Chapter 271: Master Xias Rage (5)

    Chapter 271: Master Xia's Rage (5)

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    "A mere Imperial Prince dares to speak to me in such a manner? Is this how the Imperial Princes have been brought up?" Master Xia smiled coldly, "Pang Zihuang, how do you educate your sons? Such a jealous heart and such arrogance, how can he be an Imperial prince?"

    Pang Zihuang stared at Pang Fei in disappointment. If He still felt love for this son, then He would have been greatly hurt and disappointed in the sins that Pang Fei had committed.

    "Master Xia, Pang Fei...has long been stripped of his title as an Imperial Prince of Black Tortoise Country. Do whatever you wish to him, Master Xia. We leave this decision to you."

    Once He said His piece, He closed His eyes and didn't even look at Pang Fei's frantic expression.

    "Good!" Master Xia turned his gaze towards Pang Fei and simply said, "Pang Fei, you have committed an unforgivable sin. Your punishment will be determined in the Xia Family's torture chamber. You'd best ready yourself. As for the matter concerning the inheritance of the Imperial Throne, the throne will go to Pang Ran."


    Pang Fei's body trembled as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Imperial Concubine mother and uncle are both dead, and now I am being chased out of the Imperial Household. The enemy, Pang Ran is to inherit the Imperial Throne...

    All these factors combined collapsed the defenses in his mental state. He charged like a wild man towards Pang Ran.

    "Die Pang Ran! I'll make sure that you die!"

    "You are only a useless good-for-nothing, what right do you have in becoming the Emperor? A useless thing like you should have been dead long ago. The Imperial Throne is mine and mine only, hahaha!"

    He tore his hair apart like a madman and his eyes were filled with viciousness. Anyone who was unaware of the situation would assume that Pang Ran had burst Pang Fei's anus. Pang Fei's maddened expression looked ready to dismember Pang Ran into a thousand pieces.

    However, before he could reach Pang Ran, the General appeared in front of him and sent him flying out of the way with one slap. Pang Fei spat out a mouthful of blood, staining his crazed expression red.

    I cannot accept this! He thought angrily. I really cannot accept this! A victory was within my grasp, how could this happen?

    That's right! This is all Gu Ruoyun's fault. If it weren't for her, Pang Ran and his mother would have been long dead! She is the true ringleader behind all of this!

    "How daring of you, boldly trying to cause harm to others in front of this old man!" Master Xia's face darkened in color, like an evening before a storm and he spoke coldly, "Pang Fei, so you think that Pang Ran is a good-for-nothing and cannot be compared to you? However, I believe that he can lead Black Tortoise Country into glory! So what if he is a good-for-nothing? He has the talent to rule a country, and he does not view his subjects as mole crickets and ants! Because of your attitude, you can never be Emperor! Black Tortoise Country does not need a powerful person, but someone who can bring it to greater heights!"

    Pang Fei's entire body gradually grew weak, he simply could not understand it. Why can't a powerful man be Emperor? Yet a good-for-nothing has managed to win the position...

    "Haha!" Suddenly, Pang Fei laughed. His laugh carried a sense of madness, "Pang Ran, I've lost to you. I've lost to a good-for-nothing like you! But do you think you would have won if it weren't for the help you received from the Hundred Herb Hall? The heavens know what you've done, you've used your appearance to deceive everyone. But one day, you shall receive retribution! You will definitely receive retribution! Once that happens, I will make you kneel and apologize to my Imperial Concubine mother!"


    Pang Fei spat out another mouthful of blood. His pupils appeared to dilate, his eyes gradually turned white and he was losing his breath...

    "His excitement has burst a vein in his heart, he will die soon."

    Master Xia shook his head and spoke calmly. Then, he seemed to remember something and turned his attention to the momentarily forgotten Elder Zhao.

    "Elder Zhao, do you think you've given me any choice?"

    Elder Zhao was a high-level Martial King. If I did not appear in the nick of time, he might have already killed Gu Ruoyun! thought Master Xia. Lord Lingxiao has been searching for this girl. If she dies, not even a hundred Elder Zhaos would be able to pay off this debt!
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