Chapter 269: Master Xias Rage (3)

    Chapter 269: Master Xia's Rage (3)

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    Elder Zhao's face was now a terrifying sight. He never expected for the Master to suddenly make an appearance here. Didn't Second Master say that the Master was preoccupied with the Young Master's illness and had no time to bother about these matters? He wondered.

    Otherwise, he would never have dared to arrive in the Imperial Household with such prestige!


    Elder Zhao fiercely gritted his teeth at the thought and said, "I received word that there would be a great change in the Imperial Household. The Empress and the Sixth Prince have schemed against the law, not only have they planted false evidence against Imperial Concubine Lin and the Imperial Advisor, they have even planned to exterminate the illustrious Third Prince! His Royal Highness, Pang Fei is not only highly gifted but is highly resourceful and worldly as well. He is the best candidate to inherit the Imperial Throne. Having him is a great fortune for Black Tortoise Country and the Xia Family. How could I stand idly by while others persecute such precious talent? So I took the initiative in the name of the Xia Family, to protect this precious talent!"

    No matter what, the Imperial Throne can only belong to the Third Prince. He is far superior in every aspect when compared to the Fifth and Sixth Prince. That is why Elder Zhao dared to speak so boldly, he was certain that the Master would not blame him for this.

    After all, he's doing all of this for the sake of the Xia family!

    Pang Fei shot a glance at Pang Ran, and a strange haze flashed across his gaze. He then looked towards Master Xia, who remained steadfast in the wind, and spoke in a neither servile nor overbearing tone, "Master of the Xia Family, I do not believe that I have the capabilities to bear the mantle of the Emperor of a kingdom, but my Fifth Imperial Brother is hedonistic, constantly infatuated with women, my Sixth Imperial Brother is a born good-for-nothing, vicious and merciless, and will not stop until he gets what he wants. I cannot bear for Black Tortoise Country to fall into the hands of these two traitors. Hence, I have no choice but to accept the position. But please rest assured, Master Xia, I will lead Black Tortoise Country to glory. I won't disappoint you."

    His face beamed with a confident smile. Those words should be enough to convince Master Xia into insisting that he should be the Emperor instead, he thought. And I, who cannot endure the sight of Black Tortoise Country falling into the hands of traitors, who has not betrayed the patronage of the Xia Family for the Imperial Throne, has no choice but to accept Master Xia's request.

    "Oh?" Master Xia raised an eyebrow, and turned his gaze, coldly and majestically, towards Pang Fei, "You claim to say that the Sixth Prince is vicious and merciless? As far as I've heard, it is true that the Sixth Prince is indeed born a good-for-nothing. But vicious and merciless? That is false."

    "Master Xia, everything I've said is true. It is only that Pang Ran has managed to mask his true intentions too well and has conspired with an outsider to bring harm upon the Imperial Household. The woman standing next to him is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall from Azure Dragon Country, Gu Ruoyun. She came here harboring ill intentions. If her goal is not to take over the whole of Black Tortoise Country, then I cannot understand why she would help this useless good-for-nothing and plant false charges on my Imperial Concubine mother! Furthermore, the Hundred Herb Hall has grand ambitions, I have long heard that they have coveted the Xia Family like a tiger watching its prey."

    Pang Fei laughed coldly, his gloomy eyes carried a hint of viciousness. He believed that Master Xia would never let off this meddlesome woman after hearing his words!

    Sure enough, Master Xia's cold gaze now turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His old face carried a solemn chill, and spoke in a serious tone, "You are Gu Ruoyun of the Hundred Herb Hall? I've been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time. But why have you come to Black Tortoise Country, Lady Ruoyun? I don't believe that there's anything of interest for you here."

    Faced with Master Xia's interrogation, Gu Ruoyun's face remained calm and unchanged. Her pure, beautiful features carried a soft smile, her clear eyes like water, she giggled lightly, "If I said that I have come to see the Xia Family. Would you believe me?"

    Master Xia said nothing more. In that moment, the entire Imperial Court fell silent. So quiet that everyone could hear the thumping sound of their own hearts.
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