Chapter 255: The Xia Family Arrives (15)

    Chapter 255: The Xia Family Arrives (15)

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    "Reporting to the Second Master, our men have already been to the Hundred Herb Hall in Azure Dragon Country. However... It seems that Gu Ruoyun was not in the Hundred Herb Hall." said a man who was drenched in cold sweat, trembling in fear while awaiting the middle-aged man's response.

    Even though the Second Master had always put on a gentle and warm face, only they knew that this man was shady and cruel to the bone. Anyone who offended him would never live in peace!

    A haze formed in Xia Qi's eyes, his lips curled eerily, "Xia Linyu, this time, no one can save you or your father! Even if your travels prove fruitful and you're successful in curing the tuberculosis in your body, it does not mean that your father would have the same good fortune! The Xia family... will sooner or later be mine! I will eradicate anything that stands in my way!"


    In the restaurant, Gu Ruoyun stared at the evildoer who was fanning himself with a coquettish smile on his face before her and rubbed her temples as if she had a headache. This person was like the soul of a deceased who has yet to disperse. No matter where she went, she would always bump into him.

    "What? No maids to carry you on your palanquin today?"

    Every time this evildoer appeared he would always be lying lazily in his palanquin. Today, there were no palanquin maids in sight; it was truly a rare occurrence. Gu Ruoyun was indeed slightly astonished.

    Zuo Shangchen smiled softly; his beautiful face displayed a joking smile, the corners of his lips lifted upwards to a smile that was utterly magnificent.

    "I do need to move about sometimes, don't you agree, Xiao Yun'er?"

    Ever since this evildoer appeared, the entire restaurant went completely silent. Especially the unmarried women, they could not take their eyes off him. They had already thought that the Third Prince of Black Tortoise Country was beautiful enough, but they never imagined that a man could be so beautiful to this degree, his looks were simply capable of causing the downfall of a city.

    Even his slightest smile could pull at anyone's heartstrings, so beautiful that he could turn living things upside down.

    Pang Ran's eyes circulated between the two, unsure of what to think, only his gossipy glances betrayed him.

    "May this prince sit down?" Zuo Shangchen's lips curved into a shallow smile, his beautiful eyes fixed upon Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning.

    "Sit. Please sit. Sit anywhere you like."

    Before waiting for Gu Ruoyun to speak, Pang Ran hurriedly stood up, his face brimming with a wide smile, "The Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country has graced us with his presence, and is certainly a welcomed a guest of Black Tortoise Country, don't you agree, goddess?"

    Obviously, Pang Ran had already recognized Zuo Shangchen's identity from the start.

    What? The Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country?

    The eyes of the women who had previously been hesitating lit up, for some of them were daughters of Imperial officials. Their ranks dictate that they can never marry commoners. No matter how beautiful the man was, he would not be able to match up to them if he did not have any rank or social status.

    However, this was entirely different if he were the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country.

    As long as you could become the wife or concubine of the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country, then your family name would certainly rise as a result. Moreover, this was a man of exceptional beauty.

    Hence, some of the girls stood up and walked straight towards Zuo Shangchen. They simply could not wait any longer.

    A girl dressed in white, like a pure and flawless lotus flower, shyly lowered her head, her voice as sweet as melodious as an oriole bird and said, "Your Royal Highness the Fouth Prince, this humble girl is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Black Tortoise Country, Xiang'er. I did not expect to bump into the Fourth Prince's elegant demeanor. If Your Royal Highness doesn't mind, may this humble girl sit with you?"

    Eyeing the scene before her, Gu Ruoyun contentedly raised her teacup, leisurely watching the show from the sides. Her beautiful clear eyes were like a smile, but not yet a smile.
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