Chapter 303: The Siblings Reunion (14)

    Chapter 303: The Siblings' Reunion (14)

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    "Get Hong Feifei out here and ask her to see me personally!"

    The servant girl was stunned. She did not think that Xia Linyu would react, especially not for this woman!

    My Lady has loved Sir Xia for such a long time, and now...

    Just thinking of how sad her lady would feel when she finds out about this made the servant girl hate Gu Ruoyun even more.

    "Who is this Hong Feifei? What grudge does she have against me?" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose, then turned towards Xia Linyu.

    Xia Linyu's expression changed for the better upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's question. He scratched his head, "Hong Feifei is my Second Uncle's niece. Her youngest aunt became my Second Uncle's wife, so she has some connections with the Xia Family. This Hong Feifei is always following me around, day and night. She probably saw you with me, so..."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun understood. This was Xia Linyu's misfortune.

    Just as they were speaking, they heard an unbelievable voice from afar, filled with painful questioning.

    "Cousin brother, you... Why did you hit my servant girl?"

    The richly-dressed woman scurried over as if she was enduring the biggest grievance in the world and began interrogating them, "What had my servant girl done wrong that you would treat her in this way? They say that before you hit a dog, consider its owner. You paid no attention to me!"

    Xia Linyu stared at the angry Hong Feifei who was throwing a tantrum and replied disdainfully, "Do you have the right for me to place you in any form of importance? And don't address me as your cousin brother. I'm not related to you."

    At the end of the day, Hong Feifei was only his Second Uncle's niece and she has no familial ties with him.

    "Cousin brother, how could you treat me this way?" Hong Feifei began to sob profusely, "Besides, what's so good about this woman that you would want to shield her? She's only a poor girl from an average family. She's not fit to stand by your side. It's not fair for Luo Li when you treat me this way!"

    Hong Feifei understood that her family rank is no match for Luo Li's and she could only utilize a tiny bit of kindred relations. But she would not mind becoming Xia Linyu's concubine. As long as she could attach herself to the son of the Young Master of the Xia Family, that would be enough.

    Additionally, Xia Linyu was very handsome. Having a husband like him would be more than enough for her.

    But what right does she have? She thought angrily. What right does this Tom, Dick or Harry of a woman have to fight with me for his favor? I won't allow it! It's fine if it's Luo Li. But this woman cannot become Xia Linyu's concubine.

    "Cousin brother, is your grandfather aware of this? This woman does not seem to have any form of status, must you make her your concubine? What right does she have to become your concubine?"

    Hong Feifei did not notice the gloomy look on Xia Linyu's face and continued to nag, "If you do this, your grandfather will definitely be furious with your actions. In his anger, he might even deny your father of his right to succession. Is this all worth it? All for the sake of insisting in making this thick-skinned woman your concubine?"

    To Hong Feifei, everyone in Heaven City knew that Luo Li and Xia Linyu were a couple. Yet this woman still dared to latch herself onto Xia Linyu, does this not mean that she is shamelessly trying to become his concubine?

    She has no shame! Hong Feifei thought.

    In that moment, Hong Feifei had completely forgotten that the one who was really scrambling to become Xia Linyu's wife... Was herself.

    Xia Linyu's face grew increasingly furious. Then, right in front of the public's eye, he sent Hong Feifei flying with one kick. Then, he raised his fist onto her heavily made-up face before she could even react.

    "I'll make you regret insulting her!"
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