Chapter 306: The Siblings Reunion (17)

    Chapter 306: The Siblings' Reunion (17)

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    "Li'er, be honest with me. Do you not feel hurt whenever Xia Linyu treats her that way?"

    Luo Fiao asked, feeling hurt for his stubborn daughter.

    "In the beginning... A little. I even felt slightly jealous," Luo Li raised her large, sparkling eyes, "Then along the way, I observed them. It was then that I realized that there were many feelings in Brother Yu's eyes - a sense of attachment, cherished memories... Except for romantic affection. The feelings they have for one another are complicated, but they are not what everyone else thinks. That's why, father, I'm not worried about them ending up together. But... But if they do end up together, I would only congratulate Brother Yu."

    "I love Brother Yu more than anything in this world. I'm willing to give up my happiness as long as he is happy." Tears began to form in Luo Li's eyes but she stubbornly held them back.

    Luo Fiao sighed, "Li'er, you're all grown up now. You've become more mature."

    "Yes," Luo Li laughed bitterly, "Ever since I left with Brother Yu, I've been through a lot. Perhaps Brother Yu has only ever seen me as a little sister. If this is true, then I will remain as his little sister. As long as I am able to see him, that is enough. Father, I'm very content, truly. After all, Brother Yu does not seem to hate me, like Hong Feifei."

    Yes, as long as Brother Yu does not hate me, I am content...


    Luo Fiao's eyes filled with admiration and a hint of pain.

    "Adapting to the circumstances, you are truly my daughter. I am so proud of you. But the matters of the heart cannot be forced. Since Little Master Xia has yet to find the woman of his dreams, you still have a chance to win him over. I'm sure he will understand your feelings. But... But if it still doesn't work, then let it go. There are many fishes in the sea. You can always find another. I promise you, whoever you fall in love with in the future, even if he is a common beggar, I will welcome him as the son-in-law of the Luo Family. So be daring, go ahead and fall in love. But of course, that man must have character."


    Luo Li threw herself into Luo Fiao's arms, let down her defenses and cried.

    "I'm not willing to let go of Brother Yu, I'm truly unwilling. Even if Brother Yu does not love me, I want to watch over him for the rest of my life. I hope you will give me your blessing, father."

    Luo Fiao stared at Luo Li's stubborn little face and sighed. As a parent, he is unable to control the matters concerning his offspring.

    He would support his daughters' every decision.


    Outside the Luo Family home, Master Hong turned his head to take one last look at the grand estate then headed off to the Xia Family home.

    Since the Luo Family is unwilling to help, I will go alone, he thought.

    Xia Linyu has committed an extremely brutal act towards my granddaughter in public. I'm sure that the Master of the Xia Family would not openly show favoritism.

    He quickened his pace at the thought of this.


    At the Xia Family home, Master Xia has just received news that the Ghost Doctor had arrived outside the border of Heaven City, but had been stopped by the city guards. He was currently in a fit of rage and decided to personally welcome the Ghost Doctor.

    But at that very moment, Master Hong arrived at his doorstep!

    "Master Xia, Little Master Xia had behaved immorally towards my granddaughter, Hong Feifei! Please, Master Xia, I ask for justice!"

    Behaved immorally?

    Hearing this, Master Xia nearly fell. He turned angrily towards Xia Linyu, "You dumb idiot, little b*stard! How could you do such a thing? What have you done to her? Committing such a crime in broad daylight! Are you really a grandson of the Xia Family?"
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