Chapter 275: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (3)

    Chapter 275: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (3)

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    Master Xia rushed in to find the situation unfolding before his eyes. He roared in anguish and appeared behind Xia Zixi in a flash. His palm landed on his shoulder and held it tightly, "Zixi, what are you doing?"

    "Father, let me die! I am in pain! Please let me die!"

    Xia Zixi struggled madly against Master Xia's hold. He had suffered too much for the past few months, in his opinion death was a welcome solution. Rather than suffering like this for the rest of his life and dragging down the entire Xia Family with his agony, he would rather choose to die.

    "Die? Xia Zixi. If you f*cking want to die, then you are no son of mine! There are no cowards in the Xia Family! What is the difference between your intentions of running away and a coward? Where has the valiant and brave son of mine disappeared to? When have you become so weak? In the months of your illness, hasn't Yu'er endured enough for you? He is only a child of over ten years of age and as his father, you have been stirring up a storm all over the place. Is this how you plan on treating him? He lost his mother at such a young age and now you want him to lose his father too? Do you think you deserve to be his father?"

    Master Xia's tone of voice grew more gentle as Xia Zixi's mind gradually settled into a calmer state. He took a deep breath and spoke with a hint of resentment, "Yu'er is very gifted. But has been plagued with ill health since childhood and was unable to cultivate properly. Everyone considered him a good-for-nothing. But even though he lacked the abilities, he was never weak. He even cultivated in secret behind our backs. He did not care for the opinions of others and he never gave up. But you? You can't even endure a bout of pain, and now you're thinking of death. You're worse than a child!"

    Xia Zixi's body trembled. He slowly collapsed numbly onto the ground and sobbed, "Father, I know that I have let Yu'er down. I was not able to take good care of him since his birth. And now, because I'm constantly stirring up a storm, he's gone to find the God of Doctors for a cure. But I know my body well. Even if the God Da Luo himself were to appear, he would not be able to save me. Why allow me to drag the entire Xia Family down? That's why I want to end my life."

    "If you truly feel that you've let Yu'er down, then you should not even consider death! How would you know for sure that no one can cure you of your ailment? If you are truly thinking of the future of the Xia Family, then stand tall! A coward is not fit to be Yu'er's father!"

    Yes, I am a coward, thought Xia Zixi.

    Compared to my son, who had been steadfast since he was young, I am not fit to be his father! Not only was I unable to shield him but in the end, I've become a burden to my (still) very young son and he has had to do so many things for me...

    And I? Not only did I not think of Yu'er's support, I am so weak that I would even choose to escape! I am not a man!

    Gu Ruoyun stood at the doorway, her eyes fixed upon the man on the ground and lightly raised an eyebrow. If her guess was right this man is the Young Master of the Xia Family, Xia Linyu's father!

    It does not matter whether Xia Linyu is truly the brother whom she had been searching for, this man needs help!

    Not for him, but because the man's son is named Xia Linyu!

    "That's right."

    Suddenly, Master Xia seemed to have remembered something, and quickly turned his head towards Gu Ruoyun, his eyes filled with hope, "Little Gu girl, may I ask for a favor? I've heard that the Ghost Doctor can cure any disease, could you summon her to help save my son? As long as you can aid me, I will promise you anything!"
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