Chapter 301: The Siblings Reunion (12)

    Chapter 301: The Siblings' Reunion (12)

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    A cold laughter rose from within Shiyun's heart but her face remained impassive. She replied with a smile, "Even without the support of the Xia Family, the Weapon Refining Sect is not afraid of the Dongfang family. Elder Zhao, you think too much."

    "Really?" Elder Zhao raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Lady Shiyun, you've probably heard that the reason behind the Xia Family's success in standing tall for so many generations was due to the support from a mysterious Divine Beast. Of course, this is only a myth. According to succession, only the Master of the Xia Family is allowed to see this Divine Beast. If you, Lady Shiyun, are willing to help us, the Xia Family will willingly gift you this Divine Beast as a token of our gratitude."

    Needless to say, this was more than enough to attract Shiyun's attention.

    Everyone knew that one Divine Beast would be a force to be reckoned with in the mainland.

    But this was only enough to arouse her interest. In the end, Shiyun maintained her demeanor and replied, "Elder Zhao, the Weapon Refining Sect are already enemies with the Dongfang Family and we do not wish to proceed with provoking the Xia Family under these circumstances. So please forgive me, I cannot help you. Senior brother, please send him off."

    "Wait a minute," Elder Zhao began to panic, "Lady Shiyun, I've heard that you hold a grudge against Gu Ruoyun of the Hundred Herb Hall! Well, Gu Ruoyun is currently residing in the Xia Household and seems to have a rather good relationship with Master Xia. I've heard that she intends on influencing Master Xia into launching an attack on you. Can you still remain nonchalant under these circumstances?"

    Gu Ruoyun!!!

    Just thinking of that name would raise a raging fire within Shiyun's heart along with a thick sense of dissatisfaction.

    That woman had used lies to control Qianbei Ye and can never understand that lies are, in the end, simply lies. Someday, Qianbei Ye will leave her and only I am fit to stand by his side!

    Gu Ruoyun can never understand this principle and does not have a shred of self-awareness.

    "Elder Zhao, I accept your request." Shiyun quickly retracted the hatred in her eyes and flashed that calming and gentle smile again, "I, Shiyun, am not the sort of person who resigns herself to adversity. Since Gu Ruoyun intends on gathering the Xia Family to attack me, then I must land the first strike! You may return and await the good news."

    "Lady Shiyun, the Second Master and I will be awaiting your arrival in Heaven City."

    Upon receiving his desired outcome, Elder Zhao smiled, joined his fists and bowed.

    Then, with nothing more to be said, he turned and left.

    Once he was gone, Leng Yangfeng turned to Shiyun with a frown on his face, "Junior sister, Xia Qi only wants to use you, so..."

    "I know."

    But so what? Anyone connected to Gu Ruoyun must die! She thought viciously. I want to make it such that no one will dare to stand on her side! I want everyone to treat her like a dangerous plague, for her to suffer the feeling of the world turning their backs on her, I want this self-ignorant woman to know how much much of a power gap exists between the both of us.

    Leng Yanfeng remained silent, as long as it was something that his junior sister Shiyun wanted, he will stand by her side no matter how dangerous the situation may be. He will not leave her.

    Only an outstanding girl like his junior sister, Shiyun, would deserve to have a man follow her to the ends of the earth! That vicious Gu Ruoyun certainly does not deserve to be loved by anyone.

    It's not considered heinous when even a beautiful and gentle woman like his junior sister would wish to bring harm to such a person. It is their just desserts!


    "You've certainly experienced a lot these past few years, big sister."

    Along the streets of Heaven City, Xia Linyu turned his head towards Gu Ruoyun. His clear eyes were filled with heartache, "And I thought that Xia Ming was cruel enough. But General Gu is just as uncompromising. No matter how horrible Xia Ming was, he still had some form of love in his heart, except that it was only for that mother and daughter. The old general of the Gu Family had no love at all. He only wanted benefits, no matter who it was. It was a good thing that you left the family."
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