Chapter 286: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (2)

    Chapter 286: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (2)

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    In front of the eyes of the crowd, Gu Ruoyun slowly crouched down. She pinched Xia Ying's lower jaw and placed the pill into his mouth. Then she straightened up and swept her gaze calmly across every face in the crowd.

    "As for the truth behind all of this, I'll let him tell you himself."

    When she had finished speaking, everyone was shaken and stared at Gu Ruoyun in confusion.

    What did she mean? They wondered. Is she really able to cure the poisoned Xia Ying?

    At the thought of this, the solemn crowd burst into disbelieving laughter, how could this be possible? Xia Ying had been poisoned by a deadly substance that even if the deity, Daluo, were to arrive, he would not be able to cure him...

    Can she do it, simply on the basis that she is Gu Ruoyun?

    "Big brother!"

    Xia Yu suddenly cried out and when the crowd turned to look, they saw Xia Ying spitting out dark blood. His originally greenish pallor turned white.

    "What have you done to my brother this time?"

    Xia Yu charged towards Xia Ying's side, she glared furiously at Gu Ruoyun and screamed.

    Then, at that moment, a frail voice came from beside Xia Yu, but it was directed towards Gu Ruoyun.

    "I'm sorry..."

    Even though the poison had seeped deep into his system a while ago, rendering him unable to speak, he was still conscious enough to witness everything that had happened. When he thought of his actions from the beginning, he wanted to bang his head and die out of embarrassment.

    He never imagined that she would disregard their former enmity and save him.

    "Big... Big brother."

    Xia Yu was shaken and turned her head in disbelief. Her beautiful eyes widened and stared at Xia Ying, who had just opened his eyes. Her voice trembled with emotion, "Big brother, you're alright?"

    Xia Ying did not reply, his eyes were filled with guilt. He stood up in front of the crowd, turned to Gu Ruoyun and bowed.

    "Lady Gu, I thank you for setting aside our animosity and saving my life. I now know that I have been used as a pawn. Out of fear of being chased out of the Xia Family, I've tried to provoke you into attacking me! But I did not think that he wanted to use me as a sacrifice, to end my life and shift the blame onto you. From the moment I realized that I was poisoned, I've regretted everything."

    Xia Ying lowered his head in humiliation. At that time, Second Master's henchmen had come for him and threatened him with chasing both him and his sister out of the Xia Family if he did not agree to the Second Master's request. He knew that the Second Master had the authority to do so! He was only a distant relative. Even though he received some form of appreciation because of his talents, he cannot refuse the Second Master's order.

    He did not care if he were thrown out of the family. But this also involved his little sister. Her entire life would be destroyed.

    Because of this, he was forced to commit this betrayal.

    "Big brother?" Xia Yu was stunned. Her gaze swept through Xia Ying's features, then stopped at Gu Ruoyun's calm expression, "You were not poisoned by this woman?"

    But just moments ago, only Gu Ruoyun had been in close proximity with my older brother, thought Xia Yu in confusion.

    Everyone else wanted to know the answer to Xia Yu's question as well. But according to Xia Ying's speech, it would seem that this incident truly had nothing to do with Gu Ruoyun. They had falsely accused her.

    "Xia Ying, tell us everything you know."

    Master Xia's expression turned grave and he spoke sternly, "Someone has dared to slay his own kin in my territory and has caused an honored guest of the Xia Family to be falsely accused of a crime she did not commit! I will not let him off easily! Furthermore, you have been bewitched into committing a sin that is contrary to one's conscience, you should be punished severely for this. If you reveal the true culprit behind all this, I will be lenient with you!"

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