Chapter 287: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (3)

    Chapter 287: Lingxiao, The Black Tortoise (3)

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    After Master Xia's declaration, Xia Ying turned towards Xia Qi's ashen face and spat hatefully, "It was the Second Master! The Second Master forced me into it and he wanted to poison me to death! Master Xia, you must bring justice for me, in my stead!"

    If Xia Ying was intact and undamaged, he might still be lying. But he was nearly killed by the master puppeteer and the person who had saved his life was the one whom he had intended to harm. Under these circumstances, he already harbored great hatred towards the man, why would he hide anything?

    In that instant, all eyes turned towards Xia Qi.

    "Explain yourself. What is the meaning of this?" Master Xia's expression was doleful and solemn and his voice had an unmistakable trace of disappointment.

    Even though he already knew that this matter could possibly be related to Xia Qi, when the truth came out he could not stop himself from feeling disappointed.

    "All these years, I have been very aware of the things you've done. Initially, I wanted to give you one more chance. But I didn't think that you would do such a thing. What I want to know is this, you do not have any grudges towards the Gu girl, why do you want her dead?"

    This was only Xia Qi and Gu Ruoyun's first meeting. There shouldn't be any intention for him to kill the latter. Besides, there was no prior grudge between them.

    The absence of past grudges means there could only be one reason.

    Gu Ruoyun is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall and the Master of the Ghost Doctor! And only the Ghost Doctor can cure the Young Master of his ailment! If Gu Ruoyun were to die in the Xia Family residence, then what would the Ghost Doctor do? Even if she did not rally her forces and mark the Xia Family as an enemy, she certainly would not care for whether the Young Master lives or dies!

    But was the Second Master, who had always been as gentle as a breeze, capable of such a malicious and delicate scheme? The crowd then wondered if he could have been hiding his true nature all along.

    Xia Qi laughed, and spoke airily like a fresh spring breeze, "Father, you've never trusted me. You've already said it yourself, there is no grudge between us, so why would I want to kill her? There has to be a reason behind this, right? To be honest, I've taken a liking to this little Gu Ruoyun from the moment I met her. I truly admire her, be it her character or her abilities. Such an outstanding woman, what reason would I have to want to kill her? Xia Ying, since you're accusing me of giving the order, you should produce the evidence. Do not make false accusations towards an innocent man."

    Hearing this, the crowd looked at each other in dismay. It was Xia Ying who brought them here, no one had known the mastermind behind his crime.


    Xia Ying raised his head, and glared angrily at Xia Qi, "It was clearly you who sent Sir Yin to pay me a visit and coerced me follow your orders. I was even given a string of strength and vitality pills as a reward. Who would have thought that those pills would turn out to be poison! And now you're still trying to deny your actions?"

    He trembled in anger and had completely forsaken the etiquette between seniors and juniors, pointing and screaming furiously at Xia Qi.

    "You say that it was I who gave the order, what proof do you have?" Xia Qi sneered, "Yin, show yourself."


    A black shadow flashed past the crowd like the wind, a pair of cold eyes stared sharply at everyone in the courtyard. When his gaze landed on Gu Ruoyun, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

    "Yin, did you give the order to Xia Ying?"

    Yin's expression remained unchanged, and coldly replied, "Yes!"

    Everyone was flabbergasted as they did not expect for Yin to admit it decisively. Furthermore, Sir Yin was the proudest among the Second Master's subordinates, could it be that the Second Master was actually involved in this matter?

    A cold light shot across Xia Qi's eyes, he then spoke coldly, "They are accusing me of giving you the order to do it. Now, you will give my father an explanation."

    "I was the one who made the decision in this matter, it has nothing to do with the Second Master. Master, please distinguish between right and wrong with accuracy."
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