Palace. Lady Gu has already sent her spiritual beast after her."

    Then, the General began relaying the events that had happened after Pang Zihuang was poisoned in detail. Upon finding out that the siblings had tried to frame Pang Ran, Pang Zihuang was furious. He raised His sword and rushed out, forgetting to even put on His dragon robes. Everyone who saw Pang Zihuang in this state was dumbfounded and still in a daze even after He had left.

    The end for Lin Yu will truly be miserable to an extreme point! You can imagine how terrifying an enraged Pang Zihuang would be!

    As for Imperial Concubine Lin, once she had heard that Gu Ruoyun was truly the Master of Hundred Herb Hall, she screamed and fainted immediately, the hatred in her heart nearly swallowing her whole.

    The Empress had absolutely no idea over what was going on from the very beginning. However, once She saw Pang Zihuang and Pang Ran safe and sound, She sighed in relief, and tears filled Her eyes, unloading Her poise and grandeur. After all, once you removed the layers of Her position as the Empress, She was truly a gentle and virtuous loving wife and mother.

    Upon knowing that it was Gu Ruoyun who saved Pang Zihuang, She held her hand in such gratitude that She could not let go. It was a good thing that Pang Ran pulled his Imperial Mother away, otherwise, She would have been holding Gu Ruoyun's hand the entire day.

    However, the powers of the Imperial Palace should never be underestimated, the ingredients for the antidote to Pang Zihuang's trigonotis peduncularis poisoning were gathered within half a day. With the ingredients, Gu Ruoyun can begin to concoct the antidote for Pang Zihuang. Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun found it strange that despite the huge commotion that had happened in the palace, none of its details leaked out, as if someone had arranged to confine all information...


    A fresh breeze could be felt, and a mysterious man in black stayed hidden behind a tree, his palms pressing against the back of the tree. His cold, unfeeling eyes glowed with the light of warmth and love upon seeing the young girl in the courtyard. His thin, water chestnut-shaped lips lightly curled upwards, and the face concealed beneath his black mask displayed a kind of tenderness that no one else has ever seen.

    It would seem that this cold man who had a powerful aura would only be enveloped in the luster of such affection in moments like this.
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