Chapter 257: The First Clash (1)

    Chapter 257: The First Clash (1)

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    "Get out!"

    At that moment, a sombre voice was heard from the side.

    The smile that was as beautiful as peach blossoms on Zuo Shangchen's exquisitely stunning face had disappeared into thin air; his easy-going demeanor was gone, and on the corners of his lips was a chilling smile. His cold eyes swept across Jin Xiang'er's face, his gaze was as if he were looking at a piece of trash.

    "Were you listening? The Fourth Prince has asked you to get lost! Get out now!"

    At this time, Jin Xiang'er was not even looking at Zuo Shangchen, so she was not aware that the latter was actually referring to her. Instead, she thought that he was asking Gu Ruoyun to leave and stared at her disdainfully.

    However, Gu Ruoyun, whose lips had always held a faint smile from the start, did not leave her seat. This made Jin Xiang'er even angrier. I have never seen such a shameless woman! She still remains nonchalant despite being chased away by the Fourth Prince!

    "Hey, did you not hear what I've said? Get out of here immediately! I've never seen such a shameless woman like you! As a woman, you should at least know a bit of restraint."

    Jin Xiang'er looked at Gu Ruoyun with loathing as her beautiful eyes filled with disdain. What a brazen woman! She thought. She's probably refusing to leave because she's taken a fancy to the Fourth Prince! Unfortunately, without a reputable family, it's impossible to become an imperial wife! I am the daughter of the Prime Minister of Black Tortoise Country, certainly a good match for the grand Fourth Prince.

    "Daughter of the Prime Minister of Black Tortoise Country, Jin Xiang'er?"

    A soft, cold laugh could be heard. The man chucked the chin of the woman in white with his fan, his red lips curled upwards coldly, his expressionless eyes did not contain a single shred of warmth, it was as if she was looking at a dead man.

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head, let out an exasperated sigh and thought, there are so many unobservant people in this world.

    "Four... Fourth Prince."

    Jin Xiang'er foolishly stared at the evildoer's face, unable to keep herself from staring so brazenly. She had never seen such a beautiful man. If I were to marry him, I would be satisfied for the rest of my life, she thought.

    "You like me, yes?" Zuo Shangchen asked, his eyes slightly squinted, a sliver of cold light passed through his eyes. His lips curved into a ghastly and terrifying smile as if still containing a faint bit of rage.

    "Ye- Yes.

    Jin Xiang'er nodded her head, replying with starry-eyed infatuation, "Fourth Prince, Xiang'er has adored you from the first moment she laid eyes on you. Even if Xiang'er cannot be the wife of the Fourth Prince, she is willing to stay by the Fourth Prince's side to serve you."

    "Serve me?"

    Zuo Shangchen smiled dazzlingly, and Jin Xiang'er's eyes couldn't help but fall into its brilliance.

    Just when she was about to take a step further, the man's disdainful voice spoke into her ear, her body was momentarily transported into an icebox.

    "Are you worthy?"

    Are you worthy?

    Jin Xiang'er's face turned pale, and widened her beautiful eyes in astonishment, in that instant, she really believed that everything she had heard was an entire misconception.

    She did not ask to be his wife, only to be by his side would be good enough, even though she would be nameless and without rank.

    But what did he say? She wondered.

    "This face is indeed lovely and moving, undoubtedly deserving the title of the prettiest maiden in Black Tortoise Country, unfortunately..." Zuo Shangchen closed his fan, curving his lips into a smile, "Unfortunately much too shameless! Are all the women in Black Tortoise Country without shame? Willing to strip naked and deliver herself to the door of the first man she sees? To follow this prince without requesting any form of status? Do you think this prince's IQ is lacking? Your willingness to hit on me proves that your mind is not pure, yet you still insist on masquerading your purity in front of me! Apologies, even if you wanted to become my scullery maid, I simply do not approve."
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