Chapter 297: The Siblings Reunion (8)

    Chapter 297: The Siblings' Reunion (8)

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    "Young man, could you leave us for a moment? I want to speak with them."

    Lingxiao wrinkled his eyebrows and spoke hesitantly, glancing at Master Xia who stood at the doorway.

    Master Xia, on the other hand, realized that there was no anger in Lingxiao's voice and replied respectfully, "Acknowledged."

    He then left immediately, leaving the space to Gu Ruoyun and the rest.

    "Lingxiao, you can speak freely now. What happened to you?" Tianqiong frowned. Even though he can't see his surroundings, he could tell that something had befallen Lingxiao based on Yunyao's tone of voice.

    Lingxiao sighed, "Years ago, when the three of you were mortally wounded, only I escaped heavy injury. But even so, my powers have degenerated to the rank of a Martial Honor! Those people had used a rune to seal me in here, never to leave for all eternity. If I take one step out of this place, they will sense my departure and all of us will be in danger! Coincidentally, not too long after, a man by the surname of Xia brought his wife and children to live in this area. So I've asked him to help me find your whereabouts. In exchange for this, I have agreed to help them in resisting any enemies that come their way! Even though I am unable to leave this place, the coercion of a Martial Honor has helped him in scaring off many people."

    "After that, many years passed and the Xia man has long passed on. But his descendants have remained here. They have all inherited their ancestor's mission and have constantly been searching for my friends! In this rune, even though my looks have not changed but my body has aged. And soon, I might die. Leader, Yunyao, I've searched for you to ask you how you're doing. But I cannot leave with you. Unless... Someone can help me break this seal."

    Yunyao finally understood why Lingxiao's hair and beard had turned white, even his voice sounded ancient.

    It was due to the power of the rune.

    This won't do! She won't allow her lifelong friend to die of old age just like that.

    "Master, is there anyway, oh right, Lord Zixie will surely have an idea. Master, I beg you, please ask Lord Zixie to save Lingxiao."

    Yunyao knelt in front of Gu Ruoyun and pleaded. She gazed at the young woman as her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

    Gu Ruoyun paused in thought then slowly replied, "Zixie has informed me that the level of power in this rune is far too strong. With the current level of his strength, he cannot help. You might have to wait a while before we can destroy this rune."

    Yunyao's eyes sparkled, "That means, Lord Zixie has a way? It's only a matter of time?"

    "Mm. As long as he can hold up until the time is right."

    Hearing this, Yunyao hurriedly turned to Lingxiao, "Lingxiao, did you hear that? My Master can save you so you must hold on. There must be four of us, we will not lose you!"

    Lingxiao smiled bitterly and shook his head, he has persevered for so many years and now his body is reaching its limit. He cannot hold on for very much longer.

    But at least before I die, I'd get to see my closest companions one last time, he thought. That was enough.

    The most unfortunate thing was that the absence of the Vermillion Bird...

    "Lingxiao," Tianqiong's voice was just as domineering as it had been in the past, but when he was with his longtime companion, it carried a hint of gentleness, "Would you happen to know of the Vermillion Bird's whereabouts?"
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