Chapter 278: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (6)

    Chapter 278: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (6)

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    A seductive voice started speaking from behind Elder Yu. A smile was playing on the woman's lips but her beautiful eyes were filled with ice.

    "Are the members of the Xia Family not aware of showing courtesy as a guest in a master's home?"

    Elder Yu's body shook, and turned his head to find a woman with a sweet smile on her face, it seems that... The Ghost Doctor has had a breakthrough?

    He felt an unsteadiness in his heart at the thought of this. It's fine that her Ladyship is so exceptional, but how was it that the Ghost Doctor, despite her youth, is still able to surpass him so easily?

    This world truly belongs to the young ones now.

    "I believe that this lady must be the great Ghost Doctor?"

    The middle-aged man retracted his sneer and smiled calmly, "With your rank, you have the right to speak to me."

    Edler Yu's face changed instantly. Does this fellow mean that I was not worthy of speaking to him?

    This is intolerable bullying!

    Realizing that Elder Yu was about to act on his rage, Wei Yiyi squeezed his shoulder tightly and her fox-like, beautiful face began to smile. Her every expression was enough to tug at one's heartstrings.

    "My apologies, your position is far too lowly. You have no right to speak to me. Have your Master come and speak with me instead."

    "You..." Rage burned in the middle-aged man's heart but in the end, he forced it all down and laughed coldly, "I am here to tell you this; the rumors you've heard are true. Gu Ruoyun has indeed been murdered by the hand of the Xia Family, but not by our Master! I am here to wash off the injustice towards my Master. The true culprit behind this is Xia Zixi! He is the ringleader, this has nothing to do with my Master!"

    The middle-aged man's name is Xia Fan and is a distant relative of the Xia Family. But he was recognized by Xia Qi and employed by the Second Master. His intentions were obvious - to prevent the Ghost Doctor from visiting the Xia Family Estate in Heaven City.


    Wei Yiyi smiled fascinatingly and raised an eyebrow, "You're one of Xia Qi's men?"

    Xia Fan's face changed greatly and stared dumbfoundedly at Wei Yiyi's smiling face. Had this woman managed to figure out his identity? Impossible! He may be one of Xia Qi's subordinates but his heart is swelling with loyalty only for the Master!

    But how did she find out?

    Of course, Xia Fan did not know this but the information network of the Devil Sect now covers every part of the world. Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun is particularly interested in matters concerning the Xia Family. Hence, the Xia Family members are no secret to them.

    "So what if I am the Second Master's subordinate?" Xia Fan gritted his teeth and proclaimed, "The Second Master is kind enough to prevent you from taking revenge on the wrong person. Ghost Doctor, the level of your IQ isn't all that low. Surely, you can't be deceived by Xia Zixi and his son!"

    Wei Yiyi's gaze darkened, a chill enveloped the smile on her face, "Shopkeeper Zhao, throw him out! Xia Qi's dogs are not welcome in the Hundred Herb Hall!"


    Xia Fan's expression turned gloomy. He initially thought that this mission would be a very simple one. As long as the Ghost Doctor believed that the murderer was Xia Zixi, she would be filled with hatred towards Xia Zixi and his son. He did not expect for her to remain so calm.

    Unless she does not care whether Gu Ruoyun lives or dies?

    "Shopkeeper Zhao, what are you waiting for? Get him out of here!"

    Wei Yiyi's smile disappeared and spoke with a bite of impatience.

    Shopkeeper Zhao suddenly regained his senses and repositioned himself, requesting Xia Fan to leave. His elderly face said, "Sir Xia, please leave. You are not welcome in the Hundred Herb Hall."

    "Great. That's just great!"

    Xia Fan fiercely straightened his sleeves and glared sinisterly at Wei Yiyi, "I thought that the Ghost Doctor was a person who valued friendship, yet she is totally unconcerned with the death of her Master. I have a whole new level of respect for you now! But let me tell you this, Xia Zixi's son is now at the borders of Azure Dragon Country. You might still be able to catch up to him! If you let this opportunity slip away, don't regret it. Hmph!"
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