Chapter 285: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (1)

    Chapter 285: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (1)

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    "Used? What is the meaning of this?" Master Xia frowned, and subconsciously glanced at Xia Qi.

    Does the little Gu girl mean that the provocation from Xia Ying and the rest was because they were being used? And the event behind this poisoning was related to that person?

    Xia Qi's heart thumped loudly and his cold eyes, now filled with thick murderous intent, fixed upon Gu Ruoyun. Upon feeling someone else's eyes on him, he quickly retracted the murderous intent in his eyes and put on a warm smile again.

    "Stop deluding people with your lies!"

    Elder Huiyi glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun, a great blazing fire had ignited in his chest, "If only one person is making accusations towards her, then it might be a lie. But everyone here is a witness, how could they be lying? Women like her are extremely heinous, if you choose to show favoritism, Master, how can you expect for the members of the Xia Family to trust you in the future?"

    No matter what, I am going to make the Master execute Gu Ruoyun even if I have to use force. Otherwise, this Xia Family brother would have died in vain!

    Gu Ruoyun frowned and calmly sent Elder Huiyi a look, "I don't want to repeat myself. If you want to save him, get out of the way. There may be a tiny sliver of opportunity. The more we delay this, the quicker he will die."


    Elder Huiyi's face changed greatly and was ready to send his retort...until he heard an elderly yet dignified voice which held unquestionable decisiveness, "Elder Huiyi, step aside!"


    Hearing this, Elder Huiyi cried out indignantly. He could not understand why the Master would shield this woman! Such a heinous act would greatly disappoint the Xia Family members.

    "Get out of the way!"

    Master Xia's tone grew cold and he spoke with such oppression that no one else dared to breathe, "Do not make me repeat myself."

    In that instant, Elder Huiyi trembled. He was not satisfied but he had no choice except to step away and could only glare and fume at Gu Ruoyun. If Gu Ruoyun dared to act with killing intent, I will kill her on the spot!

    As if she were completely oblivious to his death glare, Gu Ruoyun slowly walked towards Xia Ying and looked with concentration at the man who was lying before her gasping for breath. Then, she produced a porcelain bottle from her sleeve, took out a pill, and put it in Xia Ying's lips.

    "What poison are you feeding him with now?"

    Elder Huiyi was agitated and indignant, he was about to step forward and stop Gu Ruoyun's actions until the young girl raised her head and glared coldly at him.

    One should know that he has already broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King. But that one look from Gu Ruoyun made him tremble with fear, and his body shuddered.

    Is this really an oppression from an eighteen-year-old girl? They've never even felt an aura like this, not even from the Master...

    Xia Qi frowned as he stared at Gu Ruoyin and pondered.

    Could it be that this woman is truly capable of curing Xia Ying? No! That's impossible! I know my poisons and even I do not have the cure for this. Furthermore, I know that Gu Ruoyun has many pills on hand, but... No one has ever seen her producing antidotes for poison.

    Xia Qi relaxed at the thought. His handsome face maintained his gentle and courteous smile but his eyes never left Gu Ruoyun...
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