Chapter 258: The First Clash (2)

    Chapter 258: The First Clash (2)

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    Jin Xiang'er's delicate frame shivered slightly, she tightly bit her pale white lips, staring in resentment at the beautiful, peach blossom-like face.

    Any man would have tender, protective feelings towards the fairer sex, right? But this man actually humiliated me with those words! Even saying that I would not be fit to become his scullery maid!

    Actually, humiliating her was not Zuo Shangchen's only intention, he was speaking the truth! Even the mere toilet cleaners in the Dark Yin Palace were one of the very best masters in all of the four countries, what more the scullery maids! This woman was indeed beautiful, but her heart was not pure and her powers were much too weak, even a job as a toilet cleaner would not be given to her!

    "You are mistaken, Fourth Prince," said Pang Ran, his face beaming with a smile. "Most of the women in our Black Tortoise Country are more reserved and proud, women like her are in the minority, they are a disgrace to our country. It's as if they have not seen a man in many lifetimes so every time they see one, they rush towards him."


    At this very moment, Pang Ran felt absolutely great!

    The Prime Minister's family has always been Imperial Concubine Lin's accomplices, and he had never liked Jin Xiang'er for a very long time, but could never find any opportunity to eliminate the Prime Minister.

    "Oh?" Zuo Shangchen raised an eyebrow, almost smiling but not quite, "Then this prince must look at his calendar before I leave the house, in case I should be so unfortunate to meet a woman like this! Such wretched luck."

    Jin Xiang'er felt her heart break, I had never imagined that the Fourth Prince had such an impression on me! Even saying that meeting me was his wretched luck! I am still the daughter of the Prime Minister! To become the Fourth Prince's Concubine would be more than enough, what more accompanying him!

    That's right! It must be the fault of that woman! If it were not for her, the Fourth Prince would not treat me so poorly!

    Upon that thought, Jin Xiang'er's hateful eyes swept towards Gu Ruoyun, her gaze was like a knife, ready to cut her body into pieces. Finally, she could only grit her teeth and fight back the tears in her eyes as she turned towards Zuo Shangchen made a small bow, "Your Royal Highness, the Fourth Prince. This time it was this humble girl who has acted too recklessly, but this humble girl is certainly not a careless person, my intention of asking to sit with the Fourth Prince today was merely to adore the Fourth Prince's magnificence. Please forgive this humble girl for causing a disturbance, I will now take my leave."

    Finishing her speech, she hurriedly walked towards the door. But just as she was about to make her exit, an ill wind suddenly rose behind her as if a hand had landed fiercely on her back. Her body was immediately flung a few meters forward and she spat out a mouthful of blood, landing on a Camphor tree in front of her. The sound of sneering laughter could be heard in the background.

    Zuo Shangchen put his hand down, as if nothing had happened, and said carelessly, "She's quite lucky, this prince is in a rather good mood today, so she only received a lesson. But if I were to be in a horrible mood..."

    Then her blood will be spilled all over the floor!

    How could the person who had single-handedly raised the Dark Yin Palace be a softhearted man? He had always based his decisions on killing a person on his moods.

    "Xiao Yun'er, we have not met in so long, how about... Giving me a hug?"

    Wiping away his hazy expression, Zuo Shangchen smiled again. His smile was as beautiful as a flower, stunning everyone else in a split second.

    Sadly, after seeing how much suffering Jin Xiang'er had to endure, no matter how infatuated they were, no one dared to hit on him this time...
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