Chapter 264: The First Clash (8)

    Chapter 264: The First Clash (8)

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    "Pang Fei, you are too impudent!"

    Pang Zihuang angrily slammed the table, and said furiously, "Do you really think that We would not punish you? If it were not for the fact that you did not wallow in the mire with them, We would not have let you off so easily!"


    Pang Fei laughed maniacally, the corners of his lips curved mockingly, "Pang Zihuang, do You still think that You are the Emperor of Black Tortoise Country? Don't even think about sending word to the Head of the Xia family in Pang Ran's stead. The Young Master of the Xia family is currently gravely ill and that elderly man does not have the time to deal with you. I, however, have already received the promise of the Second Master of the Xia family. Based on the situation at hand, he has full power to make the decision and soon the Imperial Throne will be mine! By then you will all be mere prisoners, hahaha!"

    His laughter was full of joy, but his eyes were full of resentment.

    Ever since he was a child, he had worked hard to receive his father's attention to prove to him that he was far better than that good-for-nothing Pang Ran! But what did He do? Not only is He unable to distinguish between right and wrong, showing favoritism towards this pair of mother and son, they've even conspired to harm my Imperial Concubine mother! Hence, even if Pang Zihuang were to repent for His actions, I will never forgive Him!

    Hearing Pang Fei's words, the officers began discussing among each other; they did not think that such an event would occur in the Imperial Court, they would not even have imagined that the Xia family had already chosen the Third Prince as the next Emperor. It would seem that the Empress and the Sixth Prince were in grave danger...

    "Pang Fei, you are far too impudent!" Pang Zihuang rose from his seat, clearly enraged. He pointed His finger at Pang Fei angrily, "We have indulged you too much, and you have become far too arrogant and despotic! Now We will ask you, do you know the fundamentals of becoming an Emperor? Why do you want to become Emperor?"

    Pang Fei laughed sneeringly, his lips curled into a taunting smile, "Only the strong deserve respect! Whether Emperor or anyone else, only the strong can dominate! A powerful person would have the ultimate power to decide who gets to live or die; once he decides that a person no longer deserves to live, that person must die!"

    "No! You're wrong! Whether you're merely a man or a powerful person, the idea behind the philosophy of only the strong deserve respect is not incorrect! However, this is the position of an Emperor and as an Emperor, it is not about being the most physically strong, but the strength of the entire nation. He is responsible for the prosperity of the people! This is where your philosophy does not apply! Moreover, what meaning is there in dictating the life and death of others for you as a strong person? Does massacring all living beings prove that you are powerful? This only shows that you are weak, a truly strong person would not let others live in fear, but allow them to revere him in high esteem! This is what it truly means to be strong!"

    Pang Zihuang shook His head disappointedly; He had never had a good impression on Pang Fei. It was not because he was not intelligent or strong enough, it was because he had never taken the lives of the people seriously! If he were to become Emperor, Pang Zihuang feared of what Black Tortoise Country would become.

    The reason why He had favored Pang Ran so dearly was not only because he was the son of the Empress, but also because he did not have the arrogance of the noblemen and those of royal blood. Unfortunately, the boy lacked the ambition to prove himself in the past and no matter how hard Pang Zihuang would beat him, he refused to reflect on this.

    Right at that moment, an annoying voice was heard from outside the Imperial Court.

    "I'd already guessed that that black-robed man I saw at the restaurant the other day was my Third Imperial brother, I didn't think that it was really him. And I never would have imagined that he would come to the Imperial Palace and say such things. Accumulating strength is to have the ultimate power to decide who gets to live or die? If that were true, I'm better off remaining a good-for-nothing, don't you agree, goddess?"

    This voice was clearly full of jest, and Pang Fei's face instantly turned terrifyingly gloomy. When he turned his head and saw the two people who were walking into the Imperial Court, the anger in his eyes increased.
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