Chapter 276: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (4)

    Chapter 276: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (4)

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    Instantly, all eyes fell upon Gu Ruoyun's face.

    Did we hear it wrongly or did the Master just say that this woman was acquainted with the Ghost Doctor? Furthermore, it would seem that the Ghost Doctor was under her command! How could this be? One must know that the Ghost Doctor can be quite contrary and even if this girl has an unconventional relationship with her, with the Ghost Doctor's condescending attitude, she wouldn't possibly agree to save a total stranger.


    This woman is the Ghost Doctor's Master! But as far as we know, only one person is the Master of the Ghost Doctor - the mysterious Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, who has yet to make an appearance! That person was like a myth.

    Wait a minute!

    Suddenly, everyone seemed to have remembered something and the expression in their eyes began to slowly change.

    If the rumors were true, the mysterious girl of the Hundred Herb Hall is only around sixteen years of age. If you take into account our Master's words, could it be that this girl was indeed the mysterious Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun?

    While the Xia Family has great power and authority and their old Master has somehow managed to break through to the rank of a Martial Emperor, this is not something that the tiny Hundred Herb Hall can achieve. But the temptation of the pills in the Hundred Herb Hall was probably too great for anyone to resist...

    The young girl folded her arms across her chest and smiled gently at the middle-aged man on the ground. One corner of her lips curled upwards, "If he can hold on for a while longer, I can send for the Ghost Doctor to come here. Do not worry, Master Xia."

    From the beginning, she could already see through Xia Zixi's ailment. Based on Wei Yiyi's powers, it was certainly curable and she did not need to step in. Furthermore, the distance between Azure Dragon Country and Black Tortoise Country is not very far, Wei Yiyi should be able to hurry over in time.


    At Azure Dragon Country.

    The confused chatter of the crowds filled the bustling streets and everyone could not help but sigh incessantly as they debated about Gu Ruoyun's crusade into the Imperial Palace with the Azure Dragon and White Tiger. Most of them still displayed admiration for her actions.

    This was the time of day when business was booming in the Hundred Herb Hall but the atmosphere in the medicinal hall was filled with an aura of cold suffering. An average-looking youth concealed himself in the crowd and deliberately pinched his nose to disguise his voice, "By the way, have you heard of the recent news from Black Tortoise Country?"

    "Black Tortoise Country? What happened at Black Tortoise Country?"

    One person responded. No one knew who spoke.

    The young man in green smiled coldly and a sinister light flitted across the slits of his eyes, "As we speak, the Master of the Xia Family, Xia Qi has detained her front of the eyes of the public, and will soon execute her. I simply happened to witness the scene. Tsk tsk, what a pity for such a gifted talent to have fallen."


    His words were like lighting crashing down from the skies, causing an explosion that silenced the entire medicinal hall.

    Once he had left that piece of information, the youth slowly retreated, stealing a glance at the dumbfounded crowd. His cold gaze hardened.

    I have completed my Lord's mission, now to return and receive my reward...

    The Hundred Herb Hall paused in complete silence, then the situation grew perilous.

    "Someone seemed to have said that Gu Ruoyun has been murdered by the Xia Family?"

    "Heavens, is this true? The stunning, peerless genius has fallen? Just like that?"

    "I think it's possible. Gu Ruoyun is so egotistical and arrogant, on top of that she's also quite condescending. The Xia Family has a high position and great authority. She must have insulted one of the Xia Family members with her arrogance which lead to her execution in the hands of the Xia Family. This might actually have happened."

    "Aish, Gu Ruoyun is far too young. The world is huge, and there are all sorts of people in it. She does not know when to hold herself back. Isn't this great, she has collided with a metal board, hasn't she?"

    Translator's Thoughts

    Spinny Spinny

    Funny how the guy in green never really mentioned Gu Ruoyun's death, and everyone is now assuming she's dead...? ^^;

    Also, isn't The Second Master Xia's name Xia Qi? Very strange.
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