Chapter 261: The First Clash (5)

    Chapter 261: The First Clash (5)

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    Pang Fei exposed his appearance, painting Imperial Concubine Lin as a completely innocent woman, and the Empress and Pang Ran the ones with the wildest schemes in all the realms who even conspired with outsiders and did not place the dignity of the Xia family in their eyes.

    Xia Qi's eyes went cold, but quickly returned to normal and said, "What boldness from the Empress and Pang Ran! My Xia family has always determined the line of succession of the Imperial Throne in Black Tortoise Country! When was it theirs to decide? You may take your leave, Third Prince. I will send my men to the Imperial Palace and uphold justice in your name."

    "Thank you very much, noble Sir Xia, then I will take my leave."

    Xia Qi lightly nodded his head, then suddenly remembered something, and said, "Oh, that's right. I've heard that many Imperial princes of Black Tortoise Country have died. Aside from you, there is only the Fifth and Sixth Prince left. The Fifth Prince has a penchant for prostitutes and is unable to take the responsibility of the public. The Sixth Prince, Pang Ran, is a good-for-nothing. If good-for-nothings like these can rise to become emperors, then beggars can also become gods. The Xia family has no use for good-for-nothings, hence, you shall be the successor to the Imperial Throne of Black Tortoise Country."

    Pang Fei stopped in his tracks, he did not feel confident enough to look at Xia Qi.

    What did Xia Qi say? That I would be the next Emperor of Black Tortoise Country? Is this true?

    "Noble Sir Xia, are you saying..."

    "Return home and await the news." Xia Qi said with a smile, "My father is currently in a confused and disoriented state as he is preoccupied with matters concerning my elder brother. He not in the right state of mind to worry about such matters. I merely want to lift some of the burdens from his shoulders, I can make the decisions in matters like this."

    The surprise was too sudden, Pang Fei's heart nearly stopped beating. He woke up from his daze a few moments later and felt a burst of ecstasy. He was so excited that he wanted to laugh wildly.

    Imperial Concubine mother, uncle, did you see? Black Tortoise Country will indeed be mine! That good-for-nothing Pang Ran cannot contend with me! So what if he receives the love and pampering of my Imperial Father? He will never succeed the throne without the agreement of the Xia family!

    You wait, Empress and Pang Ran! The day I become Emperor will be the day you descend into hell!

    "Noble Sir Xia, I will be a great Emperor of Black Tortoise Country. I will not fail you."


    Xia Qi closed his eyes in exhaustion, "I am tired. You may go."

    "Yes." Pang Fei replied and quickly left the Xia household courtyard.

    After Pang Fei disappeared, Xia Qi opened his eyes. Where did the warmth that he had in his eyes disappear to? Filled with a deep cold, "That Pang Zihuang is much too stubborn, there's no way for him to become a suitable dog! In contrast, this Pang Fei can be easily controlled."


    In the Xia household's solemn and peaceful private study, Master Xia, who was dressed in white robes, stared outside the window with his hands behind his back. He carried the air of a celestial being.

    Only his face carried a sense of great change as he tiredly asked the man behind him, "Is there anything more?"

    The Xia family chamberlain hesitated for a moment, and said, "Master, the Emperor of Black Tortoise Country has sent word. He wishes to recommend the Sixth Prince, Pang Ran to become the next monarch."

    "Pang Ran?" Master Xia wrinkled his eyebrows, "Do you have any information regarding this... Pang Ran?"

    "Your old servant has sent someone to investigate this, there is nothing good to report about his martial rank, and he can be thoroughly considered as a good-for-nothing. However, he does have some skill in national governance, there is no great need for a monarch to be physically powerful. But he must be capable of ruling his kingdom well, so that his people can live peacefully and contentedly and that the country prospers. This is what master has once told this humble servant. Your humble servant believes that Pang Ran is worthy, and that is why I would disturb you so boldly, Master."

    "Furthermore..." The Xia family chamberlain bowed, "The Fifth Prince has also recommended for the Sixth Prince to succeed as the monarch, and is willing to stay on the sides and assist. The Fifth Prince's innate skill is rather good, with both of them united, they would have the potential to make Black Tortoise Country flourish."
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