Chapter 260: The First Clash (4)

    Chapter 260: The First Clash (4)

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    Heaven City, the holy land in the hearts of the people of Black Tortoise Country, ultimately dominating the fate of the entire country. As governors of Heaven City, the Xia family was equivalent to spiritual deities to everyone else.

    It is said that the Master of the Xia Family has reached the level of a Martial Emperor. In fact, anyone who has attained the level of a Martial General would be considered as a powerful cultivator in all four countries. Once reaching the rank of Martial King, the person could receive vassals and be considered as a marquis, regardless of his or her gender. So you can imagine the level of prestige a Martial Emperor would receive in the eyes of the world.

    At this moment, the Xia house was a complete mess, not because of him, but because the Young Master of the Xia family has suddenly fallen ill again. The Xia household courtyard rang with the sounds of his agonized wails, it was as if the Xia family was enveloped in a dark cloud. The Master of the Xia family wanted to die from grief, and looked as if he had grown many years older in a split second.

    However, while everyone was worrying about the Young Master's illness, only the Second Master looked as if he took joy in the calamity.

    "Hmph! Xia Jixi, your illness has already worsened to such a condition, staying alive would be such agony, why not die soon and be done with it! Instead, you're wasting the Xia family resources!" Every time Xia Qi heard the agonized screams from the courtyard, his face would grow red from excitement. To him, the more Xia Jixi suffers, the more thrill he felt.

    Suddenly, a guard hurriedly walked in, falling on his knees into a bow, exclaiming in a congratulatory manner, "Second Master, the Third Prince of Black Tortoise Country has arrived in Heaven City to request an audience."

    "The Third Prince of Black Tortoise Country?"

    Xia Qi furrowed his brows, and impatiently replied, "Denied!"

    "But Second Master, he says he has news of Gu Ruoyun."

    Gu Ruoyun?

    Xia Qi's eyes froze, a shadow flashed across his eyes. He grew silent, after a long while, he said, "Take this token and bring the Third Prince to me. Remember, everything must be done in absolute discretion, you mustn't let anyone see you!"

    "Yes, Second Master!"

    The guard retreated immediately after his answer.

    Xia Qi squinted his eyes, observing the disappearing guard, and smiled coldly, "Xia Linyu, looks like I've found Gu Ruoyun first! Don't worry. Once I've murdered her, I'll definitely place the blame on your head. Then, your useless father will die for sure! Once he's dead, it'll be your turn, you little bastard! And then you, my dearest father, did you not love the pair of father and son the most? So I'll let you see your own child die before you, so you'll know the pain of losing them! Maybe then you'll regret your decision in not granting me possession of the Xia family!"

    I was forced to do everything that I've done! If Father had appointed me as the Master of the Xia family, this would not have happened. If it were not for this, I would certainly have been kind and loving towards my elder brother.

    At that very moment, the guard escorted a black-robed Pang Fei into the room. Upon seeing Xia Qi on his seat, Pang Fei bent forward into a bow, "Greetings, noble son of Xia." He greeted.

    "You know the whereabouts of Gu Ruoyun?" Xia Qi hid the chilliness on his face, smiling gently like a fresh spring breeze at the man in black before him.

    When in front of people, he was always very good at concealing his emotions for the sake of his own reputation.


    Suddenly, Pang Fei kneeled to the ground, his voice cracking through his tears, and cried heart-breakingly, " Noble Sir Xia, you have to make a decision for the sake of Black Tortoise Country! My Imperial Concubine mother and uncle have served the Imperial Household and Xia family faithfully. Yet, Her Imperial Majesty the Empress is full of wild schemes. She has hatched a secret plan to help that good-for-nothing Pang Ran take over the Imperial Throne, furthermore leaving the control of the Xia family. Just when my Imperial Concubine mother found out about the scheme, the Empress poisoned His Imperial Majesty without hesitation to frame my Imperial Concubine mother! In the end, she's even managed to gang up with Gu Ruoyun of the Hundred Herb Hall, her rapacious designs are well-known by everyone. Please, noble sir Xia, help us eradicate this tumor from the Imperial Household!"
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