Chapter 291: The Siblings Reunion (2)

    Chapter 291: The Siblings' Reunion (2)

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    After all, everyone knew that Gu Ruoyun had accepted the Ghost Doctor as her disciple, but no one has ever heard of her having a foster father! Furthermore, what's so great about this man that she would agree to become his adopted daughter?

    "Trying to escape?"

    Realizing that Xia Linyu was trying to leave, the middle-aged man scoffed coldly and his body turned into a stream of energy as sharp as a sword, charging towards the boy. In that instant, an infinite amount of murderous intent came bursting from his body.

    "Xia Linyu, you will die now!"


    The stream of sharp, sword-like wind was abruptly cut off, and dust flew everywhere, scattering across the land. A grey-robed elder huffed and puffed, and a bloody gash appeared on his forehead. Fresh blood trickled down onto his face.

    "Uncle Ling!"

    Xia Linyu turned his head to witness the scene, his pupils narrowed, and he charged wildly towards Xia Ling.

    Uncle Ling has watched over me since I was a child, he thought, I may not be the original owner of this body, but how could I stand by and watch while such a loyal, elderly servant sacrifices himself for me?

    "Little Master, do not come any closer!"

    Uncle Ling raised his hand and barred Xia Linyu from going any further. He raised his head, as if he were facing death with equanimity, and spoke firmly, "Take Lady Luo and leave this place immediately, get back to the Xia Family home and send help! We will be saved when the strongest men of the Xia Family come to our aid! Little Master, you are the hope of the Xia Family. Even if we all die here, you cannot die!"

    "Uncle Ling..."

    Xia Linyu's thoughts were shaken, his clear eyes were now bloodshot. He raised his delicate face and stared expressionlessly at the middle-aged man, who was laughing sinisterly.

    "Uncle Ling, do you really think I can leave now? Unless... This man is dead."

    "Haha, even if you have self-assurance, my attack was blocked by this old fart. Who can save you this time? Die, Xia Linyu!"


    The middle-aged man threw his head back and laughed as a great energy appeared all over his body. Under his strong coercion, Xia Linyu felt his footsteps tremble but he stood strong in the end.

    His frame was small, so delicate and graceful that he did not look like a boy. But now he was standing, rooted to the ground, and was not overwhelmed by the man's coercion.

    He had bitten his lips so hard that it was now bleeding. His fresh blood drenched his entire mouth and the strong smell of blood filled his nostrils.

    A Martial King! He thought. Is this the true strength of a Martial King?


    I must not die here. Otherwise, how can I grow strong and protect my beloved sister?

    "You're still pretty strong!"

    The middle-aged man laughed coldly, "Even so, you shall die today!"

    A gloomy and cold aura enveloped Xia Linyu and the middle-aged man's stern face was filled with a sinister smile. Then, like a flash of lightning, his body turned into a blurry streak, the sword in his hands gleamed with its sharp edges and cold steel, it was aimed straight towards Xia Linyu's throat.

    "Brother Yu, watch out!"

    "The Little Master! Quick, protect the Little Master!"

    In that moment, the complexion on everyone's faces was the same. But under the strong pressure of a Martial King, none of them could make any move. They stared in horror and despair as the sharp end of the sword drew closer and closer to the Little Master's throat.

    Luo Li cried out in anguish, wishing that she could dart forward and take the stab in his place. But no matter how much she tried, she could not move.

    Xia Linyu's expression remained the same since the very beginning. His eyes stared calmly at the sword with a bitter smile on his face.

    "Big sister, I was a good-for-nothing in our past life, and you have constantly exhausted your efforts for my sake... You even traveled everywhere to become an apprentice to great doctors, all because of the condition of my body. You've worked towards such a high level in medicine simply to find me a cure. All those years, you've suffered so much for my sake and endured many hardships. Every time I was bullied, you would always protect me, and teach those bullies a lesson for me."
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