Chapter 305: The Siblings Reunion (16)

    Chapter 305: The Siblings' Reunion (16)

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    "Grandfather, I'm suffering, I'm in pain, I am not happy!"

    When she was finally revived (again), Hong Feifei sobbed and threw herself into Master Hong's arms. Her eyes were filled with hatred, "It's all because of her, it's her fault! If it wasn't for her, my cousin brother would not have treated me this way. Grandfather, you have to help me get my revenge."

    Seeing the red, swollen face of his most treasured granddaughter, Master Hong soothingly held her in his arms and replied with a heartbroken voice, "Don't worry, Feifei. Grandfather will get your revenge. No one bullies my granddaughter, no one!!!"

    Hong Feifei lowered her head as a thick murderous intent gathered in her eyes, she would not allow that lowly woman to seduce Xia Linyu. She wouldn't!

    "Feifei, don't worry. I will now make my way to the Xia Family estate and ask Master Xia for justice. So what if the Xia Family are the leaders of Heaven City? They have no right to inflict unreasonable harm on others." Master Xia said curtly. He then motioned for a servant girl to help her lie down and headed straight to the Luo Household.

    The powers of the Hong Family alone would not be enough, so at a time like this, he needed an ally.

    Obviously, the Luo Family, which has also been trying to curry favor with the Xia Family, was also a good choice...


    At the great hall of the Luo household.

    Master of the Luo Family, Luo Fiao, gently held the teacup in his hand as his eyes calmly swept over the elder in front of him. The corner of his lips curled, and he calmly spoke, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today, Master Hong?"

    "Master Luo, are you not aware that Little Master Xia has grown rather close to another woman?" Master Hong's eyes flashed, "He's even raised his hands against Feifei for the sake that woman! Master Luo, aren't you concerned about Lady Luo's position? After all, everyone in Heaven City knows that Lady Luo will someday marry Little Master Xia."

    "Someone else has already reported the incident to me."

    Luo Fiao set his cup down and smiled, "However, let the younger generation settle their matters on their own. We don't need to step in. If the Little Master Xia has fallen for the girl, that is his choice."

    Even though Luo Fiao was indeed concerned about Luo Li, but if Xia Linyu is not interested, there is no use in forcing it. So he decided to let them be, believing that Luo Li would be able to find her life partner soon enough.

    "How could we ignore the matters concerning the younger generation? Parents have always had the last say in their matchmaking. Can Little Master Xia be with this woman without Master Xia's consent? This would be completely unfair to the Luo Family, which was why Feifei stepped in to fight for this injustice towards Lady Luo. Who would have guessed how this unknown girl could have managed to captivate his heart and soul. Master Luo, are you really going to remain uninvolved?"

    He did not believe that the Luo Family would have no intentions in receiving the favor of the Xia Family. This guy is only refusing to say it out loud, thought Master Hong. He speaks of prioritizing his daughter's happiness but if he really wants his daughter to be happy, he would certainly give everything to fight for her.

    "Master Hong, if this is all you're here for, you may take your leave now."

    Luo Fiao frowned and coldly issued an order, "Send him off."

    "Yes, Master."

    The chamberlain, who stood beside Master Luo, made his way towards Master Hong, "Please leave, Master Hong."


    Seeing that Master Luo had given the order to expel him, Master Hong scoffed coldly and said nothing more. He turned and walked out the door.

    Once the coast was clear, Luo Fiao smiled, "Li'er, you can come out now."

    Then, a figure dressed in pink stepped out, "Father, don't listen to Master Hong. That Lady is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun. She's saved Brother Yu's life. We cannot offend her."
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