Chapter 281: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (9)

    Chapter 281: Xia Qi, The Hypocrite (9)

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    Actually, it was easy to guess the identity of their puppet master. After all, everyone knew that she was brought in by Master Xia himself. If it were not for Xia Qi inciting this movement behind the scenes, they would not have dared to cause trouble...


    The man in richly embroidered robes scoffed and gritted his teeth, "You don't know what you're saying, Gu Ruoyun. The Xia Family residence has no place for a foul-smelling person like you, unless you surrender the Hundred Herb Hall to me and become my concubine! Otherwise, don't blame me for being discourteous!"


    The man in richly embroidered robes drew his longsword and charged towards Gu Ruoyun. His cruelty was reflected in his eyes and the sinister smile on his lips showed how much he wanted to send her to hell.

    Since the beginning of the altercation, Gu Ruoyun's expression remained unchanged. Her clear, frosty gaze coldly stared at the man charging towards her. Her lips curled into a faint smile.

    "Since you've all willingly allowed yourselves to be used by others, then... How could I not satisfy you?"


    The young girl made one step forward, and suddenly, a strong force erupted from her body and landed heavily like a hammer on the chest of the man in richly embroidered robes. He spat out a mouthful of blood and humiliatingly fell onto the ground.

    "You actually raised your hand against me?"

    The man in richly embroidered robes laughed coldly, his sinister eyes fixed onto Gu Ruoyun, "Do you know the consequences of your actions? I may only be a distant relative of the Xia Family, but I am still considered a member of the family. You've raised your hand against me in the Xia Family residence, do you think that the Master would close his eyes to this?"

    Gu Ruoyun remained silent and did not speak. She walked towards him and calmly stared at the completely fearless man in richly embroidered robes. She noticed a fleeting smile across the man's eyes.

    It was the smile of a person whose conspiracy had prevailed, it was full of complacency.

    "Lady Gu, when has this member of the Xia Family offended you? You want to raise a hand against my family member, in my own home?"

    As expected, once Gu Ruoyun had made her move, a warm voice appeared from behind. The voice carried a great unhappiness and contained a deep sense of hostility.

    "Second Master."

    The man in richly embroidered robes looked towards Xia Qi, who was walking towards them. His heart leaped in happiness and quickly said, "Second Master, this woman has spoken rudely about the Xia Family and she's even raised her hand against me, a brother of the Xia Family! She's clearly not happy with the Xia Family, Second Master, please..."

    "Pu chi!"

    Suddenly, the man spits out a mouthful of blackened blood, spraying it everywhere. He widened his eyes in realization, not daring to believe it as he stared at the slight smile on Xia Qi's handsome face.

    That strengthening and vitality pill had been laced with poison! He thought in panic.

    The man in richly embroidered robes began to tremble, and his face slowly turned ashen. Regret and fury intermingled in his eyes, yet he was unable to speak.

    Before he had arrived, the Second Master gave him a medicinal pill, saying that it would increase his strength and vitality and that it was his reward!

    Who knew that the pill was actually poison!

    The Second Master has deceived him...


    The man in richly embroidered robes staggered in his footsteps and fell hard onto the ground, his eyes filled with dissatisfaction. I've done so much for the Second Master, why does he want to kill me? His heart is truly... evil!

    "Xia Ying, Xia Ying what's happened to you?"

    The crowd saw Xia Ying's state, and the colors on their faces immediately changed. No one noticed the sinister light that flashed across Xia Qi's face.

    If I want to manipulate the old man into destroying Gu Ruoyun, he thought maliciously, merely causing a struggle between the brothers of the Xia Family and the girl would not be enough! Only when a brother of the Xia Family is killed will the Master then destroy his relationship with the Hundred Herb Hall!
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