Chapter 265: The First Clash (9)

    Chapter 265: The First Clash (9)

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    "Pang Ran!"


    An angry flame erupted in Pang Fei's chest, his eyes glared sharply at Pang Ran as if he was ready to gobble him up. He then took a deep breath, slowly quietened the vigorous rage in his heart and said coldly, "Pang Ran, just because you now have the help of the Hundred Herb Hell doesn't mean that you can act with tyrannical abuse. You would even make false charges against my Imperial Concubine mother. Unfortunately, you have forgotten, the only ones with authority to determine the successor to the Imperial Throne are the members of the Xia family! Even if you worked with your entire heart, the Imperial Throne will never be yours!"

    At this moment, the people in the Imperial Court were not even in Pang Fei's eyes. No matter the circumstances, I have already received the promise of the Xia family, the Imperial Throne of Black Tortoise Country will soon be within my grasp.

    As such, why should I even fear my subordinates?

    Pang Ran was furious, he pointed at Pang Fei and bellowed, " Pang Fei, you little bastard, you are clearly Imperial Concubine Lin's child! You moral conduct is indeed like mother like son, your Imperial Concubine mother murdered my First Imperial Brother, she even wanted to kill our Imperial Father and shift the blame to my Imperial mother! And you dare to release your fart here! You claim that the Xia family had given the Imperial Throne to you, since you have the capability, tell them to personally verify this now! Claims without proof count for nothing!"

    As he said this, Pang Ran's face was full of disdain. The Xia family members are not blind with morality and conduct like Pang Fei's, they wouldn't possibly approve.

    "You..." Pang Fei's fury was rising, then suddenly, he laughed, dull of riddicule, Very well, I will invite an emissary from the Xia family, then you will know if I am truly lying. Elder Zhao, if you please?"

    From the moment he finished his sentence, an arrogant voice came from the doors, like as separate vacant noise piercing through everyone's ears. Then, the lower ranked officials felt their chests tighten, and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Pang Ran's face did not look good as well. He grit his teeth hard and turned to face the door, only to see an elderly man in white walking in from outside, his clothes fluttered lightly, the white robe flowed gracefully with his every move. He looked just like a celestial being. Both of his arms rested behind his back, looking extremely profound. He looked like a morally upright person.

    "Elder Zhao, it really is Elder Zhao! Although he is only an elder consul, he is a well-regarded person to Xia Qi, the Second Master of the Xia family, it seems that the Third Prince spoke the truth, the Xia family has truly selected the Third Prince to inherit the Imperial Throne."

    "This time, danger is dawning upon the Empress and the Sixth Prince."

    Seeing the barehanded elderly man walking in, the higher ranked officials began to whisper and debate amongst themselves.

    As important statesmen, they would naturally choose to observe the situation, the Sixth Prince clearly cannot overcome the Third Prince, it would seem that many would stand on the Third Prince's side. The rest who have not made a decision remained on the fence as they were not happy with the Third Prince's earlier statements.

    Indeed, the Emperor had power over the life and death of the officials. As such, with the Third Prince's manner of disregarding reason, inability to differentiate between right and wrong, only discriminating between the strong and weak, Black Tortoise Country would become a bloodbath. As old officials, how could they possibly want an outcome like this?

    The Third Prince had the heart of a strong man, but he is not fit to be the Emperor of a nation!

    "How dare you, Pang Fei!"

    Pang Zihuang looked enraged, his hand fiercely slammed on the table, his face was livid, "Who allowed you to enter the Xia household?"


    Pang Fei smiled coldly, the corners of his lips curled into a sneer, "Imperial Father, You are far too biased. So, of course, I would search for a way on my own. I couldn't possibly allow all of You to continue bullying and humiliating me. The Xia family caught wind of what has happened and were enraged. You say that I do not care about the livelihood of the people, but have you considered the dead whisperings of those on your bedside? You've committed such despicable acts in front of the Xia family, did you think that they would remain indifferent? Pang Zihuang, from now on, I no longer recognize you as my father! You are only my lowly prisoner!"
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