Chapter 263: The First Clash (7)

    Chapter 263: The First Clash (7)

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    Do we dare have any opinions?

    Imperial Concubine Lin has committed regicide, resulting in the Third Prince having narrowly missed the opportunity to become the Crown Prince. The Fifth Prince has given up on his right for the title, and would rather assist Pang Ran instead. Hence, based on the current state of affairs, only Pang Ran can take up the heavy responsibility of ruling Black Tortoise Country.

    So, upon hearing Pang Zihuang's declaration, all the officials merely looked at each other, not one of them daring to oppose the proposition.

    "Good. Then since there are no opinions from the noble officers, then We shall await the Xia family's decision!"

    Pang Zihuang nodded His head in satisfaction, Pang Ran's behavior has been most satisfactory for this period of time - he has not gone out to make trouble. His innate skill may not be up to par, but this is not a big issue. As long as he had the capability to lead Black Tortoise Country towards a glorious path, that would be enough.

    An Emperor does not need to have strong powers, but must be wise in making strategic decisions, and based on the trials during this period of time, the kid, Pang Ran has proven to have this power. This was why He chose to approach the Xia family and recommend him.

    At this moment, a low laugh could be heard from the front of the room. It was cold and sinister, filled with insufferable arrogance.

    "Hehe. Dearest Imperial Father, don't You think that Your decision was made a little...too sloppily?"

    Outside the Imperial Court, a black robe was wrapped around the man's body, the soft face of the man wearing it was cold and malicious, a smile hung on the corners of his lips, his sinister eyes glared sharply at Pang Zihuang, who was seated on the dragon throne.

    When the black-robed man raised his head, that familiar face suddenly shone into His eyes, and Pang Zihuang's expression changed, "Pang Fei, how did you get here?"

    "Hehe. If Your humble son were not here, then Imperial Father would have handed the magnificent Black Tortoise Country to a useless good-for-nothing?" Pang Fei smiled coldly, his already vicious eyes now full of hatred.

    I hate Him, I hate His prejudice. I hate His heartlessness towards my Imperial Concubine mother! He thought. Unfortunately, this man is my Imperial Father!

    Pang Zihuang's expression turned grave. "Pang Fei, your Imperial Concubine mother has committed a great crime, We chose not the implicate you in it as you were not involved. However, from now on, you will live as a commoner, no longer a prince of Black Tortoise Country!"

    When all is said and done, He chooses to be merciful.

    Even if Imperial Concubine Lin had committed a great sin, Pang Fei is innocent, and His flesh and blood. How could He possibly have the heart to kill him?

    "Imperial Father, You know how much my Imperial Concubine mother loved you. How could she have killed You if she loved You so much?" Pang Fei smiled coldly "Anyone with clear-sighted eyes would know that it was the Empress and Pang Ran who framed my Imperial Concubine mother, and you showed favoritism towards Her! Does Your heart not trust my Imperial Concubine mother?"



    Pang Zihuang slammed his hand on the table, His expression was furious, "Imperial Concubine Lin confessed to inflicting harm upon Us herself, are you saying that Our words are false?"

    "Whether it's true or false, I believe that You, Imperial Father, know it clearly in Your heart!" Pang Fei grit his teeth and clenched his fist tightly, he took a deep breath and said, "If you did not show favoritism for the Empress, then it was all of You who conspired to implicate my Imperial Concubine mother. My Imperial Concubine mother was such a kind woman, I do not believe that she could be such a heinous person! Pang Zihuang, what does the Empress have, that You would want to aid her in framing the woman who has been by Your side for twenty years? Is Your heart so ruthless? So heartless? If You are truly connected to this affair, I won't let You get away with it!"

    Pang Fei's hateful eyes stared directly at Pang Zihuang, his heart ached so much it hurt. His Imperial Father's favoritism towards Pang Ran has been a sharp blow in his heart, and now He has conspired with the Empress to frame my Imperial Concubine mother. All because my Imperial Concubine mother was a block of stone in their path.

    My poor, innocent Imperial Concubine mother was viewed as a thorn in someone else's side and was punished for it.
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