Chapter 272: Master Xias Rage (6)

    Chapter 272: Master Xia's Rage (6)

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    Elder Zhao had initially planned on taking advantage of Master Xia's momentary lapse of attention on him to slip away until he suddenly heard the latter's voice and instantly paused in his footsteps. His elderly face turned very pale. In his panic, his forehead became drenched with cold sweat.

    "Master, I was only doing this in consideration of the Xia Family. Nothing more."

    He fiercely gritted his teeth and forcibly swallowed the information that he wanted to convey to Xia Qi. No matter the circumstances, he was greatly indebted to the Second Master Xia, and he cannot reveal his intentions.

    "Were your intentions truly in consideration of the Xia Family, or are you simply using our name to rain tyrannical abuse? I reckon you of all people should be most clear on this! Elder Zhao, such a higher-up like you can no longer stay with the Xia Family. From now on, you are no longer a part of the Xia Family!"


    Like thunder from a clear sky, Elder Zhao was thoroughly dumbfounded. He never imagined that the Master would throw him out of the Xia Family. This punishment was far more severe than ten great tortures. He simply could not bear it.

    Because the Xia Family has now forsaken him, he no longer has any reason to stay on the mainland.



    Elder Zhao fell onto the ground and knelt down. He cried out profusely, "I have remained loyal and devoted to the Xia Family for so many years. If I have no contributions, I have indeed worked hard for the family. I've only made one mistake and now you want me out of the family. Master, won't this behavior disappoint the other members of the Xia Family?"

    In that instant, a strict, cold and dignified pair of eyes turned towards Elder Zhao, as sharp as a sword.

    Master Xia's expression remained cold. He clasped his hands behind his back and replied, "When has anyone had the right to question my decisions? If you're not happy with my behavior, you can certainly leave the Xia Family. I won't stop you!"

    He is the Master of the Xia Family. Hence, he governs everything in the entire Xia Family, including Heaven City. He will not change his decision. If you're not happy? That's fine. You can leave the Xia Family.

    After all, the large Xia Family would not be bothered by the departure of one or two members.

    So don't think that he would feel threatened with such matters!

    Elder Zhao closed his eyes in despair. Suddenly, he laughed and stood up. He stared mockingly at Master Xiao from head to toe and spoke in a voice filled with hatred.

    "Master, you threw me out of the family, all for the sake of one tiny Hundred Herb Hall... I believe you'll regret this one day!"

    Even though the Master did indeed hold Pang Ran in great admiration, he would not have thrown out a powerful high-level Martial King for the sake of the insignificant Pang Ran. One should know that the number of Martial Kings in the mainland was few and far in between, and Elder Zhao is a high-level Martial King!

    Isn't he doing this for the sake of currying favor with the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall? So that she would allow him to purchase a few pills?

    Such greed and selfishness, how could he not regret this in the future?

    "Master Xia, I hope that when the time comes, you won't be kneeling before me and begging for my return! By the way, Gu Ruoyun, don't think that this old man is sincere in helping you. Based on the fact that he is a greedy and selfish person, why would he help you if it were not for the fact that you have a few pills on hand? Once you've lost your usefulness, you will soon die by his hand. Haha!"

    Elder Zhao laughed again and retracted the murderous intent in his eyes. He brushed his sleeves, turned around and stumbled as he left. I looked as if he was going to slip and fall at any moment.

    "Merely a jumping jester."

    Master Xia smiled coldly in disapproval. He turned and faced the young girl behind him, and his eyes, which were initially as frosty as an icebox, now turned warm like a blooming flower and smiled.

    "Little girl, I've heard that you have an Azure Dragon and a White Tiger as your spiritual beasts. Could you show them to me?"
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